Chapter three: His man:

Chapter three: His man:

It had nearly been a week since, and Kabuto had been dealing with all of the paper work on his own in his room without having to confront his master. Orochimaru would never admit to it, but he missed him. He regretted the way that night ended, but he couldn't just let the hierarchy slip, however much he wanted to take the boy.

He was on his way to his room when he noticed Kabutos' shoes outside of the shower room. He peeped his golden eyes through the slightly a-jar door and admired the naked silhouette that he could see through the thin screen.

'He has been punished enough…' thought Orochimaru as he gave into his temptations and crept into the misty room, silently closing the door behind him. He slowly slipped his robes off his shoulders and snuck up behind the teen as hey slid off of him onto the floor.

He placed his hands firmly on Kabutos' shoulders and gave his usual sinister chuckle as the younger jumped in shock.

"Had you been avoiding me boy?"

"N… no sir, I … I've just been really busy with paper work… and I … I haven't had time for anything else…" He managed to stutter out, blushing as he felt his Lord's snake-like eyes scorning into his bare flesh.

"Haven't had time for me?" He hissed in the medics' ear.

"S…sorry Master. I… I'll make it up to you."

"Yeah, you fucking better…" He gripped hard on Kabutos' shoulders and spun him round to face him, closing his eyes as he captured him in a deep kiss and wrapping his arms around him, pulling him close.

A surprised Kabuto moaned at the feeling of his Masters' member hard against his own. He hadn't seen the older man for far too long, he had forgotten just how powerfully beautiful he was. He closed his eyes and sunk into the kiss.

"Mmmnn… Orochimaru –sama… I … mmn… I love you…"

"Heh heh, do you now?" he said smiling, and trailing his kiss down the boys neck. Moving his hands down to the younger ones' arse, and flicking his tongue across his collar bone, he moved his head level to look him in the eye and was shocked as he noticed the huge gash across his face and the blood that the shower was washing down his pretty little face.

"Why haven't you healed that yet?" Orochimaru asked, placing one of his ice cold hands gently on the wound to sooth the pain.

"I… I wanted to remember my place Master." He replied, staring down at the floor.

The older man moved his head to the teens chin and moved his head up. He kissed him softly.

He smirked at his slaves' confused expression and placed his hand firmly on Kabutos' upper thighs.

"Don't worry, I have other ways to keep you in place…"

With that statement Orochimaru picked up the boy, pushing him against the chilling wall and shoved himself in deep. Kabutos' scream echoed throughout the deserted shower rooms. Luckily however, the water from the showers had served as quite a good lubricant. He tilted his head back and cried out as the strong mixture of pain and pleasure that he was receiving from this powerful sannin took over him completely. He gripped hard to the mans' muscular shoulders as he slowly pulled out nearly all the way and them slammed back in. The younger whimpered loudly as the elder let out deep vibrating moans as he did so.

The sound of the rougher mans' low growling moan mixed with the feeling of him full inside of the slave, made Kabuto squeeze his eyes shut and cry out, nearly fainting from the immense arousal.

"Oh my god! … Ungnn… Uh.. Uh.. Oh Master!!"

His Master managed to chuckle slightly through his panting, and he nuzzled his face into the boys silver hair – determined not to make as much noise as his slave. Kabuto took this opportunity to start kissing the Snake Lords' pale neck, delicately brushing his lips and stroking his tongue along the sensitive skin just above the collar bone, sending shivers along Orochimarus' body, making him moan louder near his medics' ear. Kabuto had devoted his life to serving his Master, and now a door had opened to a new world of ways to do so. The thought of all of the things he could do to him sent the teen over the edge and he came over himself and his Lord, who came deep inside the boy shortly afterwards as he felt the youngers' hot entrance tighten even farther around his length. Still holding on to each other, Orochimaru slid Kabuto down the wall to the floor and paused to catch his breath before kissing him, exploring the warm cavern with his long tongue. He broke the kiss and smiled his trademark tilted grin at the flustered and blushing young boy beneath him.

"You are very loud…" He said surprisingly softly as he smirked and kissed the teen on the forehead. "Was this your first time?"

The younger went bright red and awkwardly looked away from the experienced man above him, trying to hide the deep crimson blush.

"It was wasn't it?" His grin widened, and Kabuto dropped his head to look down at the floor. "You're so cute…"

He bent down and licked the once innocent boys' cum off of his smooth youthful abs. Once he had knelt up - licking his lips with his long and pointing tongue – the teen moved forwards and began his turn of cleaning up the other, teasing the man with gentle and tickling cat-like licks on his Lords' member – as a subtle revenge for the other night. Finally hearing the older mans' obvious moans of pleasure was heaven. But he wanted to arouse his Master more. Starting right at the tip, he tightly pulled his lips over his Lords length, slowing moving up and down, sucking as he went. Orochimaru shut his eyes and groaned loudly whilst loosely griping to his slaves' hair, moving his perfectly formed upper body backwards and forwards, as he swayed his hips with the boys' motions. He sped up, hinting orders to the boy to do the same, the volume of his moans growing with it. When he came again, Kabuto swallowed as much as he could – some escaping and dripping out the corners of his lips – savouring the taste, and then collapsed limp in his mans arms.

His man.