The Letter

Ziva David was not doing something pleasant at the moment. She was cleaning out the desk that used to belong to Special Agent Caitlin Todd, the former member of Gibbs's team. Ziva pulled a bunch of papers out and an envelope fell out. Ziva picked it up. On the front of the envelope it read "To the new Agent" and it was written in the scrawl that Ziva now recognized to be Kate's. Ziva opened the envelope and pulled out a letter.

To the new Agent,

If you're reading this than I have been fired (which I find unlikely), I quit (unlikely), or I am dead. I wrote this letter to explain to you how to deal and take care of the rest of the team.

First of all, in case you haven't noticed, Tony has sex on the brain all the time, but he's a true sweetheart. He doesn't normally get wrapped up in a case but when he does, watch out. He would also do anything to protect anyone on the team. He and Abby fight a lot for Gibbs's attention, but they think of each other as brother and sister.

McGee is the newest member on the team and he needs a lot of encouragement. He's still insecure about himself and his place on the team and being around Tony doesn't really help much. Just try to encourage him as much as you can and be nice to him.

It will probably be a while before Abby warms up to you. We're best friends and if I died, she'll be devastated. She's a warm hearted person that can't stand to see anyone upset and she cares deeply for everyone on the team. She might seem a little strange at first but once you get to know her I know you'll love her.

Ducky is such a sweetheart and he loves to tell stories. I always took the time to listen and you should too, you'll learn a lot. Ducky has done things and seem places that most people don't get to do in several lifetimes.

Gibbs, there's a lot to be said about him. All I know is that he used to be a marine and that he's been married and divorced three times. He doesn't stop until he solves a case and he has a soft spot for kids. Gibbs looks out for us all the time and I'd be afraid to see what he'd do if anyone hurt us.

Just take care of them for me. They were my family and I love them very much, and I hope that you'll love them too.


Ziva finished reading the letter and swiped at a tear that was falling from her eye. She folded the letter up, placed it back in the envelope and put it in one of the drawers in the back corner, that way it would always be there. Maybe someday Ziva would write her own letter.

A/N: Just a short little one shot that I wrote while I'm trying to get rid of my writer's block. Hope you enjoyed!

Love, Vamp