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Luminara gazed thoughtfully at the Jedi Hopefuls as she looked down on them from the ramp above during the training session. She saw many she knew from before, that other Masters had already called. She sighed. Wouldn't she ever get a Padawan of her very own? Master Yoda had told her over and over again that she needed a new Padawan, to heal her hurt and to help her live with the concept of teamwork. Barriss and I weren't just Master and Padawan; we worked as one, she thought, stifling another sigh. Now that she has passed her trials, who will I find to fill that void? How do the other Jedi Masters deal with that? She noticed Barriss, leaning against a wall in the corner. The latter nodded and gave a small smile. Luminara sighed. Who could possibly make another relationship that had been as perfect and fulfilling as theirs? She would have to choose from all of these headstrong, impatient Padawans. She just hoped that she would make the right choice. Or else I just don't choose a Padawan, but then Master Yoda would choose for me; I dunno which would be worse. She went over to join the small group of Jedi Masters gathered at the edge of the walkway as the training master, Master Loran Nefor, a humanoid from the Outer Rim planet of Ansion, clapped her hands to get the younglings' attention.

"Alright, Padawans," she called as she walked in between the rows of students. "This will be a life-or-death situation, so I want you all to try to not to slash each other to death." She seemed to strain those last few words at the yellow haired Padawan paired with a green Twi'lek in the middle. The blond gave her a look that almost would have killed the master, if looks could kill. The master wisely ignored her. Ah, that's Ani paired up with Kiian, the Twi'lek. I've heard about how treacherous she could be, how unpredictable, how savage, but also how wise and kind she is in classes. This'll definitely be interesting, she finished her thought as the whistle blew, and the first lightsabers clashed.

Ani, prepared as usual, looked on calmly as the Twi'lek took the first move. She had a plan, of course, but she would have to revise it, thanks to that prying master. She's seen me copy way too much Vaapad maneuvers, she thought with a slight grin. She quickly wrenched her attention back to the present as Kiian attempted to bring her down with a very flashy kick. Oh no you don't, she thought as she executed a Form VI maneuver. She heard Kiian gasp in surprise, but she shut that out, including what was happening all around her. I must concentrate on the present, on what's happening to me now, like Master Yoda says, she thought, executing a double-flip in the air and landing right behind Kiian, who whirled around anxiously. Ani touched her on the side of the head with the edge of the lightsaber.

"Dead," she said in a matter-of-fact tone of voice. She deactivated her blade as Kiian stared at her in, instead of the usual hate and angerthe other younglings gave her, in awe.

"How did you do that?" she whispered.

"Here, I'll show you." Ani reactivated her blade once more. Kiian activated hers also.

"I won't try to hurt you, alright?" Kiian nodded. "This is just for practice. Now, you lift your blade like this, and sense your opponet come at you like this..." Together they worked at Ani's tricky maneuver while the rest of the 8th set sparring class finished fighting each other, and then, with nothing left to do, at and watched Ani and Kiian work on the maneuver over and over again until the latter was able to do it almost perfectly.

"- and if you work on it for an hour a day, you'll have mastered it by the end of the week."

"Thanks, Ani."

"Hey, what are friends for? Just happy I could help." The class stood as the two girls bowed to each other, signifying the end.

"Just remember to keep your mind clear so that you can actually perfect what you have nearly perfected, and to sense your opponents' moves so that you will become even better at this," Ani finished, turning to Master Nefor. "Are we done, Master Nefor?"

"Yes, Padawan Ani Ferlhia," the sparring master said, blinking her eyes once, twice, and focused them on the blond humanoid before her.

"Now, if all the losers gather into a group on the left, and the winners gather over here on the right." The students obediently divided into the two groups. She went to the group on the right. "Alright, now the pairs on this side are Ani and Sisseri," the former gave a soft groan, "Leahjan and Dirkreo, Kirn and Lopen, and Knabanii and Flit." She moved over to the group on the left. "Now, the pairs are Kiian and Hanja, Frie and Frade, and Bradie and Hunwha."


Immediately, the chosen pairs began to fight. Man, Ani thought as she cooly battled Sisseri. their lightsabers flashing. I wish that dueling wouldn't be so complicated! At least I have this class eighth set, not 1st nor 5th set. She sat down breathing sort of heavily. Just hope the Masters up there weren't appalled by my little "training session".

Luminara looked, interested, down at the sects of younglings battling each other. They're going at it with a lot more than they did earlier, she thought. She mentally saw a picture of Barriss approaching her. Waving a hand, she motioned for her former Padawan to join her by the railing.

"Hello, Master Unduli," Barriss said as she joined her by the railing, looking down upon the nearly done initiates. "Master Yoda get on you for moping around the Temple?"

Luminara sniffed. "For your information, I wasn't moping," she informed Barriss, the latter grinning widely. "I was minding my own business while I was waiting for the Council to give me a mission, when Master Yoda caught me diving off the highest rock I could find-"

"What!" exclaimed Barriss.

"-and then told me I needed another Padawan," Luminara finished lamely as they watched Sisseri and Ani try to wear each other down. They saw Ani wince slightly in pain before she used the Force to send several fake detonaters flying towards him. Sisseri barely dodged them. His green blade clashed with hers as he executed a long, downward slash that came towards Ani's neck.

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