Title: Unexpected Circumstance

Author: Neptunesdemon

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Category: Mpreg, romance, drama

Pairings: Inuyasha/Sesshomaru

Rating: PG

Spoilers: None

Warnings: Yaoi, OOC, incest, OC, mpreg

Author's Note: This would not leave my head, no matter how much Harry Dresden I tried to drown myself in. So, I relented and wrote it down. BONUS CHAPTER! Enjoy!


Determination was etched on his face, not to mention a sheen of sweat that made him feel uncomfortable, as he waddled down the hall. Yes, waddled. It was an ungraceful gait, but there was not much he could do about that. His face grimaced as pain tore through his lower abdominal region, and he tried to pick up his pace. The servants in the hall watched him curiously or asked him out right if he was okay, but he ignored them all. He wasn't too far away. He needed to reach his mate and quickly. His steps faltered as his muscles contracted heavily and he stopped with moan of discomfort, which was followed by a high pitched canine whine as the pain increased.

"My prince?" Came a small inquisitive voice.

Golden eyes looked up at the young servant girl, whose eyes were widened in fright and concern.

"Minako." He was panting out, hands clutching at his swollen stomach, fighting through the pain and beginning his travel down the hall again. "Go and fetch her."

The girl was nodding and speeding off while Sesshomaru carefully kept going. He refused to let himself stop, even if his contractions were getting worse. This time, Inuyasha would be there.


"If we let the human villages continue on without acknowledging you as the rightful ruler, then we allow not only insult, but a very easy weapon an enemy can use against us."

Inuyasha scoffed, and folded his arms over his chest as he looked back at Dokutake. He hadn't wanted to spend most of his afternoon arguing over how the few human villages, that were very much aware that they were in youkai territory and refusing to submit to "devils", should be dealt with. They had barely been acknowledged during the battles that had happened here a few months back, thankfully, but with danger no longer lurking they refused to send any sort of ambassador for discussion. Nor did they agree to let Inuyasha send one in his stead to them. It was all very annoying and very stupid in his opinion. If the humans wanted to acknowledge a human lord, why should he care? Besides, he had bigger things to worry about. Such as Sesshomaru being so close to birth that he had had several false alarms in the past two weeks.

When the old saru, now their official midwife and healer, had showed concern that Sesshomaru had yet to give birth, Inuyasha had allowed himself to worry. Though, it eased with Minako checking everyday and confirming the pup was well, just not ready to be born yet. She had offered ways to help trigger labor, and none had truly worked. Any episode that they thought to be the real thing was no more than slight stomach upset, or minor cramping or whatever else the saru told them. It was just their luck that the pup inherited Inuyasha's stubbornness, as it would seem she planned to be born only when she was good and ready.

"Lord Inuyasha, you seem to be distracted."

He looked up to Shirogitsune, who wasn't the only one looking back at him. Dokutake and Kuma were staring as well, along with the new addition to the council. After much deliberation, the remaining council members and the Daiyoukai agreed to allow the badger youkai clan to hold a seat, again. The new recruit was young, but no younger than Ishimaru had been. However, he was one of the youkai that had warned Kuma of Ishimaru's betrayal. Inuyasha waved them off, before he was looking back down to the map that was marked with the various villages scattered along the West.

"I'm alright." He told them. "I just have a lot on my mind. Now where were we?"

Before anyone could answer, the doors to the room were harshly slid open with force and all eyes were looking up at the disheveled newcomer. Prince Sesshomaru, worse for wear and panting, stood staring back into the room, his face riddled with a look of pain and a trifle of fear.

"Inuyasha!" He was gasping out, before he was giving a cry of discomfort.

He was gasping again, and all eyes looked down at the unmistakable sound of liquid rushing to the floor, eyes widening and nervous sweat beading on every brow. The puddle now gathered at the inu prince's naked feet was hard to miss. Inuyasha was then looking back up and his eyes connected with his mate's, who seemed far too scared for his own good.

"It's time." He was whimpering out, and Inuyasha had no idea what happened next.


Amber eyes slowly dragged open and Inuyasha was aware that he was lying down. What the hell happened?

"Good, you're awake."

He blinked as a face appeared over his, and Inuyasha stared up at Minako in confusion.

"Uh, what happened?"

"Well, after your mate stupidly traversed through the palace to find you, he announced he was going into labor and you proceeded to faint." The saru announced and Inuyasha flushed in embarrassment.

He slowly sat up and noticed it was quite silent for a room that his mate should have been giving birth in. His eyes widened as he realized he had probably been knocked out throughout the entire thing and had missed it.

"You were out for nearly five hours." Minako started before he could ask. "He hasn't given birth yet. Hells, he's barely dilated. This pup is far more stubborn than both her parents combined. But, she is in no danger, so I am not worried for any need of surgery."

"Where is he?" Inuyasha was questioning, standing from the cot that he had been lying in and looking about.

He heard the muffled sound of a drawn out moan of pain and his head turned to the closed shoji screen that lead to the miniature onsen that Minako had added to her workroom for therapeutic means.

"He's been doing well." The old youkai said, leading the way to the shoji doors. "Kaori is with him."

She opened the door and motioned him to enter, which he did so slowly while his eyes searched around for his mate. He found Sesshomaru naked in a small pool near the back of the room, body halfway submerged and leaning against the side of the pool as he softly panted. Kaori was in front of him, kneeling and offering comforting words while one arm reached down to gently massage his back.

"Is now the right time for him to be swimming?" He asked, and Minako gave him a look that was clearly calling him stupid without words.

"He said he was hot, I offered him a cool bath. Besides, the water helps reduce some of the pain and makes the contractions a bit more tolerable." Minako was then sighing as they came closer to the softly moaning youkai, Kaori looking up to greet them with a nod. "Where as Kazue seemed eager to be born, and was birthed in under an hour, it would seem the princess is far less eager to greet the outside world."

"If she does not come soon I will tear her from the womb myself." Sesshomaru was pushing through clenched teeth, before watery golden eyes were looking up at his mate. "And you will receive no more children after this. I will not sit through such torturous and slow labor more than once."

Minako merely snorted before she was doing her best to kneel next to Kaori and reach down to prod at Sesshomaru's stomach.

"There's some change but not much." She was announcing before looking back at Inuyasha. "Why are you just standing there boy?"

Inuyasha started, before he was stumbling for words. His ears were then folding flat to his head as Sesshomaru began to pant and groan, fidgeting around to try and get comfortable. Minako merely signaled with her eyes that he get in and with much hesitation, he was climbing into the water, clothes and all.

Comfort mate. His youki was suggesting and he tread forward, hands reaching out and resting on Sesshomaru's shoulders.

The older youkai stiffened at first before he was peeking over his shoulder at his younger brother.

"Otouto." He was whimpering out, moving so the he was facing Inuyasha. His head was soon leaning against Inuyasha's shoulder as another contraction hit him and his hand was grabbing Inuyasha's and squeezing.

Inuyasha wished he could do more, but offering comfort was all he could do and he carefully kissed the top of Sesshomaru's head, before murmuring words of encouragement to him. Sesshomaru was letting out a cry of pain, and Inuyasha's free hand lifted to massage his mate's back as he had seen Kaori doing.

"It hurts." The older youkai was sobbing out and Inuyasha only shushed him.

"I know." He said, nuzzling his mate. "It'll pass, Sessh. It won't hurt for long."

"It's been five hours!" The youkai growled out, eyes lifting to glare up at his mate before he was panting heavily. "Oh, gods! This is all your fault, you despicable, lecherous, sex-crazed bastard! You did this to me!"

Inuyasha had no words, though he was in far too much pain to get anything more than a pained whimper out. Sesshomaru was currently squeezing his hand as if he meant to break it and the other hand was digging claws into the flesh of his arm that it clung to. He was gritting his teeth as the pain increased, and Sesshomaru was throwing back his head to yowl out in pain as another contraction attacked his mid-section.

"Obaachan!" His voice was suddenly panicked, and scared eyes was staring down as if trying to see between his legs past his protruding stomach. "I can feel it, she's coming!"

"My lord, bring him out!" Minako was ordering and Inuyasha was doing as bid without hesitation.

Or at least he would have if Sesshomaru hadn't pushed him away.

"No, don't touch me!" He was spouting, carefully wading to the end of the pool. "Leave me alone! I wouldn't be in this state if it weren't for you!"


"Get out!" Came the screamed command and Inuyasha felt his stomach sink at the words.

He climbed out of the pool, watching as Kaori helped his mate out using the built in stairs and was headed for the door, when Minako caught up to him and stopped him.

"Stay close." She muttered. "It's normal for a birthing parent, male or female, to push away the sires. He doesn't mean it, it's the pain talking."

"Minako-san, he's crowning!"

The saru swore under her breath and rushed to Kaori's aid, the two women leading him into the next room and Inuyasha carefully following after them. As Sesshomaru was settled on to the low rise bed that Inuyasha had been occupying earlier, the Daiyoukai thought it best to stand back and let the women work. Hell, he was ready to wait outside and let everything happen.

He was mere inches from the door when Sesshomaru's scared voice stopped him in his tracks.

"Don't leave me." The older youkai was begging, Inuyasha turning to meet a panic-stricken face. "Please stay with me, otouto. I need you."

A glance at the saru had Inuyasha receiving a look that clearly said "I told you so" and he was retuning to his mate's side. Kneeling beside him, he gently took Sesshomaru's hand and leaned in to nuzzle his mate's temple, Sesshomaru turning his head to press his forehead against Inuyasha's.

"I wanted you there last time." Sesshomaru was admitting, Inuyasha's eyes widening a bit at the words. "Don't let me go through this alone, again."

Inuyasha smiled and was reaching up to smooth down messy and wet locks before kissing his mate on his forehead.

"I'm here." He announced with a smile. "I'm not going anywhere."

"Well, it would seem she's finally ready." Minako announced with a chuckle. "On your next contraction, you'll push."

It was as if her words signaled it, because Sesshomaru was belting out a cry of pain as a contraction hit, and he began pushing as instructed. Inuyasha could do know more than offer words of encouragement and support.

"Stop, and breathe." Minako was ordering then. "Kaori, more clean rags. Inuyasha, keep him motivated."

Inuyasha looked to his mate, who seemed exhausted and he began to pet his head.

"You're doing great." He whispered to him, Sesshomaru merely giving a groan. "Just keep breathing. You're almost there."

"Inuyasha. . . " Sesshomaru began gently before the words turned harsh as another contraction hit him. "Shut up. . . . I know how to breathe!"

He was pushing soon again, and soon after Minako gave the order for him to rest, again. It continued on that way for quite sometime until Minako was soon looking up at Inuyasha.

"Come here." She was ordering.

Kaori easily took his place and he carefully made his way to Minako, almost afraid to see what she wanted him to see. He froze as he came to stop beside her, eyes widening at the sight of a small body protruding from between his mate's legs and suddenly he was feeling light-headed again.

"Sit here."

Minako was carefully maneuvering so that he took her place on the small stool she had been seated in and then she was reaching for his hands and lifting them cradle the head of the pup.

"That's it." Minako was urging him and then she was looking to Sesshomaru who began moaning with another contraction passing through him. "One last push, Sesshomaru. You're so close. She's nearly here."

Inuyasha had no idea what else he was supposed to do or even why Minako had positioned him there, but as Sesshomaru pushed one last time with a sobbing scream, Inuyasha couldn't describe the feeling as his daughter was caught in hands as she finally was pushed all the way out. He was stunned stupid as he stared down at the wet, wrinkly mass that was a baby and he couldn't help the near crazed laugh as he stared down at her.

He laughed harder after Minako reached down and opened the babe's mouth clearing it with a finger and then the baby began shrieking.

"It's a girl." He announced, though he wasn't sure why he felt the need to as he had already known that. "Sesshomaru, it's a girl!"

"There she is!" Minako laughed, working around Inuyasha to tie off the umbilical cord. "Well done, my prince! You did a wonderful job!"

Kaori was congratulating the now crying prince, who seemed ready to faint away at any moment now that the girl had finally been born. Inuyasha watched up to smile at his mate, who offered him a weak smile in reply, before he was looking back down at his crying daughter. A soft sob escaped in between his laughter, amber eyes watering with joyful tears as he looked her over. Small arms waved frantically as she cried, and Inuyasha did not miss the tell-tale mark of an inukai on her forehead. Her small cheeks were adorned with magenta strips, and Inuyasha couldn't help his grin at the tiny puppy ears at the top of her head.

"You finally made it." He greeted her, slowly standing after Minako had cut the cord. "Let's go meet your chichiue."

Sesshomaru happily watched as Inuyasha cooed at their newborn daughter, before he was accepting her, the naked pup gently rested into his arms. He smiled down at her, even though her eyes were closed and would be for some time.

"So, finally we meet." Sesshomaru gently spoke, cradling the girl close to him as she had yet to be wrapped in a blanket. "I was beginning to think that I would have to pull you out with my own hands."

Gently, he leaned down to begin licking her clean and when he was done with that, he was accepting the soft blanket that Minako was handing him to wrap her in. Inuyasha was soon seated beside him on the small cot-like bed and smiling down as his daughter was finally quieted, suckling eagerly on her birthing father's breast.

"She's beautiful." He was murmuring, Sesshomaru looking up at him with a tired smile. He didn't object as his mate leaned in and pressed a kiss to his lips, in fact it caused him to smile wider before the two were looking down at their daughter again.

They both sat in parental bliss as Minako and Kaori tidied up and soon they were all disturbed by the main doors to Minako's workspace sliding open. Inuyasha resisted the urge to roll his eyes and Sesshomaru softly sighed at the sight of his mother staring in from the doorway. She was accompanied by Shippo, who cried out happily and rushed in to meet his new baby sister. With them was Sesshomaru's new-found great-uncle, whose arms were occupied with Kazue, the toddler babbling happily as he discovered a room full of familiar faces.

As they all entered, Hiromi could hardly contain herself and was gushing as she drew closer, insisting she hold her grandchild this very instant. Carefully detaching the pup from where she was suckling, Sesshomaru gently handed her off and Hiromi was cooing and squealing as she looked the newborn girl over.

"How marvelous!" She was saying as she showed her off to Yomosugara. "Isn't she adorable! Well done, my son! Do you see Kazu-chan? You have a baby sister. And she looks just like her Aunty Hiromi."

She ignored Inuyasha's snort but turned to face the two proud parents anyway.

"And what have you thought of for a name?" She was questioning them and the two mates looked to each other, obviously stumped. "I do suppose that means I shall be naming her!"

"Like hell you are!" Inuyasha snapped. "She's my kid!"

"Okaasan, please. Inuyasha and I will name her well enough without your prodding."

"Might I make a suggestion?" Came Yomosugara's deep voice and all eyes looked to him as he drew closer to stare down at the sleeping pup. His hand drew out to gently rest on her head, petting the downy locks and he smiled before nodding in conviction.


He looked up to Inuyasha and his great nephew, and knew that he had chosen right. Inuyasha's eyes watched his daughter with pride and Sesshomaru seemed awed by the realization that his daughter would possess a name fitting of her character.

"That's no name for a girl!" Hiromi objected. "Especially a girl that is a princess of the West. No, she should be something gentle and beautiful. Yumiko, Sakura, or something similar. Not-"

"Tsuyoi." Sesshomaru was wording out loud.

Inuyasha had already left his side and was now in front of Hiromi, easily and gently taking her from her grandmother's arms to beam down at her in pride.

"Tsuyoi." He repeated with an air of finality, the pup making a gurgling sound as she fidgeted in his arms, having been awakened by Hiromi's loud objections. "If it's not the name fit for a princess it is now, because this princess is named, Tsuyoi. My princess."

"A strong name for a strong child, very fitting." Minako said, before she began to shoo everyone out. "That is enough for now! The prince will need his rest and Inuyasha is the only one I'll allow to stay."

As everyone, but Kaori and Inuyasha, was herded out of the doors, Sesshomaru couldn't help but watch with a small smile as Inuyasha paced back and forth with their pup in his arms. As he gently bounced her and murmured nonsense to her, he allowed himself to relax and wonder what to expect now that she was here.

"My lord, if you'd please let Prince Sesshomaru finish feeding Tsuyoi-hime." Kaori suggested, gently coaxing the Daiyoukai back over to Sesshomaru's side. "He was interrupted by our recent visitors, after all."

It was almost with reluctance that Inuyasha was handing his daughter over to her birthing father, and then Minako was tapping him on the shoulder.

"I'll give you some time, but then I want Sesshomaru to get some medicine and some rest." With Inuyasha's nod, she was then turning to Kaori, who she had taken on as a sort of apprentice without having intended to. "Come, Kaori. We'll fetch some tea."

As they left, Inuyasha sat beside his mate, who had returned to feeding their newest child, looking content and relieved that he was no longer in labor.

"I still can't believe she's here." Inuyasha said, his arm circling around his mate and cuddling against him.

"I still can't believe you fainted." Sesshomaru replied with a chuckle, looking up at his mate with a teasing glimmer in his eyes.

"Hey." Inuyasha objected, before he was kissing Sesshomaru to silence him. He pulled away to smile down at the baby girl, now full and most likely asleep again. "Your water broke and reality hit and then, boom, I was out. Last time it didn't come as so much of a shock for some reason. I'm glad I didn't miss it, though."

"I'm happy you were here with me." Sesshomaru admitted. "Even though I was quite unpleasant most of the time."

"No, it's alright. You were amazing. I don't think I could have gone through that as well as you did."

"Yes, it is proof that I am indeed the superior son of our late father." Sesshomaru said, and Inuyasha snorted.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. I am proud of you, though. You gave me a beautiful baby girl."

Sesshomaru chuckled, leaning into Inuyasha as his mate pulled him closer, one hand petting the downy-furred ears of his youngest child.

"Minako says that my body should rest, and she has various medicines that would hinder my ability to become impregnated during the mating seasons." His words caught Inuyasha's interest and the hanyou pulled away a bit to look down at his mate, who smiled up at him. "In a half century or so, I would hope to give you a son."

The broad grin that broke out over Inuyasha's face was expected and Sesshomaru could only give a soft laugh as Inuyasha leaned in to shower his face with kisses. They were soon settling, oddly comfortably, in the small bed, the new born pup between them.

"I was thinking." Inuyasha began, Sesshomaru looking up with sleepy eyes. "How about two sons?"


"Okay, okay. First we'll have one and then we'll talk about two more."

Sesshomaru only sighed, before settling in further and readying himself for a well deserved nap.

"Go to sleep, Inuyasha." He was ordering, the hanyou snorting and leaning closer to kiss his mate goodnight.

With his mate soon asleep, Inuyasha took to staring down at his firstborn child. His fingers traced over her small arms, before he was touching her small hands and then freezing as his finger was caught in a tiny grip. His daughter had nearly perished more than once and now she was here, having survived a near miscarriage and luckily the sword had missed Sesshomaru's womb when Naraku had stabbed him during their battle. Now she was here, and she was indeed a vision of strength, even as small and vulnerable as she was. Yomosugara had chosen just the right name for her.

All of our pups will be strong.

Inuyasha had to agree with his youki on that. And even if they weren't strong, he would do his best for them and his mate. His pup was gurgling then and he hummed contentedly as she tightened her grip on his finger, as if trying to prove that she would live up to her name.

"Welcome to the family, Tsuyoi." He murmured, leaning down to nuzzle her in affection. "Welcome home."


Tsuyoi = Strong ( I hope. . . )

Okay. It is really done for good now. I just figured that we might as well see Inuyasha's first child be born. Thanks again for reading and I hope beyond hope you enjoyed this bonus chapter, I am seriously contemplating a sequel, but my poor Gundam Wing fics are still hanging unfinished. Take care, for now folks. I'm off to focus on finals.