-1/NATHAN: ... and it changed my life. At first, I was afraid. But I'm -- I'm not afraid anymore. I'm here to tell you the truth. I have the ability --/

"--to fly."

The world didn't change when Nathan revealed his ability, Not all at once, at any rate.

But with the met humans now out in the open, it followed, slowly, inevitably, that the world would turn against them. Too many Sylars, whose power drove them mad. Too many Kenseis, who held humankind in contempt. Too many Teds and Mayas, whose horribly destructive powers were almost impossible to control.

Peter, Nathan, and Matt became targets, wanted by bloodthirsty masses and a scapegoat-desperate government. They fled underground, followed closely by their family, their friends, and their enemies.

The decide to stick close together. Dangerous, but these days their were plenty of wastelands a group their size could disappear- the partially flooded Miami, the nuked New York, the anarchy of New Orleans, the ruins of Huston, the frozen Seattle. It was simply a matter of picking one and settling in for the long haul.

And it is for the long haul. The carve out a constantly-threatened existence in the city full of hardship and bloodshed that one lets up to recuperate its strength. They grow food on rooftops and abandoned apartments. They live in heavily fortified skyscrapers. They school their children in survival and self-reliance, and pray that by the time they are grown they will no longer need those skills.

God doesn't seem to listen.

The days are full of danger and scarcity, interspaced with the odd bought of bloodshed, disease, and death. As they skip by, so do people: Micah to a bullet through the heart, Elle to a tank, Mohinder to a chest infection that would have been laughably easy to sure could they only have gotten the supplies, Nathan a botched amputation when gangrene set in. Matt goes out for a walk one night and is never heard from again. Monica throws herself off a twenty story building without utilizing any of the seven ways she knows how to safely break her fall.

This leaves Molly, alone, waiting for the day when she accumulates enough favors to ask Hiro to send her back to a better time. She can almost be happy when it arrives, even if it comes with some rather big strings.

"You cannot save your parents," he makes her promise. "You cannot stop Sylar. And you must let Nathan tell the world he has an ability.

She promises.

Later she will find it funny, how a person can lie and speak the truth at the same time, just before she pulls the trigger a second time.