"Please pass the mashed potatoes, Watari," L asked; a big smile plastered to his face.

Watari's aged face lit up as he passed the creamy vegetable concoction; he was very pleased with the boys' progress. He hadn't seen the hint of sugar, video games, or nicotine in weeks.

Matt sipped his water with a good boy grin on his face and his eyes full of carefully executed innocence.

Mello ate in silence; seemingly pleased with his grilled chicken, steamed veggies, and mashed potatoes.

Near drank his apple juice and reached for more steamed broccoli; he was content with his meal. He enjoyed this kind of thing, actually.

"Thank you," L said, taking the bowl from Watari and dipping himself a hearty second serving. He ate happily and when he finished his meal, he put the dishes in the washer, smiled, and said, "I'll be up in my room working, if anyone needs me," and with that he was gone.

Mello and Matt were finished next, "Thanks for the grub, Watari; later!" Mello said for them, and then they were off; up to their room.

"You're welcome, boys! Good evening!" Watari called, as the two raced up the stairs.

Matt and Mello tapped on L's door gently, "Come in, boys," the detective whispered, letting them in and immediately locking the door.

The slouching man had an all-day sucker in his hand, and was putting it to his lips, as Mello opened a safe and got out a chocolate bar, as he tossed a pack of cigarettes, and a lighter to Matt.

"Thanks, Mels!" Matt said, lighting up with a happy sigh, "It's been way too long," he breathed, taking a drag.

Mello nodded in agreement as he chewed a bite of chocolate bar slowly; he was going to savor every last morsel.

"Watari will eventually forget about all of these new limits," L said, hope in his tone and eyes.

Matt nodded, "Totally; then we can indulge freely again," he cheered, blowing out smoke.

Mello grinned, "Amen." he finished.

L popped open the lid on a bottle of maple syrup, "Cheers, boys!" he said, downing a big squirt of the stuff. Then he tore the top off of a pixie stick, poured the contents in a line on his desk, and snorted, "I feel so alive!" he laughed.

Matt gulped; this was the scary side of L.

Mello opened an energy drink and watched his mentor with grinning eyes.

Matt simply lit up his second cigarette and fired up his gameboy; he was so going to catch 'em all.

Near was walking past L's room, when he heard the sound of a candy wrapper being undone; he frowned and decided to investigate. Heading towards the opening to the air duct, he hoped that this wasn't his last moment.

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