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No Means No
(a Kim Possible fanfiction)

Ch. 1

Shego was awake instantly. She had no idea what had awoken her, but she knew something was amiss.

There! she thought, hearing the light scuff of a foot across the floor of her bedroom.

Listening intently, she could just hear the intruder's quiet breath. Shego lay still, her muscles tensing as the breath drew closer.

When her unwanted visitor reached her bedside, Shego leapt up, hands blazing brightly to life. Roaring her outrage that someone would dare invade her personal space, Shego brought her right foot around in a vicious kick. Nonplussed, the shadowy figure seized the oncoming foot and ankle and pulled.

The red-haired girl swung her hips and shoulders around, adding enough energy to the kick to swing Shego completely off the bed and toward the opposite wall.

Red hair? Shego thought, incredulous, as she flew through the air. Kimmie?!

Relying purely on instinct, Shego twisted in the air, her bare feet finding the flat surface of the wall behind her. She let her legs bend, absorbing the shock of the impact. Her left hand swept back, flipping the light switch. She would be expecting the sudden brightness, but her opponent would not.

Intent on making the most of that advantage, Shego immediately kicked off from the wall, launching herself at the teenaged "hero." Shego reached out, hands glowing, her fingers seeking the smirking redhead's throat.

Smirking? Shego thought as Kim's hands closed over her wrists. Uh-oh.

Once again, Shego was spinning. Once again, she had been outmaneuvered. Neither of these facts did much to improve the dark-haired woman's mood as she flew back toward her bed. Barely taking the time to be thankful for the soft landing, Shego tried to sit up. Struggling, she found herself pinned securely beneath one hundred and twenty pounds of cheerleader.

Incensed, Shego glared up at the young woman now straddling her waist. She tried with all her strength to free her wrists from Kim's grip, to no avail. Finally, her face red from both the effort and her anger, Shego lay still. She locked her green eyes onto Kim's, and if looks could kill, Kim would have dropped dead at that moment. As it was, she merely smiled back at Shego's glare.

"So what now?" Shego demanded angrily.

Kim laughed at her. Flipping her long red hair back with a casual toss of her head, she smiled.

"Oh," Kim said with a grin. "I'm sure we can think of something to do…"

Unsure what to make of that cryptic answer, Shego watched helplessly as Kim pushed her captive arms inexorably to the bed. The redhead's face was suddenly very close to her own.

No way Kimmie's that strong, Shego's mind protested.

Yet there she was, pinned helplessly on her own bed, the skinny girl on top of her holding her down with apparent ease. Unable to do much more than wriggle against the powerful thighs clamped around her waist, Shego tried again to break free. She writhed like a snake, twisting her body as far as she could. Her legs kicked frantically, but they could gain no purchase and there was nowhere to go anyway.

Still smiling, Kim leaned closer to her prisoner, as if she were about to whisper something to her. Shego shook her head, sputtering, trying to get free of the wisps of red hair suddenly tickling her eyes and nose. She stopped suddenly, her wide eyes snapping open at the sudden sensation of Kim's mouth covering her own.

"What the hell?" Shego demanded, the words coming out as, "Mmt uh hurr?" against Kim's lips.

She tried to turn her head away, still muttering incoherently. Kim's hands, on each side of Shego's face, held her fast. Shego's protests gradually subsided, her anger giving way to confusion. Incredibly, she found herself fervently returning Kim's kiss. The room seemed to spin around her as she lay beneath the redhead, trying desperately to comprehend what was happening.

What the hell? she asked again, this time of herself. But I'm not a – Shego managed before the thought was cut off, blasted from her mind.

By the time Shego realized that her arms were free, they had wrapped tightly around Kim, pulling the girl to her. The intoxicating scent of Kim's fiery hair permeated Shego's reeling senses, the redhead's body pressing tightly against her own.

Kim's hands were busy, tracing Shego's outline. The touch of her fingertips sent waves of euphoria washing over the taller woman's body. Kim relinquished her hold on Shego's mouth, turning her attention elsewhere.

Shego sighed out a breath she hadn't even realized she'd been holding. Her eyes rolled back as Kim's lips and teeth went to work on the soft skin under her ear. Pulling red hair out of the way of Kim's nape, Shego craned her neck to return the favor. Her green eyes looked hungrily to the soft curve of Kim's neck, but then focused on something strange, out of place.

Since when did Kimmie have a tattoo on her neck? Shego thought, then: Not a tattoo…

Realization hit her like a bucket of cold water, and Shego froze. Kim felt her captive stiffen beneath her and pulled back, looking into the pale woman's eyes.

"What's the sitch?" Kim asked, the mischievous look in her eyes a stark contrast to the sweet innocence with which she asked the question.

Shego smiled at her then, pressing a hand to the side of Kim's face. "Nothing," she lied.

"Good," Kim replied, turning to kiss the palm of Shego's hand. The tips of the dark-haired woman's fingers rested lightly on Kim's forehead. Shego sighed heavily, steeling herself.

"Lights out," she said, her teeth gritted.

Green flame shot briefly from Shego's fingertips, and the surprised redhead was suddenly asleep, as if someone had flipped a switch inside the girl. Shego rolled the limp form over onto the bed and sat up slowly. Still light-headed, she took a moment to recompose herself. Then, straightening her nightdress, she turned the unconscious girl's head, examining her neck more closely.

There, tucked away beneath the young woman's red mane, was the mark that had turned Shego's blood to ice:

DrakkCo, Inc.
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