Suddenly, Chuck's eyes unfocused as he looked over Sarah's shoulder. Swaying slightly, lids fluttering, he looked like he was about to pass out. Sarah, however, knew what was happening.

"What's the matter, Chuck, did you flash?"

"Worldwide organization, bad-guy mastermind, thousands held against their will," whispered Chuck, still in a trance-like state.

"You'd better put that puppy down, Intersect, before you drop him," said Casey, surreptitiously unholstering his gun.

"This way, team," said Chuck, turning and running for the back of the pet shop, picking up speed as he neared the curtained alcove there.

"Public not allowed," intoned a well-muscled man with an indeterminate Eastern European accent trying to block Chuck's way.

"We'll see about that, bucko!" cried Casey as he bowled the man over with a tackle he had perfected in his college football days.

For good measure, Sarah gave the downed man a kick in the gut, sending her short Wienerlicious skirt flying higher than usual. She ran after the two men, readying poison-tipped blades in her palms.

Bursting into the back of the shop, Chuck skidded to a halt. "I know it's here somewhere," he said while searching the wall panels. "It was in one of the images."

Quickly but thoroughly running his fingers over the surface, he tripped the hidden catch and stepped out of the way as a door swung open revealing a large warehouse where hundreds of dog kennels were stacked full of all different breeds of dogs and puppies.

"You did it, Chuck, you cracked the Puppies UnderGround international smuggling network, or P.U.G. for short!" cried Sarah, giving Chuck a high five and popping open another button on her blouse.

"Good work, partner," growled Casey, marking a small notch on his belt. "We'd better report this right away. Any opportunity to suck up to General Beckman is a good opportunity, I say."

"Wait a minute, guys, there's something out back here," said Chuck, going to yet another door at the rear of the warehouse behind the pet shop and walking through it.

Outside, Chuck emerged into a beautiful garden. It was sunny and cool. Puppies and ponies were playing happily in the grass and butterflies were flitting around while birds chirped beautiful melodies. As Sarah and Casey joined Chuck, a rainbow appeared, bathing them all in a Skittles package of colors.

The end.