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Another summer day, another day in perfection. She glances up at the clouded over sky, and leans closer to him, whispering something in his ear. He smiles at the brief contact of her lips on his ear, and nods. She smiles, and looks forward once again.

He glances behind him quickly, and, noticing the movement, she follows the motion. Standing in front of the store window was a young girl, looking about the age of three. She looked as if she had been crying. Seeing the young girl, she stops and walks towards her slowly, deliberately. The young girl watches her carefully.

She kneels down next to the girl, and quietly asks her is she's alright. The toddler shakes her head no, and explains how she is lost, in jumbled, few word sentences.

Meanwhile, he watches, curious. His eyes are saddened as he watches her take the young girl into her arms. She picks her up, and comforts her, before revealing a worried expression behind her small shoulder. She asks the girl questions in a calm voice, but he can see her biting her lip and her wondering eyes. The girl begins to sob once more, and she pulls her closer, patting her back.

He watches her, wishing he could help, but terrified to do something wrong. He takes a step closer, but then stops, hesitantly. He stands, listening to her calm the girl. Then, he concentrated. He concentrated until he found a person who was looking for a child. The woman was panicked, and she was at the end of the street.

He calls her name gently, and nods towards the end of the road meaningfully. The woman catches sight of her daughter, and begins to run towards her, her tears falling down her cheeks. She looks at the woman, and gratifies her with one of her kind smiles. The woman sighs out of relief. He smiles, as she hands over the child, but his eyes are still touched with sadness. His expression slowly turns closer to anguished, as she talks to the woman naturally, the girl watching her admirably.

She smiled at the woman, assures her that she was not put out of her way, accepts another thank you, and then turns back towards him. She smiles slightly, and looks at the ground once more.

He puts his hand around her waist, and waits for her to look back up at him. When she does, he kisses her on the cheek, and she smiles slightly. She notices something different, an emotion in his eyes. She leans in once more and snuggles into his shoulder, trying the distract it.

She then wondered for the millionth time whether she could ever do something that would not cause him pain.