Warnings from a spirit.

A few weeks later, the Trevanall's where travelling to the Overlook in their mini-camper. The girls were arguing in the back about the hotel.

"It's haunted, Kate told me so" Olivia protested. "Oh you and your stupid imaginary friend" Rosie retaliated. David was getting annoyed with their constant bickering that he decided to strike up a conversation of his own. "Hey, isn't this the place where the Donner party got snowed in and had to turn to cannalbilism to survive?" he asked the family. "What's does cannalbilism mean daddy?" Olivia asked. "It means when people eat other people up for dinner" Rosie answered with a smug look on her face. "Daddy, is it true?" the Little girl asked, leaning over the driver's seat. "Yeah, it is" he replied. Olivia looked a little edgy and sunk back into the seat.

Two hours later, they had arrived at the Hotel and instantly, Olivia went off to explore but Rosie wasn't willing to.

"Thought this place was haunted, so why are you walking off?" Rosie asked her sister. "I just wanna explore,Kate could be lying" and she walked off as Rosie sulked and flopped into the one of the comfy armchairs.

"Hey kiddo, stop sulking. Where gonna be here for the winter" David said, nudging Rosie a little. "Whatever" she muttered. Sarah wasn't too pleased with her attidude. "Rosie, you're ten, stop talking like a thirteen year old" she warned as Mr Ullman came strolling into the lobby to greet them. "Hi, is everyone here?" he asked "no, I though you had two daughters". He had noticed that one was missing.

"She's gone off to explore" David replied. Mr Ullman nodded and rubbed his hands together. "Well, shall we get started?".

Elsewhere in the Hotel, Olivia was looking in the goldroom, it was like a old fashioned ballroom with tables, chairs, a bar and a stage at the far end. She walked towards the bar and hoisted herself up onto one of the stools when she noticed something odd out of the corner of her eye. She turned her head and saw at the other end of the room were two identical little girls, both holding hands and were chanting "come and play with us Olivia, come and play with us, forever and ever and ever". Scared, Olivia turned around and saw another weird thing. Blood was dripping down from the large mirror, forming the word REDRUM with blood dripping down onto the bar. Shocked and scared, Olivia jumped down from the stool and ran out of the goldroom to find her family.

The Trevenall's were looking in the Colorado lounge and David seemed to be fasinated by it. "I could use this room to write my novel, it looks like a nice area" he suggested as Sarah wrapped her arms around him. "Right, shall we go and look at your room?" Mr Ullman suggested. The Trevanell's were about to walk up the staircase when a small patter of feet running into the lounge. They turn around and saw Olivia running into the lounge."There you are little madam" David chuckled as Olivia ran up to him and flung her arms around his waist. "What's wrong with you?" he asked, stroking her hair. "Oh nothing daddy" Olivia lied.

They had climbed a few more staircases until they reached the room thy were going to stay in.

"It looks like a cosy living area" David said as he exsplored the room. Rosie was taking a look in the bedroom that she and Olivia would be sleeping in. "This bedroom's small" she said in disgust. Olivia was stood in front of the bathroom door when she started having another vision. A man was hitting the same door with an Axe, a woman could be heard screaming from inside the bathroom. She felt like she was there, like she had gone back tens year in the past. "STOP IT, LEAVE HER ALONE" Olivia screamed at the man who was still axing the door through. "NO, NO, NO, STOP IT, DON'T KILL HER" Olivia screamed as he covered her ears and closed her eyes to block out the woman's terrifying screams and the graphic image.

"Olivia, baby what's wrong, what's the matter?". Olivia opened her eyes. She was lying on the floor with her parents, Rosie and Mr Ullman looking down on her. "You started screaming, are you sure you're ok?". Oliiva nodded and pulled herself to her feet. "Perhaps you need a lie down, you seem hot" Sarah suggested as she felt Olivia's forehead. The little girl nodded and agreed. David lifted her up and put her on the bed. "You just try and have a little sleep, we'll be back in a while". Olivia nodded and dozed off.

She was woken up five minutes later by someone calling her name. "No, don't hurt me, don't hurt me" she moaned in her sleep. "It's ok, I won't hurt you" said the voice. Olivia opened her eyes and saw a dark coloured man sat on the end of her bed. Startled, Olivia sat up and asked the man "who are you?" in a shaky voice.

"I'm Dick Halloran and I was the chef of the overlook ten years ago" he expained to a confused Olivia. "If you worked here ten years ago then how come you're still here if you don't work here anymore?" she asked.

"Well, that's the reason why I came to warn you" Dick Explained. "You see, ten years ago, there was a family who came here to look after the overlook and something happened to the dad, he went completly insane and tried to kill his wife and little boy thus killing me in the process. Olivia's eyes widen in horror. "I saw a vison earlier, there was this man who was axing that bathroom door down" she points at the bathroom door "and a woman was screaming". Dick leaned closer to Olivia to look her in the face. "Do these sort of visions happen often?" he asked. Olivia nodded and said "Kate sometimes shows me, like a warning".Dick asked her who Kate was.

"She's a girl who lives in my index finger" she explained. "Do you know of a power called the Shining?" Dick asked Olivia who shook her head. "What is it?" she asked, now eager to know all the facts.

"It's were people can see things that have happened in the past or are about to happen in the future" he explained "it can also mean that people who have this power can have conversations without ever moving their mouths, I myself had that gift". Olivia nodded as she took it all in bt was still unsure of why Dick had come to see her.

"Now, you must listen because this Hotel can send people insane, so if your dad ever does go insane, you just use that shine of yours to call me" he explained. "But, you're a ghost, how could it work?" she asked. "Oh it will work, I can warn him off, oh and one more thing, stay out of room 237,whatever happens stay out of that room" and quick as a flash, he had faded away.