Hey everybody, it's me, Rachel, as I'm sure you know. Well, once again I'm revising this story, but now I'm going back and revising the first eight chapters or so of this story. Seeing as I wrote this thing two years ago, it is in dire need of some major revising.

However, I will DROP DOWN DEAD before I abandon this series. So never fear of that happening. I probably will go back and revise A Bit too Much Rum again after I finish this one. Longing for Freedom could use some revising as well. My writing skills have just improved so much that I can't stand to look at the old versions of these stories and see just how bad my writing and English skills were. I love this story with all my heart as it was my first and favorite. I want this whole series to be the best I have ever written even if I have to revise them all twenty times. This is my baby and I love it with all my heart. I will never abandon this story. Never. I'll finish this revision or die trying…let's all pray that will not happen.

Anyways, don't review this author's notes, cause I'm gonna delete it after the revision is over. I'm now determined to revise at least one chapter a day if I can. If you want to talk to me, just send me a message cause I love hearing from you guys even if it's just a quick hi or great story.