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Author's Note: Just a little ficlet born from watching Ex Post Facto and remembering that scene on the bridge from Cold Fire. You know, the one where Chak's so obviously gawking at Janeway's, um… back.


By mistress amethyst une

Kathryn sat in her ready room, reviewing reports on their recent altercation with the Baneans and the Numiri. She was glad that Tom had been cleared of Tolen Ren's murder although, she had to admit, Tuvok's methods for proving their helmsman's innocence were unorthodox, to say the very least. Who would have thought that a dog could be used to disprove murder?

She went on to read the next report. Well, this one was certainly intriguing. A list of Maquis tactical tricks courtesy of her XO…

She approached him at the Conn and gave him a pat on the shoulder to compliment him on the success of his Maquis maneuver against the Numiri.

"That's one trick you won't be able to use again when we get back."

He turned to smile at her. She beamed at him, her face inches away from his.

"I have more."

He certainly did. And not just the ones on the list she now held. That damn dimpled smile, for one. And the way his eyes wandered over her when she had her back turned. The way he made her eyes wander over him when he had his back turned. She certainly wasn't buying that he'd been looking at her combadge the one time she'd caught him-

She heard her door chime.

"Come in."

And there he was, that accursed smile plastered on his face.

"Just came over to see how you're progressing on the reports," he said.

"I was just looking over yours," she said, brandishing the PADD. "Quite a lot of tricks, Commander."

"And I haven't even given you a fifth of what I know…"

"Oh? Why not?"

"I like to keep some tricks to myself."

She arched an eyebrow at him. "Do I need to use Starfleet interrogation tactics?"

"I'm sure you'll get them out of me sooner or later. It's 1900 and you haven't eaten. Dinner?"

"Changing the subject is one of your Maquis tricks? I thought you were here to see how I was progressing on the reports."

"I had a hidden agenda. Besides, I'm hurt that you'd see my genuine concern as some sort of ploy," he said in a tone of mock offense.

She laughed. "Fine."

She put the PADD down and stood up.

"Lead the way," he said, still smiling wryly.

She smiled back, a mischievous undertone apparent in her expression. "I don't think so. Forward, Commander."

She chortled. His face didn't hide his disappointment too well. Still, he obliged without protest, and walked in front of her. She let her eyes wander down his back to admire his "assets" as they walked to the turbolift. This was one Maquis trick she intended to use regularly.


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