Wow, I've not written anything in forever, lol. I've re-read the guardians of time (yep, all 3…) in the last day (yep, I have too much spare time on my hands…) and decided I just had to write something. It's a pathetic excuse for Isabel/Arkarian fluff, really, but I may see if I can expand it a little more if people like it.

Set during The Key, sometime after Matt found Isabel was gone during the night. I'll leave it for you to decide exactly when this takes place.


As I walked up the moonlit path, my arms wrapped around my cold body, I thought about how much trouble I would be in if I got caught. I have been, once; Matt had been thunderous. It had taken ages for him to trust me enough again to stop visiting me several times throughout the night to see if I was still there. I think I've lulled him into a false sense of security now; he hasn't woken to come into my room for a few nights. Even if he had, I can't stand facing another night without Arkarian beside me.

I find it hard to sleep alone, now. The gentle pressure of his body against mine, his arms around me... he makes me feel so safe and warm. When he's not there, my bed – and me – feel so cold and empty. I can't stand it.

I reached the entrance boulder and found the door open. A smiled passed onto my features; I hadn't guarded my thoughts on the way up, so he'll have heard me coming.

As I crossed into the dark passageway, I pulled off my jacket, knowing that he liked to keep it fairly warm inside at night. Eventually I came to the main chamber. It was dark, save for the lights on the equipment, and the gentle humming and bleeping was comforting. I scanned the room and noticed Arkarian stood leaning over one of the machines. Right on cue, he straightened up and turned to face me, a smile on his face and his eyes so full of love.

I took a moment to let my eyes scan over him. I liked what I saw. Who wouldn't? He was wearing only a pair of boxers, indicating to me that I'd probably woken him, but also showing off his fantastic body. His abdominals and pectorals were defined, his upper arms bulky but not huge. His blue hair was down and a little messy, cascading down over his shoulders and highlighting his striking violet eyes.

I noticed his face crease with amusement as he heard my thoughts. I grinned and winked at him.

"Hello." He said softly, striding over the room towards me and gathering me up in his arms. I rested my face against his chest and wrapped my arms around him to pull him close to me.

"Did I wake you?" I pulled away slightly to look up into his eyes. He shrugged non-commitedly. "I don't mind. I prefer it when you're with me."

I tilted my chin towards him and he leaned down to kiss me. Every kiss we shared was like the first; I could never tire of him. The kiss deepened just slightly, his hold on me tightening for a moment, before he pulled away and let me go so that we could actually go to bed.

I pulled off the combat trousers I had thrown on over my pyjama shorts and stuffed them into the bag I had brought. I put the jacket in there too, and made my way through to his bedroom, throwing the bag on the floor in a corner before climbing onto the bed and sitting on the covers.


I followed her through to the bedroom, leaning on the door frame in a leisurely way as she stared up at me from the bed. A mischievous grin came onto my face as her eyes scanned over me and her thoughts filtered into my head yet again. I crossed the room and sat beside her, gazing into her eyes.

"You are beautiful." I said, stroking the side of her face and tucking a strand of light blonde hair behind her ear.

"You're not so bad yourself." She replied with a laugh, but I know she appreciated my comment by the light rosy blush that coloured her cheeks. She moved closer and I folded her into my arms. She rested one hand on my lower back and one on my chest, tracing circles on my skin with her finger.

"What's the matter?" I frowned slightly as I spoke, sensing that there was something weighing on her mind.

"Oh. It's nothing, Really." She added, looking up to me.

"Come on, Isabel. Tell me." I could tell she was lying by the way her eyes darted slightly to one side. She couldn't lie to me and she knew it.

"It's just Matt."

"Did he catch you? Or tell you to stop seeing me?" My anger flared immediately, remembering only too well his interruptions the last time he'd found that she had come to visit me in the middle of the night.

"Oh, no – nothing like that! It's just his over protectiveness." She gave a sigh. "It annoys me so much. I know he's doing it for me… but really! I'm sixteen – I can handle myself!"

I just held her, not knowing if it was the right time for me to speak.

"I wish I could just come and live with you." She sighed again.

She'd never broached the subject of living with me before. Obviously this wasn't my real home, but it might as well be; I spent more time here then anywhere else, and more recently with the growing threats, had brought belongings and started sleeping here too.

"But what about school?" I asked gently, knowing that at the moment, it just wasn't an option. Not with Matt; he'd never allow it, even if she managed to persuade her mother.

"I could walk down the mountain every day and catch the bus."

"That'd get you in shape!" I teased gently, brightening the mood. She giggled and leaned up to kiss me.

It was like a catalyst. As she kissed me, I felt myself wanting more than just a kiss. I took her in my arms and laid her on the bed, lowering myself next to her. She reached a hand behind my neck, forcing my lips to hers, teeth clashing. Her other hand was against my beck still, pressing our bodies together. I could feel the heat of her body, but wanted to feel her.


He wanted more. I could tell by the way his hand delved into my hair, the other on my back under my top. I wanted it too, but I was tired. I pushed him away gently, breaking ours lips apart. I noticed how tired he looked, with slight bags forming under his eyes from lack of sleep.

"Let's just sleep tonight. You look shattered." I said, pushing his hair from his face. His hand was caressing my hip, and the motion distracted me.

"Alright, if that's what you want." I pulled away and crawled under the bed covers. He joined me a minute later, his arms snaking around me. Our legs twined together as I rested my head against his bare chest, my arm draping over his side. I loved to lay like this with him, our hearts beating in unison, feeling every bit like we were one together.

I could remember the first time we made love. It wasn't my first time, and that surprised him. I lost my virginity at fourteen, but it was crap sex and it hurt like hell. It had been the boys first time as well and he had been nervous and fumbling. So I didn't really know what to expect with Arkarian – and I'd been so worried that my inexperience would embarrass me.

I had nothing to worry about… it was perfect. He took it slowly, taking immense enjoyment out of teaching me. And we'd made sure that we scheduled at a time when we were almost certain to be undisturbed, so we had all the time in the world…

I caught my thoughts and looked up at him. He was gazing at me with those striking violet eyes, clearly enjoying that particular train of thought.

"You really should start blocking your thoughts, Isabel." He had a reprimanding tone, but he didn't mean it. He knew I wasn't so lax in other company. "Especially thinking about such things when you've just told me you want to sleep."

I hit his chest lightly, laughing. "You cheeky thing, you."

"It's your fault." He grinned, his eyes sparkling. "You just bring out the devil in me."

"Oh, do I? So it's my fault now?" I mocked offense, but grinned, and felt his hands creep up under my shirt. I gave him a quirky grin and he responded with a maniac laugh… and started tickling me.

The reaction was immediate. I squealed and started to squirm violently, trying to escape his merciless clutches. With a soft thump, I fell out of bed and landed on the carpet. Arkarian practically doubled over laughing. I glowered, crossing my arms and sitting where I'd fallen.

"That was mean." I said, and sniffed as though I was about to cry. He looked up immediately, thinking I must have hurt myself, but I was ready and caught him off guard, leaping back onto the bed in one quick motion. I straddled him and pinned his chest down with my arms. I suspect he could easily have prevented the attack, just didn't want to.

I smirked, and he feigned a frightened gulp. "What! I'm mean?!"

I laughed, releasing my hold just slightly. That was all he needed; he flipped me over and our positions reversed.

"Never show weakness in the hands of the enemy, Isabel." He was smirking now as he straddled me. I gazed up at him with my best puppy-dog eyes, trying to tempt him to let me go, but I had no such luck. He leaned down and his warm breath by my ear made me shiver involuntarily. "I thought you were tired, anyway?" Only Arkarian could sound so sexy whispering that in my ear! He kissed my jaw line and the hollow of my neck, nibbling lightly at my collarbone. His hold on me had loosened but I savoured the moment. His lips found mine and we kissed; softly, gently, exploring.

Eventually we pulled away, gazing lovingly into one another's eyes.

"I love you." I said, as he rolled off from the position he still had straddling me, and wrapped his arms around me instead.

"I love you too. So much." He held me close and kissed the top of my head. We lay like that, each brimming with our love for one another, until our breathing steadied and we both fell into dreamless sleep.


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