Hello everyone

It is with a very heavy heart and tear filled eyes that I must make this announcement. To my fellow authors, I'm sure they would agree giving a story away is like giving a child away...At least it feels like it.

The person who has now adopted my story is: Elenafromthewoods

I have read her work and it is beautifully written and the ideas are awesome. I will be asking her to influence a few chapters, to put one of the main points I had WISHED to put in my story. Hopefully, she'll see what I had meant to put in the story and write some of it.

Anyway, I hereby give away everything of "Artistic Touch" to Elenafromthewoods.

Look for her to post a new story under "Continuation Artistic Touch"...or something similar to that affect.


I'm still writing "Different People, Different Paths."