My first Death Note fic! YAY!
Not as serious/flowing as my Harry Potter fics, but maybe it'll do.
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Haha, Near is soo cute, but it's kinda creepy that he' 16...first time I saw him I thought that he was 7. --''''
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L walked into the Wammy House; his face was grim.

"What's wrong with you?" Mello asked; biting into a chocolate bar.

L sighed, "Due to Watari's, my doctor's and my dentist's urgings…I am cutting back on my sugar intake."

Mello raised his eyebrows. "Whoa…Really?" he asked.

"Yes." L answered. "Now, if you'll excuse me…I must tell Watari my decision." Mello nodded and watched the detective go. Taking another bite of chocolate he wondered if he too should cut back on sweets.

"Nah," he muttered. "I'm good."

Watari walked into the room; "Mello, since L has decided to change his habits, Wammy's House is going to be healthier too. I need to put your chocolate away in the pantry."

"What?!" Mello angrily demanded.

Matt dashed into the room. "Mello? What's the matter?" he asked; taking a drag off of his cigarette, while playing a video game. Watari reached over, and snatched the unsuspecting boy's video game away.

"The same goes for you too Matt." he kindly said.

"The same what?!" Matt asked in a panic; tightly gripping his cigarette lest Watari tried to take that too.

"Wammy's House is taking on a healthier life style; which means that you are no longer allowed to play video games twelve hours a day, and Mello can't eat chocolate all the time. You may have an hour of game time on weekdays, and two hours on the weekends; and Mello, you may have one piece of chocolate a day. All right?" Watari asked; making sure they understood.

"What does Near have to change?" Mello demanded.

"I see nothing unhealthy about Near; although he could perhaps benefit from playing outside at least an hour a day. Hmm…And Matt! Put out that cigarette! You know that I don't approve of smoking." Watari said.

Matt groaned and continued to smoke, but after a few minutes of being subject to Watari's piercing gaze, he gave up. "Fine!" he shouted; throwing the cigarette on the floor and grinding it under his heel. "Fine; just take away everything I love!" he yelled; outraged.

"Matt; you don't love cigarettes." Watari said. "Your body merely loves the feeling it gets from smoking one." Matt scowled; he hated it when Watari brought out logic.

"Yeah; well, how do you know?" Matt questioned; feeling the pathetic-ness of his question as he asked it.

Watari merely gave him a kind smile.

Mello glared; "Near only has to go outside? What the heck? That's not fair!" he shouted.

Watari smiled again; "I can't help it if Near doesn't share bad habits with you both." he replied.

Matt sighed; there was a forlorn look on his features. "What if I don't want to do this Watari?" he questioned.

"Then feel free to burn your eyes out and die of lung cancer." Roger muttered, walking by with a broom.

"Well, it is your choice in the end, but I'm only looking out for your well-being." Watari answered. A sad demeanor had befallen him. Matt felt guilty for hurting the old man.

Running a hand through his red hair, he said: "I've got to think it over. I'm going to take a walk."

Watari nodded, "All right then; remember to be back in two hours for dinner."

"Yes sir." Matt said. Then he walked down the hall, and out the front door. Once he was outside he lit a cigarette. Watari hadn't confiscated all of them, or his lighter, yet. Taking long drags he began to think.

Meanwhile inside the house, Mello and L were starting to get sugar cravings.

L was relentlessly pacing up and down the hall; he'd been doing this for at least 45 minutes.

"I need to find something to do." he thought. "Maybe I'll go observe Near and the others."

So finally L stopped pacing, and walked straight ahead to the 'playroom'.

He found Near stretched out on the floor putting together a blank puzzle with one hand, and clutching a toy robot with the other.

L sat down on the floor across from him. "How is your puzzle coming along?" he asked.

After connecting a piece, Near looked up and answered, "It is going well." The boy's voice was calm, and just above a whisper.

L smiled, "Could I join you?" he asked.

Near's eyes widened; L wanted to put together a puzzle? That was odd. Yet he didn't want to miss this chance, so he nodded.

L picked up a puzzle piece just as Mello stomped by; he was going outside to find Matt.

L sighed; "Not so loud Matt." he called. Mello started grinding his teeth, and did his best not to slam the door. Lack of chocolate was making him edgy. Turning away from the door, he found Matt sitting on the steps; smoking.

He snorted, "Some walk you took!" he said.

"Yeah, yeah," Matt answered. "I'm busy thinking. I came up with a way to make Watari happy, and we won't have to give anything up."

"What is it?" Mello demanded.

"We start hanging out in town. You could buy chocolate there, and eat it, or smuggle it up to your room, and I can go to the arcade. We can do what we want and Watari'll be none the wiser. Plus he'll be happy 'cause he'll think we've changed our so called 'unhealthy habits'. Matt said.

"That is brilliant! Or maybe I've gone insane from chocolate cravings; either way, let's do it!" Mello exclaimed. He was grinning from the thought of being able to eat chocolate with Watari nagging.

L and Near had almost completed the puzzle when Watari called everyone to dinner.

L got to his feet. "Come on Near; we can finish it after dinner." he said.

Near nodded, and together they headed to the dining room.

Everyone had been seated for 10 minutes when Mello, and Matt finally came rushing into the room.

Their faces said that they knew they were late, and yet their eyes showed excitement about something.