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Love Will Guide Us

Chapter 1


Sex without love is an empty experience, but as empty experiences go it is one of the best.

Lily Evans woke and ruffled her red hair lightly. She turned, yawning to look at her best friends. Megan, Alice, Lily and Charlotte were sixth year witches in Hyfredffon School of witchcraft. Hyfredffon was a twin school to Beaubatons in France, an all girls' boarding school. It was based in rural Wales, hidden far from the view of muggles. Lily was a sweet girl; green eyes, red hair and creamy skin dusted lightly with irregular freckles. Megan had curly, dark black hair, cut in a rough bob and pale, milky chocolate eyes. She was tall and slim. Charlotte had long, straight, blonde hair. Her eyes were a sparkling grey blue. Lily and Charlotte were very studious, while Megan was boy crazy. Still hidden beneath the duvets was Lily's closest friend, Alice Moore. She was pretty with short, brown hair and big innocent blue eyes.

It was a Saturday morning and the girls were all getting ready to go on the last trip to Gweddŵr, the local town, for this term. It was two weeks until Christmas and it was the girls' last chance to get their Christmas shopping done. They were all looking forward to seeing their families and Alice, her long distance boyfriend, Frank Longbottom.

Lily nudged Alice lightly as Megan and Charlotte began getting ready. Megan was applying makeup in the long, full length mirror at one end of the dorm. Charlotte was putting on a long sleeved, pale blue top, that showed herself off nicely. Lily shoved at Alice's warm body again. The other girl groaned slightly but then finally awoke. She moaned loudly, shoving playfully at Lily's form as it lingered over her.

"I was having a nice dream," she finally said.

"About Frank?" Megan asked mockingly, as she and Charlotte burst into giggles.

"Yes, actually," she replied blushing.

"Oh," Charlotte giggled. Megan gave a loud wolf whistle.

"You know, if you three had boyfriends of your own, you wouldn't get kicks out of my love life!" Alice snapped, getting out of bed and walking into the bathroom to take a shower.

"Hey," Lily said, "I'm not involved."

"No, Lily, you weren't. But you just need a boyfriend," she said.

"Excuse me?" Lily replied, questioning her tone. Alice looked at her deeply for a second before turning and locking the bathroom door behind her.

The other two continued giggling at the look on Lily's face, while she got ready. She put on a thin layer of makeup, jeans and her favourite top. She then pulled her hair into a tiny ponytail.

They grabbed their bags and money and made their way into the nearby town.

"Prongs… Prongs, get your lazy arse out of that bed this instant!" James groaned as his younger brother by ten minutes shoved him and yelled loudly in his ear.

"Sirius, bugger off!" James groaned, rubbing his hazel eyes.

"Come on, bro!" the other boy tried again.

"What's so amazing about today, anyway?" James asked, finally giving in.

"Because, it's the last trip for all the girls in Hyfredffon into Gweddŵr," Sirius said. "Which means loads of absolutely sexy girls will be flocking into the town."

James smiled, "how do you know all this?"

"I keep in correspondence with the girls I shagged last year," he shrugged, nonchalantly.

"Big word, Padfoot," James teased.

"I use big words!"

"Hmmm, Paddy," James smiled, "Good?"

"What, the girls?" James nodded, "not as good as the blonde you were dating at the time."

"Yes," James smiled, "I prefer to date the girls I shag, Sirius."

"Okay," Sirius said. "You haven't had a girlfriend in weeks, Prongs. Is that the last time you shagged someone?"

"Yes," James sighed.

"You need to find a girlfriend today!" Sirius laughed, ruffling his hair.

"Yeah, okay," James smirked. "Now get out. I need to change!"

"Promise me, you'll find a shaggable girl by the end of today," Sirius said.

"If I see a girl I like, I'll ask her out," James smiled.

"Good," his mouth curled up into a smiled.

"Now out!"

"I'll be downstairs with Mum."

"Do you really think Mum'll let you out? I mean you are grounded and we do have lessons today," he asked, grabbing a pair of clean boxer shorts out of his closet.

"James, it's me, I'll find a way!" Sirius said.

"But, Mum…" James walked down the stairs to his younger brother's whining.

James and Sirius were the only children of two very rich people in the wizarding world, Richard and Megan Potter. They were two seventeen year old boys, extremely good-looking and fit. They both had a passion for girls, though Sirius was more of a ladies' man. James, meanwhile, preferred hanging out with his mates although he enjoyed the pleasures his good looks brought to him.

The two lived in a large mansion in the rural outskirts of Cardiff, the capital city. They lived a half an hour drive or ten minute train journey from the centre of Gweddŵr and therefore only twenty-five minutes away from Hyfredffon. They were both fluent in the dying Welsh language as their Mother, native to Wales, had taught it to them when they were small.

They were home schooled by their Mother, while their Father worked in the Ministry of Magic in London. It was no problem for him to get to, as he could just apparate.

Like Richard, the boys had dark hair. James' was messy like his father's, while Sirius' was more docile like Megan's. James had his Father's emotion-filled hazel eyes, while Sirius' were a stormy blue grey like his Mother's. James was very tall and slim, with a muscular build from his years of broomstick flying; meanwhile, Sirius was shorter and stockier.

"Sirius Rupert Potter!" Megan said, loudly. "You know perfectly well you are grounded and that I was going to teach you the second part of that defensive spell."

Sirius looked at her deeply for a second, identical charcoal-blue boring into each other. "Mum, please…" he gave her his best 'puppy-dog eyes' and 'little boy's grin.'

"Sirius," she shook her head.

She placed a cartoon of juice and three plates on the kitchen table. Richard had already left for work.

"Bore da (good morning), James," she said, placing the toast rack next to the butter and marmalade. She kissed him on the cheek briefly, before rushing to grab her mug of coffee.

"Morning, Mum," he said, yawning and ruffling his dark hair.

"Mam, os gwelwch yn dda, (Mum, please,)" Sirius tried using the Welsh to convince her. She was always happy to hear the boys speaking Welsh without prompt. The boys both knew this and used it against her whenever possible.

"Bwyta ei frecwast, cyntaf (eat your breakfast, first,)" Megan smiled, sitting next to the two boys.

"Iawn, (okay,)" Sirius said, smirking to himself that he had won the battle.

"Will you be going out with Sirius?" Megan asked, turning to James.

"NO!" Sirius said, looking at her in horror.

James rolled his eyes, while Megan laughed lightly at her son's antics. "Sorry, Cariad, (love). Will you be going to Gweddŵr with Sirius, James?"

"I suppose so," James replied.

"Don't look so excited, Prongs," Sirius teased.

"I'm tired, Paddy," James replied, not meeting either of the others' gazes.

"Why? What were you doing last night?" Megan asked.

"We were playing Quidditch until gone twelve," Sirius said.

"I'm surprised you didn't hear us coming back in," James groaned, stretching.

"Yeah," Sirius agreed.

They finished off their meals.

"Want help with the washing, Mam?" James asked.

"I'll be okay," Megan said, "Now you boys enjoy yourselves and behave. I want you back by five."
"Okay, Mum," they said, each giving her a brief hug before walking out the door.