Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Jedi Master Revan Namikaze looked at the smoldering controls of her ship. The damn thing blew up right as she was entering lightspeed and her ship spun out of control, she didn't have a clue where she would end up, if the ship didn't blow up before that. If she hadn't gotten a warning in the force, she would have been sitting right at the controls and most likely dead.

She allowed the ships emergency systems to kick over before heading to the main hold where she accessed the systems from the controls there. Times like this I miss the Ebon Hawk. she thought sighing of the ship that was nothing more than rust and ash. Why am I suddenly thinking of things four thousand years ago?

Revan sighed again. She hadn't aged a day in four thousand years. Not even the masters knew that being a Solarian meant. She thought and while she missed her homeworld, it had been destroyed long ago while she had still been a child.

Checking the systems she saw she was coming up on Coruscant.

Thank the force for small favors. She thought. It had taken her some time to find a useable ship out beyond the Outer Rim. She'd been in hiding for nearly a thousand years and now the force was telling her to make her return.

And who am I to question the will of the force.

Shaking her head she thought of all the things she had learned amongst the more unique worlds of unknown regions. My time on that world with ninja was interesting, learned a lot of things there.

With that thought Revan formed a simple cross seal with one hand and focused her chakra. "Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

A puff of smoke and six identical copies of Revan appeared. "Alright, we need to get the main controls in the cockpit fixed enough for us to land. Get to it." She pointed at two of the clones. She then looked at another pair. "You two check the hyperdrive, it was hiccupping something fierce as we made the jump."

The four clones nodded and went to their tasks.

"What about us Rev?" The last two clones asked. "One of you gets to cook, the other gets to check our weapon supplies." She said. The one that got weapons nodded and went to do as it was told. The one left to the cooking was feeling rebellious. "And what are you going to be doing while we're all busy?"

Revan paused and sighed. This was one side effect she hated with the Kage Bunshin. The clones could perform independent thought when they needed to. "I'm going to check on Naruto." She said, a catch in her voice.

The clone looked sad at that, "He's going to be fine. The stasis pod was working fine when you last checked it." The clone said.

Revan shook her head. "I just hope after all these years the medical facilities haven't stagnated on Coruscant."

The clone watched her go, a sad look on its face. "Two immortal beings and yet he's being destroyed by an unknown poison that was designed just for him." The clone said sadly. "He'll make it Revan. The love you two share is too important for him to give up without a fight." The clone said before preparing a meal.

Revan entered the medical bay and stopped before the stasis pod. Her had reached out and touched the glass over the occupants face. He had whisker like marks on his tanned skin, long spiky blond hair, his blue eyes were closed as she studied him, like she had done millions of times since she first met him.

"Hey lover." She said softly. "We're coming up on Coruscant. I wish you were awake to see it." Revan stopped her hand still resting on the glass. "Its been a long year love. I've missed you so much."

Revan looked at her husband, her eyes taking in his features. "I don't care what the new council has to say. I'll make sure you're better. We can head out. I can show you worlds and wonders of the galaxy."

Revan reached out with the force and felt him, felt him fighting the poison in his system, a battle to live.

She didn't touch him in the force, for she knew he needed his full attention, even in stasis to keep the poison back.

"I won't lose you Naruto Namikaze. I can't lose you." She said the last part softly.

You have been my light, my life, my sanity. She thought looking at the pod's occupant.

"Hey boss lady?"

She turned to see a shadow clone standing there covered in soot and sporting a grin. "We rigged the console. Best thing would be to scrap this ship after we land. We can't do anything more with it."

Revan nodded. She appreciated the report being verbal, rather than the clone dissipating and her getting the mental lowdown. Naruto had warned her that she could get a headache, and the information anyways, but she preferred the verbal after all the years of being a General.

"Thank you anyways." Revan said and the clone disappeared in a puff of smoke. She sighed getting the information, then turned to look at the stasis pod once more.

"You'll be better son love."

With one last look she turned and left.

Revan brought the ship in and was somewhat surprised at how much Coruscant had grown in four thousand years.

And yet, some things remain the same. she thought spotting the Jedi Temple and the Senate buildings.

Checking her readings she plotted the course and brought the ship in. "Jedi Temple, this is unnamed freighter requesting emergency landing and a medical team on hand." she said after activating the communications unit that made a strange noise after starting up.

"Unidentified freighter, this is Jedi Temple control, say again?"

"I have a poisoned person on board in stasis, I need a healer. Now open the doors, this ship isn't going to hold together much longer." Revan transmitted her codes and was surprised the doors opened. "Guess they never got around to removing me from the accepted lists." Thank you Bastila. She thought the last part as she brought the freighter in, it groaned as she fired the retro-rockets and activated the landing gear.

The hanger was nearly deserted and she thanked the force and Kami for that. The ship landed and she heard the landing gear squeal in protest. She powered systems down and went to the boarding ramp and hit the release, before going to the medbay and preparing the stasis pod for movement. She used the cargo loader and was at the bottom of the ramp before she was met by several Jedi, one wearing Healers robes.

"Hey." She greeted and sighed. I've been around Naruto way too long. She saw their looks.

"What was he poisoned by?" the healer asked forgoing formalities, over the health of a patient.

"Not sure what its called. It was tailor made for him. Here's a sample of it I got." She handed a vial to the healer. "We were beyond known space, so I put him in a pod and got the first ship I could find to get him here."

The healer motioned for a pair of padawans. "Get this stasis pod to the medical center. Do not open it."

They nodded and rushed it to the turbo lift. Revan sighed and moved to follow.

"A moment please." She turned and saw several Jedi there.

"Few questions have we."

Revan blinked seeing a being that reminded her of Master Vandar. In all the years I've lived, all the worlds I've traveled, I have only encountered Master Vandar before and never his like.

"I can answer a few, but I would like to check on my husband." She said. noticing their raised eyebrows she wondered what that meant.

"Identification we need. The code you used to open the hanger, long unused has it been."

The little trog isn't dumb.

"My name is Revan Namikaze. My rank is that of Jedi Knight. Identification number 007364036."

The tall one next to the little green one was black, bald and had the air of a Jedi Master, was holding a datapad.

"Her identification confirms…" he paused and his eyes widened. "Impossible."

Revan smiled. "Yes, I'm over four thousand years old. I bet the Trog here is several centuries under his belt."

The olive green skinned alien gave a bow of his head at that. "Now if you don't mind…"

"Knight Revan, much the council has to ask you."

"After I'm sure my husband is fine, I will answer your questions. Sorry if I sound rude Masters, but where my mate is concerned, I don't have the patience to deal with questions. You want my history…dig through the archives like a padawan." She smiled at that. With a slight bow to them she hurried to the lift leaving a group of bewildered Jedi.

"Married?" one Obi-Wan Kenobi asked looking at his master Qui Gon Jinn in shock.

"Knight Revan, raised in the old code." Master Yoda said, his eyes following the black robed woman.

"Revan? As in the Revanistic code?" Obi-Wan asked.

Mace Windu handed Qui Gon the datapad.

"Solarian?" the Jedi Master asked seeing her home world.

"Wiped out long ago. Revan is the last of her people." Yoda said a hint of sadness in his voice.

"How long can they live?" Obi-Wan asked confused.

"Unless killed, they are immortal." Yoda said. "Sith Lord Exar Kun tried to end their world during his time. Revan as a child was the sole survivor."

"You know a lot about Knight Revan." Qui Gon noted as he was reading the entry in the datapad.

Yoda made a humming sound and hobbled off leaving Mace, Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and a dilapidated ship in the hanger.

AN: Well, here's another idea I got. What do you think? Next chapter Naruto will awaken. Just so you know, this is set prior to Phantom Menace.