Disclaimer: I do not own Akhilleus, Patroklos, Odysseus, or any other character from the Iliad.

I still remember your smile,

And you're gleeful blue eyes,

Now you're gone,

No more will we dine together,

With our comrades-in-arms,

No more will you be there when I call,

You're dead, lying still on the dark earth,

It is his entire fault.

He will pay with his wife and child,

His homeland too,

In sacrifice for you.

Twelve of their youths I shall offer upon your pyre,

Dogs and horses will spill their blood,

To please your shade and ease my grief.

His knees shall fall upon the brown soil,

His hands shall clasp my ankles,

His lips will beg for clemency,

His eyes will search mine for pity and remorse,

I will offer him none,

As he offered you none.

My spear or sword shall piece his soft flesh,

I will end his life with my own hands,

For he has taken my life from me,

When he gave you the killing blow.

When I have avenged you,

I know my death is looming,

Like the black ships we sailed in,

To get to his forsaken land,

Our bones will be mingled in an urn.

Then to the White Island we shall cross,

And to have Hypnos forever keep us,

In his embracing sleep,

While other men will have Morpheus,

Fill their dreams with visions of us.

For once I care not for glory or prizes,

I care not if my name is remembered,

I'm not worth remembering, this I see now,

Agamemnon will sack Troy,

And for once I do not envy him,

I had you and you were worth more gold,

Then Troy could offer,

I just never realized this,

Until you were gone.