Yoshi, Pikachu, Kirby, Ness, Jigglypuff, and Lucas were all back at some odd located mansion in the middle of nowhere, where they were all looking for what board to use, and what the rules were going to be. There was also one thing that they all were missing - who would the the host.

"Well, I say that we do it somewhere tropical. Like my island!" Yoshi stated, smiling as he pointed up at the clear, blue sky for no apparent reason.

Ness shook his head in disbelief, nudging Yoshi by the shoulder. "You always have competition on your stupid tropical island! Let's try somewhere more rural, like my peaceful suburban home town, Onett!" He suggested, smiling.

Kirby stepped up, not happy with the decision, either. "No, no, no - if anything, it should be Dreamland. Since it's practically a kiddy version of this here grassy meadow...and..." He tried to continue, but he got himself mixed up.

Pikachu rolled his eyes, scoffing. "Nah, Pokemon Stadium sounds much more convenient."

Jigglypuff frowned, causing her to whine. "But I wanted Saffron City!" "How come we don't get to do anything there anymore!?"

"Because Goldenrod is better than Saffron, and cities are just dull and full of trouble. Look at Fourside and New Pork City." Pikachu explained throughly to Jigglypuff, which caught the attention of Lucas.

"Heeey, I'm offended by that!" Lucas snapped, fuming.

Pikachu gave Lucas an odd glance. "Why should you be? Porky destroyed anything you hold dearly."

"Who's Porky?" Lucas asked, rubbing the back of his head.

Pikachu's right eye twitched in disbelief. "You have GOT to be kidding me..."

"You know, Porky Minch? Pokey?" Jigglypuff told Lucas, who then gasped.

"Ooooh, him!" Lucas said, wagging his right index finger, "I thought you meant Porky Pig."

Idiot... muttered Ness quietly to himself as he groaned in boredom and shook his head.

Yoshi sighed, folding his arms as he glanced at everyone. "Look, guys, whether you like it or not, we're not going to be able to party by just standing here. We need to pick a board, settle with some rules, have some mini games, and further more, have a host-"

POOF!! In a puff of white, mystical smoke, Master Hand appeared in front of all the young six Smashers, laughing maniacally, before clearing his throat. Everyone sweatdropped upon hearing the laughter.

"Sorry about that, I was having a wild night with Crazy Hand, if you know what I mean," Master Hand stated suggestively, causing Jigglypuff to gag, "Anyway, I heard of all your plights and I am here to see what you may want."

Yoshi rubbed the back of his head. "Well, Master Hand, it's surprisingly actually simple. It's just that-" He was then interrupted by Kirby, who literally spilled all the beans to Master Hand.

"We all wanted to do something, so we decided to have a party match against each other, but we don't know how to do it, and we're looking for a stage, as well as some mini games to play, and a host for the party because we can't really think of any good characters to host the party..." The little pink male puffball gasped in quick, short breaths as he tried to catch his breath.

Master Hand nodded, mumbling in agreement. "Uh huh. Gotcha. So I see." Clearing his throat again, Master Hand patted Kirby on the head, and then stated in a booming voice, "Well, if you youngsters are so pushy of it, then maybe I can help you out. I've got plenty of rules."

"YOU DO!?" Yoshi, Pikachu, Kirby, Ness, Jigglypuff, and Lucas all said in desperation (especially Ness, who was going to explode in spite of extreme boredom).

Master Hand nodded, laughing. "Of course! Here, the party will have thirty turns, and in the first ten turns, everyone will go against each other, then in the next fifteen turns, everyone will be paired up in three groups of two, and finally, for the remaining five turns, the losing pair will split up and join the other two winning pairs, forming two pairs with three characters each! And whoever gets the most coins and stars wins!" He waited for everyone's answer.

"..." The six young Smashers were reluctant to answer, though Yoshi, being ever so confident, stood up in front of the other five pondering Smashers.

"So, you're saying is that if we get enough stars and coins, by using our earned coins we win from mini games and spend them on stars, we will win the prize and have fun out of it?" He asked, titling his head towards the right.

Master Hand winked, doing the impossible by breaking the laws of physics. "I guarantee it, Yoshi, my boy."

Ness pushed Yoshi to the side, holding out his right hand. "All right, I'm game. Sign me up, Master Hand."

Lucas nodded, and he stood by Ness, also holding out his right hand. "Me too! I want to have some fun!"

Pikachu stepped up, grinning as he held out his left paw. "I'm not going to be left hanging. I'm serving up, too."

"And me, as well!" Kirby chimed, running in between Ness and Pikachu, and waving his short, chubby arms crazy.

Jigglypuff nodded, and smiling, she stood next to Lucas, holding out her small, right puffy rm. "Me too. I can't wait to see what kind of insanity ensues!"

Seeing all the others deciding to participate, Yoshi stood back up on his two legs and stepped in front of the other vie characters, nodding and smiling as he pointed at the giant floating hand. "Well, since this was my idea, after all, you can definitely count me in."

Master Hand nodded. "It's decided, then. Now... OFF TO SOME RANDOM PARTY BOARD!!" And with that, he, and the other six young Smashers, disappeared in a puff of mystical white smoke, leaving behind the peaceful grassy green meadow in the middle of nowhere.