-1/FUTURE HIRO: Five years ago, a man named Sylar exploded in the heart of the city, changing the world forever./

It is quick, that first time. It has to be- a large-scale nuclear explosion in New York doesn't allow for a slow response.

Within days Nathan has mobilized containment, relocation, supply and police forces. Mohinder Suresh has been recommended to the White House as the man with the right expertise for evaluating this new threat. Matthew Parkman becomes Nathan's right-hand man. Hiro's name appears on the FBI's most wanted list for the first time, along with Niki Sanders' and Hana Gietlman's. Sylar is presumed dead, but no chances can be taken in this brave new world- his picture is everywhere, the face of the man held responsible for the destruction of the city, his cold brown eyes appraising a satisfyingly terrified populace.

When Peters shows up on his dorrstep one nigh, guilt-ridden and horrified, Nathan can barely find the time to give him some empty words and a fake ID before sending him on his way.

It's almost a relief when Sylar comes for him, not so dead after all.

The years pass. Molly Walker, DL Hawkins, Micah Sanders meet and begin a tenuous new life before Sylar snatches it away for good. The FBI's list of wanted terrorists expands to include the likes of Elle Bishop, St. Joan, and Kensei.

Through it all, Hiro searches for a solution, until one day he finally, finally finds one.

"Save the cheerleader, save the world."

And he does.