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Chapter 1: Where are we?

"Aren't we starting season two today?" Jenny called while she was looking through the many YuGiOh DVDs that were in her case.

"Yeah, it's Yugi vs. Bandit Keith!" Anna called from the couch where she was sitting next to their friend, Claire. They had begun to watch YuGiOh again for the thousandth time; all three of them were YuGiOh fanatics, that's how they became friends. Each of them liked a different character, Jenny liked Kaiba, Anna liked Joey, and Claire liked both Yami and Yugi. A long time ago they had given each other nicknames of characters from the show. Jenny was Kisara, Anna was Mai, and Claire was Rebecca (she hated Tea.) Every day they would watch some YuGiOh episodes from their collection, they had every DVD.

"Aww Yami's barely in that one." Claire pouted, "But Yugi's in it!"

"What's the difference?" Jenny asked sitting down next to Claire.

"Yugi's cute, but Yami is hot!" Claire exclaimed and they all started laughing.

"Too bad Joey's barely in this episode," Anna said she was the one pouting now.

"Hey, Kaiba doesn't show up in it at all!" Jenny snapped pouting too.

"Shh! It's starting!" Claire said staring at the TV as though if she blinked she would die. The opening credits started and everyone shut up. But after about ten seconds a face appeared on the screen. The girls knew this face very well, it was Pegasus.

"I don't remember this," Jenny said uneasily. The theme music had completely stopped and Pegasus was looking especially evil.

"Me neither," Anna and Claire said staring at the screen still.

"Hello girls," Pegasus said smiling and his Millennium Eye started to glow. The girls started to scream and then everything went black.

Claire woke up and found herself lying down in the shade of a tree; she looked around and noticed something seemed weird, when she saw her two friends lying down next to her she gasped. Somehow they were cartoons now.

"How did this happen?" Claire asked herself as she tried to remember. She had been in Anna's living room, she remembered that they were watching the opening credits of YuGiOh and then… "Pegasus!" She exclaimed standing up now. She growled, and looked at the cartoon versions of her friends, they looked pretty much the same except they were cartoons. Claire walked over to Anna and started shaking her awake.

"Five more minutes, Mom." Anna said.

"Wake up Annie!" Claire shouted causing her friend to sit straight up and glare at her.

"Never. Call. Me. Annie." Anna growled dangerously.

"Sorry, but you wouldn't get up, and in case you haven't noticed we're cartoons!" Claire practically shouted the last part.

"What!?" Anna yelled looking around and noticing for the first time that they were indeed cartoons. "How the hell did this happen?"

"That," Claire said moving over to Jenny to wake her up. "Is a good question. WAKE UP JENNY!" Claire yelled in her friend's ear.

"What's going on?" Jenny groaned sitting up.

"Somehow we all got transported into a cartoon world," Claire said examining the tree they were under.

"We have to find a way back to our world," Anna said.

"OH. MY. GOD!" Claire yelled staring at something her friends couldn't see. She leapt to her feet and started running and her friends quickly followed. Claire stopped behind a tree and stared at something that made her friends gasp. Talking to a familiar looking fortune teller was Yugi Mutou and Tea Gardner.

"Boy in order to see your future I must hold a personal item," The fortune teller said holding out his hand.

"Really?" Yugi asked.

"Your necklace will do nicely," The fortune teller said.

"NO YUGI DON'T DO IT!" Claire yelled causing Yugi to jump and look around and Jenny to shh her.

"Did you hear that Tea?" Yugi asked his friend.

"Do I look deaf to you of course I heard it," Tea snapped also looking around.

"I need your necklace to tell your future, boy," The fortune teller said again. "You do want to know don't you?"

"Okay, but only for a second," Yugi started to take off his Puzzle.

"YUGI DON'T BE AN IDIOT!" Claire yelled but then Jenny's hand covered her mouth.

"We can't interfere here, what if we do something and Yami ends up being stuck here forever instead of going to the afterlife?" Jenny whispered.

Claire took Jenny's hand off her mouth. "I don't want Yugi to almost die in a fire!" Claire said. "Oh my god, he still gave Bandit Keith his damn Puzzle!" Claire groaned when she saw Yugi running down the alley. "Come on lets follow the arrows!" And with that Claire ran in the Alley too with her friends following. They caught up to Yugi pretty quick but stayed a good distance behind him, after a few minutes they saw Yugi go into the warehouse.

"Come on guys," Claire whispered and walked to the door.

"Why do we have to follow him? Can't we go and find Joey?" Anna whined.

"No, besides Joey will be here soon," Jenny said as they slipped into the warehouse and hid behind some boxes.

"But I want to see him now," Anna said watching Yugi and Bandit Keith start the duel.

"And I want to see Seto, so shut up Anna!" Jenny snapped.

"Shut up guys, we will see them in a little bit, if the show is accurate." Claire whispered watching the duel that she knew play for play. "Isn't Yugi awesome?" Claire commented watching as he took away some of Bandit Keith's lifepoints. Anna and Jenny rolled their eyes. After a little bit Keith started going crazy and the girls looked up searching for Bakura who should have been watching, sure enough they saw him holding his Millennium Ring.

"Why are we hiding again?" Anna asked Jenny.

"We can't mess up the timeline in YuGiOh," Jenny replied.

"But if anyone can help us it would be Yugi and his friends," Claire said watching as Bandit Keith broke the Millennium Puzzle.

"Oh yeah that would be a pleasant conversation, 'Hey, Yugi, can you and your friends help us find our way back to our world where you're a cartoon and no one plays card games anymore?' Yeah, I'm sure they wouldn't put us in a mental institution." Jenny said as Bakura knocked Bandit Keith over by swinging on a rope.

"Good Point," Claire said pouting as Yugi and Bakura gathered the pieces of his Puzzle.

"Knowing them they would take pity on us and Yugi would let us stay at his house." Anna said.

"Another good point," Claire commented as Bakura left. "I'm going to help him," And with that she stood up and ran over to Yugi.

"Hello, do you need any help?" Claire asked him as her friends groaned.

"I don't think you would be able to help me with this," Yugi said dryly.

"Then let me try and get it down while you put it together," Claire said and started to pull at the thing holding the Puzzle on the dueling stadium while Yugi put it together.

"You don't have to help," Yugi said while putting a piece on the puzzle.

"But I want to," Claire replied just as Bandit Keith started yelling at Marik who was controlling him. "Oh no," Claire whispered and pulled harder. A few seconds later Bandit Keith started the fire.

"Go and save yourself," Yugi said when Claire didn't try and leave.

"No way! I'm not going to let you die!"

"Just go!" Yugi yelled and Claire shook her head and kept trying to get the Puzzle free, out of the corner of her eye she saw her friends looking for the way out. After a few minutes Yugi finished the puzzle and tried to help Claire get it down.

"I have an idea," Claire said and picked up a pole, she put it through the hole in the thing keeping the Puzzle there and started to use it as a lever. "Help me," Claire said to Yugi after a few seconds of trying by herself. Yugi looked like he was going to pass out but nodded and helped Claire. Their combined strength was apparently enough because a few seconds later the Puzzle was free! Yugi still looked as though he was going to pass out so Claire supported him as they made their way out of the building by the time they got to the door Joey and Tristan were trying to break it down.

"Yugi!" Joey said after they broke the door down. "Are you okay?" Yugi nodded and they made their way out of the building and Claire saw her friends watching her from somewhere to the right.

"Who are you?" Tristan asked Claire when they were far enough away from the building.

"My name is Claire, and you are?" Claire asked even though she knew the answer.

"I'm Tristan and that's Joey," Tristan said looking at Claire suspiciously. "Why were you in there?"

"Umm… It's a long story and you wouldn't believe it, so why should I tell you?"

"Because we asked nicely!" Joey said causing Claire to jump.

"Can someone please take him? My shoulder is starting to ache." Claire said gesturing to Yugi who she was supporting on her shoulder.

"Oh yeah sure," Tristan said moving Yugi into his arms.

"Thanks," Yugi said weakly. A few seconds later the fire trucks arrived and Tea was fretting over Yugi.

"You need to go to the hospital, both of you," Tea said to Yugi and Claire.

"I'm not going to the hospital I'll be fine," Claire said turning to walk away. They barely had enough money to pay for a hospital bill, and she wasn't going to spend what little they had there.

"No you won't, your going to the hopital!" Tea said but Claire was already walking away. Joey ran over to her and grabbed her arm.

"Your going to the hospital," Joey said and attempted to drag her away but Claire raised her fist and punched Joey in the nose. He immediately let her go and she started running.

"I'd be more concerned about your nose Joey!" She called over her shoulder.

"She hits hard," Joey said feeling his now broken nose

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