I was thinking about artwork during, well, art class and wondered as I drew a crude picture of Larten kissing Darren…what if it came to life?

Idea: When Darren and Steve see the show, Darren sees a performer he had seen several times before, spying on him! For her act, she can draw anything and everything. Why is this special? It comes to life and is under her command! After the show, she watches Darren who watches his friend Steve talk to the man who rescued her. This 13 year old who secretly yearns to be a creature of the night joins the books of the Darren Shan Saga; she competes for Crepsley's attention/affection against Darren before he realizes he even likes the man! DarrenXLarten, LartenXOC

Eating one of the chocolate bolts, Darren waited patiently for the next freak. Steve was smiling like a boy in a candy shop, Darren could tell from the dim light. Both boys' eyes were sparkling from the past amazements. No doubt they would tell Alan and Tommy all about this show in long paragraphs and hardly any pauses.

Suddenly the man who was named after his height stood in the middle of the stage, surprising the audience. How did he get there so fast without being heard or seen? "This is a special treat, ladies and gentlemen, for this performer rarely does her act. She has become brave and generous and chosen to do two acts instead of one." Just like that, he slid away without being seen.

Before Darren could even ponder about that, a girl stepped out. The crowd was surprised for she did not look abnormal or a freak, but because of Truska, they learned that appearances could be deceiving. Her hair was a crimson shade of blood and boyishly short, to the ends of her ears. Her eyes were a misty foggy green, sparkling in the dim light that shown on her. On the pale skin that clung to her too-thin body were scars and smudges, perhaps from the charcoal in her hand. She wore no shoes but a dark red dress to her ankles, a cape of black hugging her shoulders.

Darren's mouth dropped and he almost spit out the chocolate bolts in surprise. The girl was familiar by face but not by name, he had seen her several times through out the week. It was the girl who had spied on him, hiding half her body. She was a performer!

"When I was a child," Her voice came out as gruff, almost a bark, "my mother gave me paper and a piece of charcoal. We were not rich so I made the best I could out of it. When I drew a dinosaur, a detailed one, not a stick figure…something amazingly frightful happened. It came to life! My town came after me so I left by myself, joining this place and calling it my home.

"My name is Hope but my nickname to those who know me is 'Heart Art'. Why? Because everything I draw, I put time, my heart and my soul into it. Some say that is why it comes to life. Others claim I am a witch, a spawn of Satan. I will let you decide."

She then turned her back to a blank canvas, placing the piece of black coal on it. "What should I draw?" She waited for suggestions without facing the audience. Several minutes and a hundred shouts later, she turned and allowed them to see what she grew. It was a realistic Grim Reaper, shaded in the right areas and curved in the right places. Was it an Omen?

Suddenly it moved from its tall prison, as if stretching forward slowly. Its bare bone feet stepped on the ground, gray against the brown. The scythe in its hand sparkled despite it being a drawing- unless she had drawn it there. It stepped forward and the weapon nearly beheaded several people in the front row. "Stay." Her gruff voice was soft despite the powerful command. She made it do several things, tricks if you will, before erasing it- by throwing a bucket of water on it.

Two hooded creatures brought a canvas her size on the stage. "Now, I will need a volunteer." Almost ¼ of the crowd raised their hands, seeing no harm in this girl. Instead, she ignored them all.

Her forest misty eyes landed on Darren. A small smile spread on her face, showing one of her front teeth missing. "You there! Darren, the boy next to Steve! Come." When they sat there, stunned at how she knew their names, she barked, "You came here without fearing us, surely you can walk up to a girl your age if not older."

Feeling mocked, he stood up and wondered if Mr. Tall had possibly told her about them. After all, they were the only kids here. What were the chances of there being two telepaths in one place? Then again it was a freak show. That was when he remembered; she must have heard it when she spied on him!

Slowly but surely, he made his way up on stage. "I need you to stay still for five, maybe six, minutes. Can you do that Darren?" When he nodded, she got to work. From head down she got every detail life-like, everything precise. Minutes passed but no one seemed to notice or feel the time slip by, for they were entranced by the young girls talent. When she finished his feet, she stood up. Her ripped-at-the-end dress, along with the cape that hid her body well, showed she stumbled back.

With the back of her hand, she wiped the sweat off he forehead, leaving a black smear. Out of breath, for it seemed two acts of her talent seemed too much for her health, she grinned, "Darren, step forward please."

The human Darren was about to step out, confused, but stopped with his foot in mid-air. The drawing stepped forward instead, peeling itself off the canvas! It was as thin as paper but moved as though it were real! As people gasped, Hope smirked, "Darren, meet Darren."

After several minutes, he stepped off stage and water ate the drawing away. When she bowed, Steve nudged his friend in the ribs; there was a large scar on the back/top of her head as if it had been split open. Where had that come from? Wolf Man?

When she stepped off, stumbling into the arms of Mr. Tall for balance, a man with a spider came on. Steve gasped out loud and paled, catching the mans eye. As he performed his act, Darren noticed the girl watching him from the edge of the stage, just like before.

What do you think? This will be a DarrenXLarten yaoi in the teen chapters- IF people seem interested. Next chapter: We see a small talk between Hope and Larten before they both realized Steve is there. When he goes to talk to the boy, she notices Darren on the stage. Intrigued, she hides behind him and watches. Plus, we see Darren try to take the spider. Review please!