Disclaimer: I own nothing

Disclaimer: I own nothing.


It was…interesting, when we got back to the house.

"Hello……?" Emmett called as we pulled into the garage. "Is that our Little Dead Girl, home at last?"

Rose came up behind him. "Bells! Come in already! I'm dying over here." The smile on her face lit up Emmett's. I smiled to myself as I hopped out of the Volvo.

Jasper and Alice came up behind Emmett and Rosalie. At first, Alice just stood behind everyone else, dancing to try and keep my looks a secret. Finally, after she couldn't control it anymore, she came dancing on her little pixie feet over to me.

Pulling me out of the car, I heard her whisper so only I could hear her. "Rose doesn't think you've changed at all, while Emmett thinks you may be able to rival his Rosy Posy."

"That explains Edward." I giggled, pointing towards him. He stood there, obviously trying to restrain himself from killing Emmett, who leaned against the doorframe laughing to himself.

What is he thinking? I thought, laying a hand on Edward's arm.

He grimaced. Nothing…just ideas on how you look…and how he thinks you may look like a brunette version of Rosalie, and then he starts thinking of various…costumes…she has.

I laughed. No biggie. I look nothing like her – no where's near as beautiful. Before he could object, I sashayed to the door.

"BELLA?!" was pretty much the response from everyone still in the house.

I rushed into the mob of Cullens – my family, I thought with a huge smile – and hugged them all.

"Um, Bells?" Emmett asked, his voice strained.

"Yeah?" I called to him, still hugging everyone together like glue.

"Could you not strangle us with your new strength?"

Everyone laughed as I immediately released them from my "death" grip. That's when I realized what the thought was that had been buzzing in my head since I woke up:

I was finally home.