Disclaimer: I don't own TT. this story was inspired by the story 'til death we still do not part by Xx-Clueless-Dummii-xX so, if u r reading this story, hope u like it!

Starfire fell to her knees at the hospital bedside.

She cried as she said "Please don't go."

She was at Robin's bedside. He had been stabbed in the chest after a battle with Slade. Just then, Raven walked into the hospital wing, Beast Boy unconscious in her arms and a knife in his chest as well. Raven laid him down onto the cot and kneeled at his bedside. She let herself begin to cry, although nothing exploded. Just then, Raven heard something. She looked up and saw Beast Boy looking at her.

"Raven," he choked out.

"Yes?" she asked, a nervous caution in her voice.

"Promise me something." he said, holding her hand.


"Promise you will never forget me as long as you live." He said as he gave a small smile.

"Yes, I will, but, why?" Raven asked, inquisitively.

"Because... my time is up." Said Beast Boy as he closed his eyes.

"No, no, no!" Raven exclaimed as she kissed him, her mouth filling with the taste of blood and tears. His face turned to a pale green, and then, nothing.

With Starfire

Starfire cried as she buried her face in her hands, laying her head on the cot. She looked up and then saw more neural readings. She then heard a familliar voice,

"Starfire," starfire looked down to see Robin's gloved hand going toward her face. Starfire hugged him as she heard him say,

"Starfire, my precious Koriand'r, promise me you will not mourn my death, but rejoice in my newcoming." Starfire nodded and kissed him. Robin reached into his utility belt and pulled out a gold locket. He handed it to her and said,

"take this necklace to remember me by." Starfire opened up the locket. It had a picture of her and Robin sitting on the park benck kissing by the cherry blossom trees. Starfire looked up from the glimmering locket to hear Robin say,

"My time is up, goodbye Koriand'r" Starfire collapsed onto the floor. She quickly got up, only to see Robin's skin pale, and his body unmoving. She collapsed over his body, crying harder then ever. Raven went over to her and cried with her. Starfire looked at the gold locket and saw an inscription on the front. It read:

Dearest Starfire,

I have been, always was, and always will be, in love with you. Remember me.

-Richard Grayson

Starfire was speechless as a single tear fell onto the heart-shaped locket. Raven went over to Beat Boy's body. She then saw a single red rose clutched in his hand. Attatched to it was a small piece of paper. It read:

My dearest Raven,

You outshine the moon, the sun, and the stars. When it is my time to go, I will be your guardian angel. I love you.

-Garfield Logan

Also attatched to the rose was a ring. It was sapphire and had the words "I love you" etched into it's sides. Starfire had found the same ring, only her's was amethyst. They both slipped their rings onto their ring finger's and kneeled by their loves' bedsides. Starfire put on her locket and looked at the picture. She then knew what she had to do. She pulled the knife out of Robin's chest and then said,

"Even in death I will always be with you." She then plunged the knife into her chest and gave a blood-curling scream. She drew her last breath and then collapsed on top of Robin, still clutching the locket to her chest.

Raven did the same. Her last words were,

"Even in death we still do not part, only wishes remain." She then collapsed on top of Beast Boy, Dead. Her sapphire ring turned a bloody red, and then, only silence was left.


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