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One Large Coffee And A Lambo


Sam Witwicky raised his head from his pillow and blindly fumbled at the direction of the irritating noise, grunting groggily as his hand connected painfully with the nightstand, but managed to grab his cell phone and end the alarm.

He cracked open an eye and peered at the screen. Why is the alarm set this early? It's weekend, damnit. After shoving the phone under his pillow, he plopped his head down on it and immediately drifted back to sleep.

Or he would have, if the little device hadn't started its beeping and buzzing again, this time taking on a more demanding tone and vibrating furiously into his ear.

"Shut up", Sam croaked, his voice hoarse from the sleep. Blinking the sleep from his eyes, he fished the phone from under the pillow again and stared at it. It wasn't the alarm after all – it was someone trying to call him. Well, whoever he or she was, could forget it. He was not going to get up at seven o'clock in a Saturday morning to answer a prank call. Now slightly annoyed by the caller's persistence, he punched the button again, tossed the phone on the floor and tried to return to watch the nice dream he had been having before he had was so rudely interrupted.

But before his head could even touch the pillow again, Sam could swear his heart missed a beat as a very loud HONK of a car sounded from the crack of the open window at the very same moment as the phone started buzzing and beeping once more. He was wide awake at once, shooting up from the bed and diving towards the cell phone.

"Oh God, Bumblebee?" Sam blurted as he hastily answered the call and scrambled up from the floor to run to the window and open the curtains. "I'm so sorry, I thought-"

"Not this time, kid", a snarky voice replied over the phone, making Sam blink in confusion. "He's on a mission. And I'm supposed to be your…" The voice paused, and then finished sourly: "…chauffeur. So get your aft down here or I'll make you."

Sam opened the window wider, stuck his head out and craned his neck to see to the driveway, holding the phone awkwardly to his ear. Instead of the familiar black-striped hood of a yellow Camaro, he saw a curvy, sleek, sunshine yellow Lamborghini sitting next to his father's car, engine purring softly and the glossy paintjob glimmering in the dim light of the morning.


"Who else would I be?" the Lamborghini's voice said over the phone. The car's headlights flickered impatiently. "I told you to come down. Prime wants you to see the new base."

"But – that was supposed to be tomorrow."

"Well, it seems we're moving in today. Don't be so fragging difficult and just hurry before your parental units wake up."

"If they didn't already", Sam muttered mostly to himself and then spoke a bit louder: "All right, just give me a minute. Geez."

It took Sam only a few minutes to get dressed, check his reflection in the bathroom mirror and bolt downstairs as quietly as he could. Luckily, it looked like Sunstreaker's racket hadn't woken anyone up. His mother's Chihuahua Mojo lifted his head from his paws as Sam sneaked towards the front door, but went back to sleep in his chair as the boy paused to scratch his ear. Sam jumped at another sharp honk of a car horn from the driveway, gave a last pet to the small dog and silently exited the house.

The yellow Lamborghini Murciélago had already reversed from the driveway and was waiting for him at the pavement. The driver side door popped open as he approached the car. "Get in", the same voice crackled from the speakers, and Sam didn't stop to argue. During the weeks the Lamborghini twins had been on Earth, mostly through observation Sam had learned that Sunstreaker was not the bot he'd want to piss off. When in the company of his twin brother, he was sometimes almost fun and easygoing, but now a quick glance at both directions on the road told Sam that Sideswipe wasn't here.

"Where's Sides?" he asked cautiously as he got in and the door closed on its own. He was a bit unnerved by the situation – he had never driven with either of the twins, mostly because he had Bumblebee but also because their driving terrified him. He tugged at the seatbelt.

The car's engine growled as Sunstreaker started driving down the road. "With Prowl, putting the base together", he said curtly. The seatbelt Sam had been struggling with snapped into place. The yellow warrior seemed crankier than usual, and Sam took a second to wonder what or who might be the cause of that. He knew better than to just ask about it, so he just tried to force himself to relax, leaned back on the smooth leather seat and rubbed his eyes while stifling a yawn. "Why this early? I didn't even have time to get any coffee," he grumbled tiredly.

"Because I decided this early. If you have complaints, complain to Prime." Something resembling a huff sounded from the speakers. "Humans and their recharge patterns…"

"So where are we going?"

"The new base is outside Tranquility." The reply was as short as always.

Sam looked out of the window, recognizing the part of the town they were driving through. An idea formed in his head. "Could you take the next turn to left? There's something I gotta do."

"No", came the immediate answer, but he felt the car slow down anyway. "Why?"

He stifled another yawn. "If I don't get caffeine, I know I'll fall asleep before we get anywhere."

The seatbelt tightened warningly across his chest and the speakers crackled to life again. "You will not. I will not have a – an organic recharging inside me."

Sunstreaker's tone might have caused him to shut up and comply, but after enough time hanging out with the Autobots he knew that even the egotistical warrior had a weak spot. So instead he let a small smile creep into his face as he looked at the small Autobot insignia in the middle of the steering wheel.

"Who do you think Ratchet would blame if I collapsed from exhaustion and lack of proper sleep?"

There was no reply this time. The Lamborghini had slowed down to crawl. Sam waited patiently, a smug smile tugging at his lips. The car slid into a halt in the middle of the road and the door swung open almost violently. "Go get your slagging caffeine", Sunstreaker's voice groused as the seatbelt's buckle undid itself. "And wipe that smile off your face."

Triumphantly Sam climbed out of the flashy sports car and after seeing that besides Sunstreaker the road was free from traffic, he jogged across the street towards his favourite café. They sold heavenly lattes, but to get himself awake he might just need something with a bit more kick in it.

It did take some knocking on the windows to convince the already arrived owner to open the door for him, but eventually Sam got his double espresso. Almost hearing the impatient revving of Sunstreaker's engine, he hastily thanked the puffy-eyed café owner and hurried outside, cradling the cup in his hand.

The driver side door opened at the moment he stepped out of the building, but then Sunstreaker obviously spotted the coffee. Confused, Sam stopped in his tracks as the door snapped closed again. A shudder went through the Lamborghini and he growled menacingly. "Don't come near me with that", Sunstreaker said venomously. As if to emphasize his message, the locks clicked into place.

Sam frowned and glanced down at the cup. "What?"

"Are your audios glitched?" Sunstreaker hissed and reversed a little. "You will not drink – that – inside me! It smells infernal and I'm absolutely sure it'll leave a stain!"

Sam stared. "It has a lid, don't worry. It won't spill."

"Why should I trust you? Why can't you just drink it here and now?"

"I thought we were in a hurry", Sam replied, taking a step towards him and sighing exasperatedly as he reversed again.

"You have thirty seconds to either drink it or pour it away."

"I can't drink it in thirty seconds, Sunny", Sam said, deliberately using the yellow warrior's nickname and taking on an exaggeratedly patient tone. "It's steaming hot and it'll burn my mouth. Then I won't even be able to talk and tell Ratchet what exactly happened."

There was a pregnant pause. Sam cocked an eyebrow and took a careful sip of his coffee, mentally doing a little self-satisfied jig of joy for having such an influence over the situation. He hid another flash of a smug grin behind his cup as the doors unlocked with a click and the door popped open again.

"Don't touch anything inside with those hands", Sunstreaker's voice growled ominously. "And if you spill even a drop of that fluid, Witwicky, I'll make sure even the Hatchet won't be able to patch you up. Are we clear?"

"Crystal", Sam said lightly and slid into the driver's seat.

After they'd left the Tranquility suburbs, Sunstreaker had put on more speed, as if wanting to get rid of his passenger as quickly as possible. Neither of them had spoken a word during the whole trip, and that suited Sam just fine – he concentrated on sipping the hot liquid, keeping his elbows tugged in and carefully avoiding any touch with the spinning steering wheel or any of the interior. The coffee was stronger than he was used to, but it'd keep him awake for sure. Sunstreaker had his ventilation on full – no doubt trying to clear his interior of the smell of the coffee.

Sunstreaker's gruff voice broke the silence. "We're here", he said briefly, causing Sam to look up. They'd been driving an empty road pretty much in the middle of nowhere for a while now, but now just ahead of them he saw a set of large hangar-like building located on a low hill and shadowed by large rocks and a few tall trees. He even caught a glimpse of large figures moving around and gesturing to each other.

Sam looked down at his cup. He had almost finished it, but eventually had to admit to himself that the large coffee was starting to taste pretty bad now that it had cooled down. He cracked the lid open and saw that there was still a fair amount of espresso left at the bottom.

Sunstreaker turned to the road that led up the hill. Sam balanced the cup between his knees and reached to unbuckle the seatbelt, only to notice that he hadn't had it on in the first place. He'd been lucky they hadn't been stopped by a police patrol.

The yellow Lamborghini came to a stop once they reached the largest of the buildings. Sam watched in awe as the huge figure of Optimus Prime stood in the middle of the crescent-shaped yard the buildings formed, talking to the black and white bot that was Prowl. They both turned at the sound of Sunstreaker's brakes.

Sam turned in his seat too, preparing to hop out of the car once the door opened – with the mostly empty coffee cup held loosely in his hand.

He should have seen it coming, really.

If a car engine could sound delighted, that was exactly how the red blur that was Sideswipe in his alt form sounded like as he sped towards his yellow twin in insane speeds. Just before he could collide with Sunstreaker's rear bumper, he slammed on his brakes and screeched to a halt, allowing his side to nudge his brother with a playful manner.

"Morning, Sunny! How was the trip?" his cheerful voice sounded from Sunstreaker's stereos through their com link.

Sam did not pay attention to this. He was busy clutching at the crumpling, empty paper cup and staring at the brownish, lukewarm liquid dripping down on his hands, jeans, and as he realised in a state of deep horror, Sunstreaker's steering wheel and the leather seat.

He didn't dare to move an inch.

The passing seconds felt like an eternity. Then he snapped out of his initial shock as a tremble arose from the car's engine and the seat under him grew gradually warmer until it was painfully hot to touch.

Then suddenly the door swung open and the whole car tilted to the left, unceremoniously dumping him out.

"You fragging little GLITCH! GET OUT! GET IF OFF! GET IF OFF OF ME!"

Sam's eardrums protested at the volume of Sunstreaker's roaring. He regained some of his common sense and scrambled to his feet, turning to face the now visibly shaking yellow Lamborghini and beckpedaling rapidly towards where he last had seen Optimus. He saw that Sideswipe was wisely doing the same.

His heart got stuck in his throat as the suddenly very menacing yellow vehicle spun on his wheels, tires squealing and turned to completely face him. Sunstreaker revved furiously and crawled a few feet towards him. "You – you-", he growled, absolutely seething with rage and inching forwards as Sam let out an unwanted, very un-masculine whimper. "I told you NOT TO SPILL IT!"

"It wasn't my fault!" Sam tried, finding his voice again, cringing at Sunstreaker's fury. "Sides-"


And then Optimus was there. The ground shook as he kneeled next to him and placed a protective hand between Sunstreaker's literally steaming form and the terrified Sam. "That's quite enough, Sunstreaker. Stand down."

"No! He has RUINED ME!"

"Stand down", Optimus repeated, taking on the most commanding tone Sam had yet heard. Sam could still hear the angry growling on the yellow twin's engine, but at least he wasn't roaring anymore.

"What in the name of Primus is this about?" the familiar, angry voice reached Sam's ears. His head snapped to the direction of the voice and he spotted the bulky, green form of Ratchet standing near the doorway to one of the large hangars with his hands on his hips. His optics narrowed as he glowered at the fuming Sunstreaker. "What the slag have you done now?"

"I haven't done anything!" Sunstreaker shouted at the medic, his voice slightly panicking. "It's the fragging boy! He's ruined me!"

Ratchet stared at the yellow warrior for a moment, and by the way his optics were flickering, Sam could tell he was scanning. Then his trademark scowl appeared on his face. "It's just coffee, you overreacting glitch head. You can just wipe it off."

"I can feel it dripping on my dashboard!" Sunstreaker wailed.

"You're acting like a sparkling", Ratchet snarled, and then turned and gestured at him. "Come on, into the med bay. I'll wipe up your skidplates for you."

Clearly restraining himself from shooting back something equally insulting, Sunstreaker complied, grumbling to himself in Cybertronian. As he glided past Sam in his alt mode, however, he heard him growl at him: "This isn't over, Witwicky."

Sam mentally shuddered as Optimus lifted his hand and inquired if he was alright. No – knowing Sunstreaker, it definitely wasn't over.