Naruto Prince of Thieves

Naruto Prince of Thieves

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Chapter 1


Five-year-old Naruto Uzumaki was cornered. The mob had chased him and more people joined it as time passed. He made a turn and ended up in a dead end. His back was against the wall and he couldn't run any more.

"Ready to pay for your sins monster?" A woman with pink hair snarled holding a butcher knife. The gathered civilians had finally cornered the monster and there were no ninja of the village around this time to stop them.

"P-please d-don't. I-I d-d-didn't d-do an-anything to y-you." Naruto pleaded.

"LIAR!" The pink haired woman snarled. "YOU KILLED MY HUSBAND DEMON!" She slashed down and Naruto screamed in pain. Soon he was being kicked and punched along with being stabbed by numerous people, none of them showing him mercy.

"KILL THE KYUUBI!" Someone yelled from the back of the mob.

Remy Lebeau walked the rooftops of Konoha. The world hidden beneath their own reminded the young mutant of ancient Japan in so many ways, but they had computers, and other things.

The professor had asked him to check out a reading he'd gotten off cerebro and with the others off on missions or in the middle of school, the former Acolyte was given the task.

Remy, known to many as Gambit shook his head at the thought of it being a year after the battle with Apocalypse and he was now an X-Man. But then his mind went to certain femme and he smirked. His Rogue.

Hearing yelling he slipped across the rooftops and paused seeing a large crowd of civilians in the alley. He was wondering what they were doing and heard their yells of "Kill the Demon!" And the last one of "KILL THE KYUUBI!"

Gambit wasn't going to get involved in a demon hunt; he'd seen them before in some of his travels. But it was when the crowd pulled back, he swore in both French and English at seeing a five-year-old boy lying on the ground, covered in blood.

Anger rolled over him. He remembered his time in New Orleans when several people thought he was a demon due to his eyes. His mother later explained he was a mutant, but the pain he'd suffered and now the blond child was being attacked as well.

Pulling out several cards with one hand and his telescoping quarterstaff with the other he dropped into the alley forcing several people back.

"BACK OFF!" The Cajun X-Man snarled, the cards in his hand charged with explosive energy were held behind him while he held his staff between him and the others in a defensive position with his left hand.

"He's a demon." One civilian said.

"He's a boy." Gambit said in flawless Japanese. He'd traveled the world quite a bit in his youth and he learned the languages. A good thief knew how to blend in after all, but right now Gambit was not blending in, he was pissed off.

"The we'll kill you as well Gaijin." A civilian said hoisting up a club.

Before they could attack, Gambit launched his cards, only at the ground and they exploded knocking the people back.

The explosion forced them back and it also brought several ninja, Chunin and Jonin onto the scene.

But the one that really backed the crowd up was the arrival of the Hokage and a squad of ANBU.

"ANBU, arrest the crowd." Sarutobi the Sandaime Hokage said. He turned and saw the stranger kneeling next to Naruto and was talking softly to him.

"Thank you stranger for saving Naruto…"

"You the leader of this village?" Gambit asked, cutting the older man off.

"I am the Third Hokage…"

"I'm taking the boy with me." Gambit said. The meter on his wrist was indicating that Forge's portal was about to pull him back. The boy was the one he'd been looking for if the pocket scanner was right.

"I'm afraid you can't do that." Sarutobi said.

Gambit stood cradling the boy in his arms. "What your afraid of mon ami is not my concern. I tell you what. When do you allow graduates to become ninja in your village?"

Sarutobi thought about it and saw where the man was going. "When they are sixteen they get a Genin exam from the academy…"

"Then I will have him back in time for it."

Sarutobi for some reason trusted this red-eyed man. He saw the way he put himself between Naruto and the crowd and was holding him now. A part of him wanted to deny this man anything and order the Chunin and Jonin to attack and get the boy back, but he knew it could result in the boy being hurt further or his death. It hurt the Hokage that he couldn't trust everyone in the village with the boy's safety and those he did trust were busy with duties.

"Can you follow me to my office. I will give you scrolls and things he will need to learn before he can pass the academy."

Gambit thought about it. He checked the meter on his wrist and saw he had an hour. Nodding his head, he followed the old man, the boy in his arms unconscious.

Sarutobi as he led the Gaijin towards the tower sent a Chunin ahead to get his personal doctor and have the man meet them in his office.

Once at the tower, Sarutobi waited while the Gaijin put Naruto on the couch and dug out numerous scrolls. He paused, looking at the forbidden scroll, then copied two techniques off it, his gut was telling him Naruto would be able to handle them.

"Now then stranger…"

"You can call me Gambit."

"Very well Gambit-san. There is something you will need to know about Naruto…"

"He holds the Kyuubi in him." Gambit said cutting him off again. The Hokage had a shocked look.

"De fools were shoutin' it as they beat the boy." Remy said giving the Hokage a look that told the older man what he thought about that.

"They will be dealt with, I promise you."

Gambit waved it off and picked up the scrolls, slipping them into hidden pockets in his trench coat.

"I would prefer you not tell him…"

Gambit snorted. "An' let him not know why dey out der tryin' ta kill 'im?" Gambit said, his accent kicking in as was his anger.

"Non. 'sides De Professor will be helpin' him learn about his abilities." Gambit offered no more and watched as the doctor worked on the boy. Gambit saw wounds healing and thought of a certain grouchy Canadian back at the Institute.

"I want you to understand, I tried to do the best for Naruto…"

Gambit looked at the old man. "Dey have a sayin'. De road ta hell is paved with good intentions."

Gambit looked at the boy and saw he was coming around.

"Aw, man…not again."

"Naruto." The Hokage said stepping into the boys field of vision.

"Hey Ojii-san. Had a slight…accident." Naruto said and saw the scowl. "I know what happened Naruto."

The boy sighed and lowered his eyes. He looked up again and saw the man he'd seen before he passed out.

"Hey…you got funny eyes." The five year old said and Gambit laughed. "Non, I prefer to think exotic." Gambit said.

"Naruto, listen to me. Gambit here is going to be taking you with him on a…journey." The Hokage paused and tried to think on how to explain it to the five year old.

"A trip?" the boy asked.

"Yes. A training trip. Away from Konoha." The Third said. "He'll bring you back in time for the academy graduation exams."

Naruto thought about it. "Do you trust him Ojii-san?" Naruto asked.

Sarutobi paused. He wanted to say no, but this Gambit had saved Naruto and was willing to look after him, and it would be out of the council's control.

"Yes." The Sandaime Hokage said finally.

Naruto nodded and then looked at Gambit. "Then I trust you Gambit-san."

The Cajun Thief smiled. There was something about the blond boy that made him think of himself when he was younger. "I promise to protect you Naruto." Gambit said solemnly, his red on black eyes staring into the blue eyes of the five year old boy who he knew was going to change not only things here in his world, but he just had a feeling that Naruto was going to make a big impact at the Institute.

Just wait till the femmes see you. You might forget to walk. Gambit thought of all the females back at the Institute who would hug this boy, and then a sliver of envy hit him before he shrugged it off.

"I have given Gambit here scrolls of things you will need to learn, along with some special jutsu's I think you'll be able to handle. There are workouts for physical and chakra skills as well." Sarutobi was telling Naruto.

The blond was up and hugged the older man. "I'll miss you Ojii-san. You were the only one who cared."

Sarutobi closed his eyes as he hugged the boy back. He cursed the idiots that couldn't see Naruto for what he really was, their savior. It was this reason he was giving him to this Gaijin. He knew deep in his old bones that the boy would be protected and well cared for. There was something about the man that the old Hokage just knew that if any harm befell Naruto under his eyes, there would be hell to pay.

Gambit didn't need to be a telepath like the Professor and Jean to know what the older man was thinking. He just nodded his head and smiled.

"I promise I'll come back Ojii-san, and when I do you better be ready to hand over your hat, cause I will be Hokage." Naruto said with his fox like grin.

"I look forward to that day Naruto." Sarutobi said as he patted the boy on the head. "You be good for Gambit. Become strong. And remember, no matter what I will be proud of you. I see you as my grandson…"

The Third Hokage grunted as Naruto dived in and hugged him again. He smiled down at the blond. Be well Naruto. Stay safe. Become strong. And I hope to tell you about your father then. Sarutobi thought as he held onto the young boy who he wouldn't see again for eleven years.

Gambit and Naruto left the village under the cover of night. The brown haired thief leading Naruto away from the only home he'd known, their pace slow and steady, Gambit shortening his stride to allow Naruto to keep pace.

"Are you ready mon ami?" Gambit asked as they were in a clearing in the forest.


"You can call me Remy when we jus' us or at the Institute Naruto." He said.

"Remy." Naruto said the word. "We will be teachin' English, and other languages as well."

Naruto looked at him. "Where are we going?"

"The Xavier Institute for the Gifted." Remy said with a smile. The wrist watch beeped and a portal opened. "Welcome to a whole new world Naruto."

AN: And here we go. I stated above that graduation from the Academy was 16, and I did that for a few reasons…which are my own. Next chapter Naruto returns to Konoha. I will most likely have his time with the X-Men in flashbacks, as the real story begins as we all know when he's a ninja. I might do a separate story to cover the 11 years with the X-men, and it's the Evolution-verse X-men if you're wondering.

As for the worlds thing, I got the idea from "the Lost Empire" or as it's called now "Monkey King" that I saw on Sci-fi. Naruto's world is beneath ours, but have some tech mixed in and such. Please leave a review.