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A black screen, voiceover of a young voice speaking in an English accent

"I was so scared. I couldn't tell who anyone was."

Flash an image of people dressed up and dancing, all wearing masks. Flash a second image of a man wearing a mask with vampire features, leaning slowly toward the woman he's dancing with as a soft but kind laugh is heard

"Well, Son. That's the point of a masquerade, to hide your true self from the world."

Flash an image of the man with the vampire mask slowly reaching up to remove it as the boy speaks again

"But why would you pretend to be an evil monster like Dracula?"

Shows an image of the small, blond-haired boy looking up at an unseen man as another laugh is heard

"Even Count Dracula was once a gentleman."

Screen goes black for a moment. A soft click is heard as the small flame from a lighter appears and lights a cigarette. The outline of a man's face is shown for a second before the screen goes completely black once more

"I promise you, Abigail, no more treasure hunts. My life is now devoted to my family."

Benjamin Gates has given up his passion of hunting for treasure,

Shows Ben watching as Clara, now fifteen, walks down the stairs in a flowing white dress holding a shimmering mask in her gloved hand

Ben:"You look beautiful."

Shows Clara smiling brightly as she hugs her father

Clara: "Thanks, Daddy."

And the lives of all the members of the Gates family have returned to normal…

Flashes an image of a proud Abigail, a beaming Riley, and a smiling Ian

Screen suddenly goes black. Fades into a shot of a man riding a horse across a vast lawn toward a dark, looming castle

Voiceover of man with a heavy accent: "28 June- This is my last meeting with Count Dracula to form an agreement to bring an end to this dreadful battle."

Cuts to an image of a man with a dark aura of high authority standing at the entrance of the castle wearing black robes. He pushes back a strand of his midnight hair and a smirk appears on his face as he pleasantly greets the man arriving

Voiceover of man with a heavy accent: "He appears pleasant, but each time I am invited to his home, I get a strange chill. There is an unnatural aura in this place. I feel that there is more to this man than meets the eye."

Flashes to an image of an emerald-handled dagger behind Count Dracula's back as he leads the man inside. The door shuts heavily; cuts sharply to a black screen.

Voiceover of man with a heavy accent: "I fear that this may be my last entry. Oh, help my soul, Oh God above!"

A startling discover has been made

Shows an older man waving a worn, leather book in front of him as he advances toward Ian, who is backing away and slowly shaking his head

Older man with heavy English accent: "This journal can give us every clue we need to find this and prove once and for all who Dracula really was!"

Ian: "I will not help you. This is something that is out of our control."

Shows Ian leaving the room and slamming the door behind him, the man glaring darkly after him

Riley: "Dracula? You mean the Count Dracula?"

That could lead to the key of one of the darkest eras in history,

Shows Ian closing a book as he sighs and runs a hand through his hair

Riley (sarcastically): "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of all?"

Flashes an image of Ben rolling his eyes while Clara laughs

And Benjamin Gates is pulled into a hunt that he cannot resist.

Shows Ben picking up his cell phone and bringing it to his ear

Ben: "Hello?"

Phil (over phone): "Ben, we need you. Ian's been missing for a week."

Shows Ben looking behind him at Riley and Abigail

Riley: "It's nine' o'clock. Do you know where your Ian is?"

Shows Ben hugging Abigail tightly

Ben: "I'm sorry, Abigail."

Shows Abigail looking away from Ben and shaking her head with disappointment

Shows a smiling Ian as he hands Ben a flashlight

Ian (Voiceover): "What would you ever do without me?"

The race has begun for the search for the answer to the mystery of the man who became a legend…

Shows Ben placing a hand on the shoulder of a nervous looking Riley

Ben: "Come on, Riley. I really need you with me on this one."

Riley (with a wide, forced smile): "Just stop and think for once, Ben. We are dealing with a crazy man who is the inspiration for the story of the lord of vampires. What could possibly go wrong?"

There is a fine line between man and myth as reality turns into dreams…

Older man with heavy English accent: "It is said that he can enter dreams and torture the mind."

Shows Riley laughing nervously as Abigail places her hand on his shoulder reassuringly

Cuts to a stone gargoyle with Riley leaning toward it, and then jumps back, startled, when the ruby eyes flash

Clara (Voiceover): "I'm not going crazy, Daddy! There's someone here with us!"

Shows Nick reaching forward and grabbing Ian's arm, who turns to look back at him with frustration

Nick: "We're here for you, Ian. You don't have to do this alone."

Dreams turn into nightmares…

Shows an image of a man with dark hair and a pale face in a hand mirror

Riley (Voiceover): "I can't take this anymore!"

Shows a worried Ben pulling a panicked Riley close to him as he sobs, Ben attempting to calm him as he sighs heavily. Screen goes black

Ben: "I'm so sorry, Riley. I didn't mean for this to happen. None of this should be happening."

As Ben and his family risk it all to keep themselves from becoming a mere story…

Shows a sequence of shots in slow motion:

A horrified Nick watching as a building explodes

Phil dropping to his knees as Powell attempts to comfort him

A sobbing Clara

Ian sighing heavily and hanging his head

Ben putting his head into his hands

Clara dancing with a masked boy, fades to Clara performing on a stage

The night sky with the moon lining up with the planets through the clouds

A black-haired boy placing a wooden cross in Clara's hand

Ian slowly reaching for a hand mirror lying on the ground

Clara picking up an emerald-handled dagger and gasping when a reflection is seen in the blade

Ben running forward with a silver stake

Ben: "This has to end now!"

Screen goes black when the sounds of shattering glass and a terrified scream are heard

Gentleman's Masquerade

Voiceover of older man with heavy English accent: "Be careful. It's a dangerous dance you're stepping into."

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