Chapter one: Consumption… Chapter one: Consumption…

There he was, outstretching his lean pale body up against the doorframe at the end of the corridor. Hands at the end of his strong scarred arms tucked into his trouser pockets. His shirt in a bundle on the floor next to his bare worn feet, a sign of a tiring day. His naked chest left wearing nothing but anothers blood, and his broad white shoulders nothing but flowing raven black hair, trailing over the curves of his biceps, his shoulders, his neck… Kabuto followed the black path up to the sharp perfectly defined shapes of his face, a deathly white, almost as though skilfully carved from marble. He looked at those golden eyes that others see as so cold, but this slave saw the heat in these eyes. Only he could see the man inside that powerful, fearless shell, only he could see past the mask that this snake would never shed. Oh how much he would love to crack him, open, be the one to have the troubles of this mysterious older man piled upon him. To drown in his pain, to drown in him.

"Kabuto" His master called.

His smooth, seductive voice broke Kabuto from his bodys' trance with a jolt, and he looked quickly back at his lords chizzled face, worrying about whether Orochimaru had seen where his dirty eyes had been.

"Come here."

Anxiously the boy obeyed, barely breathing in anticipation as he walked towards the sannin. He never called upon anyone when risk of emotion was to be shown. He stood in front of his master shyly looking down to the floor, suddenly feeling surrounded by a cold wall of atmosphere and suspense… However much he loved this man, Orochimaru still struck fear into this young medics heart. What did he want with him? What would he do to him when he had not five minutes ago returned from slaughter?

He felt an icy hand framing his chin, expelling a shiver of his spine and a gasp of his breath. His face was pulled up to meet the long thin smirk of his hearts capturer. The fear in his slaves' stiff body pleased and excited the older man. He had been watching this boys' innocence for far too long, it was time to break it. He leant down closer to him, so that he was close enough for their breaths to caress each others' lips. He listened to Kabutos heart skip a beat before he consumed him.

With a powerful arm in the slope of the medics back, and the other cold hand pressed against the top of his fragile neck, he was abruptly pulled on to the firm sannins body and kissed so passionately he could not hold his own weight. Orochimaru tightly held him upright as his slave arched towards him, whimpering with the feeling of smothering lust, as though he was laying within his masters soul, eaten alive by darkness. He melted into his Masters' rock hard chest as the kiss broke and slowly felt himself fall into a slumber.

Looking down at the unconscious silver haired boy, Orochimaru chuckled to himself; pleased, and ready for when Kabuto awoke…