Redwood Park

September 7th,2007

5:47 PM

Derrick had arrived at The Block Estate looking hot times ten! Masses' heart fluttered when she saw him. He was standing at her front door holding three lavender roses. The lavender rose represents love at first sight. (it's true I looked it up.) He gave them to her and then said hello to her parents. They left a couple minutes later. When Massie had shut the front door Derrington got onto his bike and Massie got onto the back and held onto his toned abs.

When they got to the park they both got off and Derrington asked Massie to close her eyes. She did and he led her over to a large tree. When Massie opened her eyes she saw a blue Ralph Lauren blanket spread out onto the ground and a brown wicker basket sitting on it. They both sat down and Derrington began pulling things out of the basket. He took out two saran wrapped deli sandwiches on plastic plates, two rootbeer cans, and a couple napkins. They both took one of each and started taking off the plastic wrap from their sandwiches.

"Wow!" Massie said looking out at the now setting sun. "It's perfect, this is perfect." she said now turning to look at Derrington in the eyes.

It was the moment, the moment. Slowly, simultaneously Massie leaned forward. As she leaned toward Derrington's smooth, soft, plump, pink lips she thought about what Claire had advised her to do earlier, before she had left for her first date.

"When you know the time is right, there won't be a need for words. First, you'll lean in toward his lips and tilt you head slightly. Remember not to look like your a retard when you do this. Next, lean in toward his lips. You should stop about two inches from his lips. Now if he hasn't already started to move towards your lips, then he will now. Boys are stupid about a lot of things, but when it comes to kissing hot boys know what they're doing. Derrington is definitely hot so it comes naturally to him." Claire said giggling "Now this is the time to take this into consideration. Do you want a french kiss or a closed mouth kiss? I would stick with a closed mouth kiss because it's your first date, it'll be safer because it's your first date and first kiss. It that's what you want, then keep your lips closed, or if you don't then you're welcoming a french kiss. Have fun!" Claire had told her before they'd left her room

Massie didn't need to worry about pausing before their lips touched, because Claire was right. Derrington was one hot smart boy. He understood what was about to happen and leaned in too. When their lips touched Massie decided to keep it PG and kept her mouth shut. Her heart flipped and butterflies took flight in her stomach.

When they broke apart they watched the sunset. The sky looked like a beautiful pastel painted canvas with cotton candy pink wisps of clouds surrounding it. They got back to their sandwiches and root beers. Massie reached to open her rootbeer, but Derrington took it from her.

"I've got." He reached into the basket again and pulled out two blue plastic cups, two plastic spoons, and a pint of vanilla ice cream. He popped open the both cans of rootbeer and scooped out some ice cream. He placed ice cream in both cups, poured rootbeer into each cup, and handed Massie her cup and spoon.

"For dessert I thought we could have rootbeer floats. You like those don't you?" he asked her

"I don't normally eat them, but I will always drink them with you when you make them." she said with a smile and ate a bite of ice cream.

"Do you want a straw?"

"Sure." she said and took the straw from his hand

When they finished their dinner and it had gotten dark they stopped talking and got back on Derrington's bike.

"What about the basket and everything? You're going to just leave it?" Massie asked

"I'm having Cam's older brother, Harris drive over to get it later. He's dropping it off after soccer practice on Wednesday."

When they reached The Block Estate they both got off the bike. Derrington walked Massie up the stairs to her door, and then they shared another kiss. When they broke apart Derrington asked

"Massie, would you come to my first soccer game of the season?"

"Sure, but when is it?"

"It's in one week. It'll be at two till five o'clock on Saturday. We're gonna kick the Megabite's butts!" he said thrusting his fist in the air

Massie started laughing "I'll see you at school on Monday Derrick!" she said as she opened her front door and walked inside

Massie's Bedroom

September 7th, 2007

8:12 PM

Massie needed to get ready for bed and an important Instant Message conference with her friends was on the way. She quickly did her nightly routine.

She pulled on a light pink lacy cami with matching boy shorts and pulled her hair into a sloppy bun. She went right over to her computer and powered it up. All of TPC were online as she'd told them to be earlier, so she invited them all to a conference.

Massiekur: Hey girls! I'm back from my date with Derrington

Clairebear: OMG! How'd it go?

Holagurl: Did u kiss?

Clairebear: OMG! I can't buh-lieve u just said that!

Holagurl: excuse me!?

Clairebear: any self respected girl doesn't kiss and tell, and if she wants 2 she doesn't do it over IM! So if Mass wanted 2 tell us then she'd tell us in person!

Sexysportsbabe: God Alicia! I can't buh-lieve you would even ask!

Bigredhead: I know! That's like one of the rules of feminism!

Holagurl: Shut up Dylan! Go watch Mean Girls u suck up!

Massiekur: Hello!?

Sexysportsbabe: ??

Bigredhead: ??

Clairebear: yeah?

Massiekur: I'm not telling anyone anything about my kiss!! It's private info!

Bigredhead: OMG! So u kissed?!

Massiekur: yes

Clairebear: brb (FYI this means be right back)

Massiekur: he's so romantic!

Holagurl: tell us more!

Massiekur: not until Claire is back

Holagurl: Who cares?

Holagurl: I mean she's new & u haven't known her as long as us. We've been BFFs for 3 yrs. & u want to wait 2 tell us details of ur date until a newbie decided to get back to our convo.?!

Massiekur: Leesh r u a a wiggly dessert?

Holagurl: no

Massiekur: then why r u so jelly! (my friends and I say "jelly" it means jellious)

Sexysportsbabe: u r really Jelly u know Leesh

Bigredhead: true

Holagurl: am not!

Massiekur: if u aren't jelly then it wouldn't matter 2 u if we wait for Claire until she gets back, and only then will I say anything in the topic of my date

Holagurl: fine

Clairebear: Hey! Back! I've got news!

Bigredhead: What?

Sexysportsbabe: tell us!

Clairebear: ok, but Massie deservs 2 tell us hers 1st

Massiekur: thanks Claire

Sexysportsbabe: we helped u pick out ur outfit so skip that part

Massiekur: K, so he gave me lavender roses

Holagurl: aaawww!!

Bigredhead: they mean love at first sight. I just looked that up :P

Massiekur: Then I doubled him on his bike and we rode to Redwood park. He had prepared a picnic!

Clairebear: how romantic!

Massiekur: He had laid out a blue RL blanket and brought a brown wicker basket w/ food before he'd picked me up. He brought two deli sandwiches and two rootbeers. He used the sodas to make rootbeer floats for dessert! The sunset was gorgeous!

Holagurl: Omg! Perfect!

Massiekur: It was! He also invited me 2 his game on Sat.

Bigredhead: I wanna go

Massiekur: u can all go

Holagurl: I won't miss anything that has 2 do w/ HARTs!

Sexysportsbabe: So Claire what did u want 2 tell us?

Clairebear: just that my manager called me, & that's why I had to leave for a sec.

Bigredhead: What did he say?

Clairebear: that I needed to be at the set of No Boys Allowed at 12 on Monday

Massiekur: OMG!

Sexysportsbabe: what will u do?

Clairebear: I'll be meeting the cast and crew, I'll b measured for my outfits, and we'll all have lunch catered

Holagurl: sounds boring

Clairebear: G2G! I need my beauty sleep!

Bigredhead: bye! See u on Monday

Sexysportsbabe: see ya!

Massiekur: bye Claire!

Massiekur: we all need to go cuz girls don't look pretty with puffy eyes

Holagurl: bye everyone

Bigredhead: bye!

Sexysportsbabe: buh bye