- Running Scared -

It has been said that there is one word that can free us from all the pain and suffering in life. That word is love. A love in the truest and puriest form. I bless the ones who have experienced this. Love. A word so simply, yet so complicated...

"Haley! Will you please get your little butt down here so we can leave sometime this year!" yelled my very impatient friend, Brooke Davis.

"Brooke, I am leaving the only home I have ever known, likely never to return, and you expect me not to be a little emotional!" I fire back at her.

"Ok, Ok. I'm sorry. I really am. I just can't wait to see Lucas and at the rate you're going, we'd be lucky to get there while he is still ALIVE!" wined an over-dramatic Brooke.

"Whatever. Just give me five minutes." I tell her while rolling my eyes.

"Only five minutes." she repeats to me holding up five of her manicured fingers.

I shut my bedroom door and slide down to the floor. I let the tears pour as I glance around at my bedroom of 19 years. The tears come down faster when I remember all the good times I had in here. I remember how Brooke would crawl through my window after my parents told me I couldn't hang out with her anymore because they thought she was a "bad influence" for me. They're right, she is. I remember spending five hours in front of my full-length mirror with Brooke on the night of our first prom and then crying together for hours because our lame dates never showed up. Yep, I had a lot of fun and weird times in this room, but that is ending today. And I'm scared.

"Haley! It's been five minutes and your not down here! Tsk, tsk girlie!" yells Brooke from the bottom of the staircase.

"Coming." I yell.

I stand up, wipe away the tears, grab my suitcase and look around my room one more time. Before I start crying again, I walk out, turn off the lights, and shut the door. I shut the door to my room, myself, and to life as I know it.

I slowly trudge down the stairs and see Brooke, eleven bags and all. We just look at each other for a minute, then she nods as if saying "let's go." I give her a sad look and follow her out the door.

Tree Hill. It's just a place in the world, but it's my home. At least it used to be. I have so many memories here and I have to blink away the tears that are threatning to fall down my solemn face. I guess I'm afraid to leave because I fear that all my memories will stay here in Tree Hill and I couldn't bear that.

"Okay, Earth to day-dreaming beauty. Sorry to interupt whatever little fantasy you were just having, but the bus is here and it's time to go." Brooke says while giving me a small but anxious smile.

I want to scream and tell her I don't want to go, but I have to. So I say...