Disclaimer: I own nothing, and I apologize if the email in this one-shot really is someone's. Bella's Last Wishes

I, Isabella Marie Swan, do verify that this is my last will and testament.

If, in the off chance I die, I would like the following things to happen:

Jacob Black and his La Push "gang", my parents, and the Cullen family to be notified immediately. If the Cullens are unable to be located, email them the news at the emial adress in my kitchen (on the sheet). Someone will then see it.

When the above named are contacted, notify them of my death, and that they should come to my (prior to my death) place of residence one (1) month after my death, so as to "clear the air" and divide up my stuff. Letters for all of them are enclosed in this packet.

I want Edward Cullen to get all the books he wants off my shelf, all my journals (They're in that box under my bed), and, most importantly, my ring. Edward, it's your mother's: Keep it around. If nothing else, give it to Esme.

I want Jacob Black to have anything of mine that he once gave me, except the wolf off my charm bracelet. (This also goes to the crystal heart Edward gave me) I want to be buried/cremated with it on. Specifically, he gets: my desk, my laptop (I know you always wanted it), any books that Edward doesn't take, and all my CD's he likes.

Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale get all of my beauty products, including lotions, perfume, hair stuff, jewelry (unless mentioned for someone else), and clothes. Most of the clothes will fit Rose, though. Sorry, Alice, but you do get all the boxes under my bed and in my closet, unless I put down that someone else will receive them.

Emmett Cullen shall receive my truck…I know you never said it, but I knew you wanted to have Rose soup it up for you. Have fun, Emmett, but treat it with respect. I'll be watching you!

Jasper Hale: You may not have realized it, but I always felt very close to you…I can only hope you would have accepted me into your family. Therefore, I want you to go through my laptop (before Jake takes it) and save a copy of everything on it. Publish my stories, Jasper. Help me live after I die.

Carlisle and Esme…I loved you both like a second set of parents. Esme, take all the furniture I own. Use it to incorporate a bit of me into your home to always remember me. Carlisle…I'm not sure what to give you, but your birthday present is always hidden under my bed, like everyone else's, in case I don't get a chance to give it to you the year I die.

Embry, Quil, Sam, Emily, Leah, Paul…everyone from the Rez…. I owe so much to you all. Please, Emily and Leah, go through my jewelry with Alice and Rose. Take whatever you want, and then some. Everyone else…please accept my everlasting gratitude, as I don't know what I can offer you. Have Jake pick something of mine out for you.

Mom, Dad, and Phil…..Wow. I can't believe the crazy time all of us have had. Mom, you get first pick of any of my stuff that you would want. Dad…Thank you so much for everything. When I moved here, I didn't want to, but as I learned more and more about you, I missed all the time we'd spent apart. Even though I've learned so much, it still feels like so little. Phil, I'm sorry I never got to learn much about you either.

I stopped writing the letter and leaned back in my chair. "Do you think this will really work, Edward?" I mumbled, sorting through the other paperwork on my desk.

"Of course, love. It's the only way that any of this will work." He was sad for me, I could tell. It was horrible…To make me immortal, we had to make me "die" first. Apparently, I'm going to be in a horrible accident on my way to visit some friends in Phoenix. This way everyone can get on with their lives, since I won't be "alive" anymore.

"You're sure? What's everyone doing to think when there's no body?"

He sighed. "They'll be told that the body was torn apart on impact, and you were cremated directly after you were pulled out of the car. Carlisle is getting all the medical things set up."

I got up from the desk, grabbing my will as I did so. Crossing the room, I flopped onto Edward's huge bed. "Let me see that," He whispered, taking it from my outreached hand.

A moment later, he looked down into my eyes. "Bella…This is so heartbreaking to watch you write this. Are you sure you want to go through with this?"

"Yes," was my automatic response. I toyed with the diamond ring on my finger. "Besides, we're married now. I'm not leaving you. Ever."

"What about all your things, Bella love?"

I grinned. "Obviously you didn't read the whole thing close enough, Edward." Confusion crossed his face as he read it again.


I chuckled. "All the things that are important to me: my stories, my bracelet, your mom's ring, some of my clothes and jewelry, the stuff in those boxes, my truck…They're all going to your family. That way, you can all collect them, and when we all move I'll still have it. And Emmett can soup up my truck if he really wants."

He grinned back at me before kissing my forehead. "You really are a piece of work, aren't you, Silly Bella?"

End Chapter One