Word promt: Daybreak
Title: Before I Wake
Word Count: 285
Rating: G
Summary: She had once had an idea of what destiny was. Yuffentine.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy VII.


Sunlight bubbled over the horizon, poured over Hollow Bastion like a honey glaze. Yuffie Kisaragi stared out her window at the approaching morning and did not smile. Legs crisscrossed on the bed, hands clasped in her lap and hair still damp from a bath, Yuffie Kisaragi remembered.

She had once had an idea of what destiny was.


"Do you like it here, Vinnie?"

Moonlight filtered in through one window. Yuffie's hushed voice disturbed the silence like a ripple on a glassy pond.

A level stare, red and mako, cut towards her figure in the doorway.

"With us, I mean."


She had once believed, perhaps only as a little girl, that fate decided certain things.

But just what force had decided that her world should be plunged into darkness?


He nodded once. "Yes, Yuffie."

Her smile was genuine for a moment, then cheeky as she persisted. "So you're gonna stick around? Don't tell me you have the hots for Cloud too."

A blink and a stern pause suggested that Vincent was unimpressed. She resisted a giggle.

"I am useful here."


Her breathed hitched and her hands tightened into fists.

What sick heart - or lack thereof - had let her slip through that darkness, survive, and come here?


She sobered at this, swallowed a bit of unease as she was reminded exactly what he was here for. "And.. what about after?" The words tumbled out before she could shove them back in, little time bombs just waiting to backfire.


"When everything's done. You gonna marry Cloud and stick around some more?" A feeble attempt to retrieve her previous jest, it soothed her nervousness.


Just who had decided that she should be without him?


"We'll see."