Forsaken Character Chronicles Book 1:

Kurosaki Yuzu

­­The Clairvoyant

Chapter 1: Jealousy


April 17, 20XX

Dear Diary,

I hate fairy tales.

I used to like them, but I don't like them anymore. They just bother me now, especially a certain archetype that just likes to make itself known in just about every fairy tale I've read.

I'm sure you've noticed them, too. You know, the fair maiden trapped in a building or pursued by someone "evil" only to be saved by some dashing Prince Charming, banishing the evil from the land with the power of true love? That's the kind of story that I just hate.

Why, you ask? Two reasons. The first: because it's not real! It's never happened and it never will happen! The second: because I know exactly what it's like to be the "damsel in distress". Of all of the things that you see in fairy tales, this is probably the only thing that can happen.

You see, the world has come as close to the afterlife as physically possible. It's not close to heaven or hell, but sandwiched somewhere in between. It's hard to explain, especially since I was just told this today, but…well…

The thing is; there is something called Soul Society in the afterlife. It's not quite heaven, but it is pretty close…at least, as far as I know it is. These people called Soul Reapers—shinigami—pass dead souls on to Soul Society. Simple, right? Well, it gets more complex. There's also this world called Hueco Mundo—home of the mortal enemies of the shinigami—the hollows. It's an ongoing battle between these two opposing forces. And, caught in the middle of their battle is our world; the perfectly "normal" plane of existence that houses the battle that can tear away life…and death as we know it.

The shinigami have allies on our side—my friends and family. In fact, big brother and daddy both have the abilities of the shinigami, complete with the magical spirit swordsmanship thing that they all do. My twin sister has her skill in soccer, which has transformed into a force to be reckoned with.

My other friends have powers as well. True, they're mostly my brother's friends, but they all have their own special abilities. One of them is a shinigami, but all the others have their unique powers (She said that the powers they have came from a leak in spiritual energy from my brother, but I have no idea what that means.)

As for me, however, well…I have nothing. Thankfully, I can see the spirits (in fact, that's how I figured out about this whole spiritual plane and everything), but I can't do anything!! Whenever something is attacked by a hollow (or whatever they're called), I can only run away and wait for one of my friends to come and rescue me!

What? You think I'm jealous? I'm not jealous! I'm perfectly fine with not being able to help my friends as they risk their lives to save the world as we know it. I'm just dandy living in fear of the horrible beasts that attack our world. I cannot be happier with running away from anything that goes "bump" in the night, relying on my friends to save me so I can survive to see the sun rise.

Okay, okay…stop looking at me funny. Fine, I'm jealous. It's frustrating knowing that I have to be the damsel in distress every single day, cursed with the knowledge of what endangers us all. Instead going about my day in perfect bliss; unknowing of the looming evil or knowing about the evil and fighting against what can destroy us all, I'm caught in the middle, knowing, but not being able to fight.

It's just…just…well…I've run long enough.


I remembered the time when I wrote this diary entry. It seemed so long ago since that time... But, then again from the time I wrote this diary entry, it seemed like years had passed when, in reality only weeks had. Anyway, I'm pretty sure you're curious about it, right? Well, I'll be happy to tell you the whole story.

…You are? Well, thanks in advance for listening to me. And no, I'm not mad at you for reading my diary. That's the old one anyway. If you read my other diary, however, that would have been different. Oh, by the way, did you understand what you read in my diary? It's kind of necessary to get the story I'm about to tell you. Good. Anyway…

It all started with a normal hollow attack as I walked home from school. Since the day I awakened my spiritual sight, a guard was assigned to follow me around. I didn't know whether or not they had tabs on me before then, but that doesn't really matter anymore. Kuchiki Rukia, the shinigami friend that you read about. You know, the one that told me all that mumbo-jumbo about my brother's friends gaining powers from the excess energy rolling off of him. It was a normal day, I think, but I can't be sure. I don't really remember much about that day except a certain event that changed my role in the shinigami-hollow war forever.

The hollow appeared out of nowhere. The demented mask and the hole bored through its chest terrified me (even if it seemed familiar), so I screamed as it approached. I felt a harsh tug on my wrist and I staggered away from the beast, running as Kuchiki-san pulled me along. I think I heard her mutter something about a "stupid gigai", but I wasn't really paying attention. I was still transfixed on the roaring monster behind me.

Suddenly, as I looked towards Kuchiki-san, I felt like my arms and legs were made of lead. I willed them to move, but I couldn't. My vision whited out as I began to hear a faint voice.

"If you let me eat you, I'll tell you…" something said, chuckling darkly as it spoke.

It felt like I narrowed my eyes and dashed forward two steps; my second step landing hard upon the ground as I leapt up. My knee met the face of a hollow—a different hollow, I remember—as my vision set in place. My hand jutted out and grabbed the top of the mask as I flipped over it and landed on the hollow's back.

It was weird, though. I didn't think about doing any of those things. My body just…did it. I couldn't understand why, but it just came naturally.

It only got weirder.

"Ye Lord," I said, hearing Kuchiki-san's voice leave my mouth. "Mask of blood and flesh; all creation; flutter of wings," I said as I crouched down low, focusing some sort of energy through my body.

"Ye who bears the name of Man," I said as I leapt up off of the hollow's back. "Truth and Temperance," I continued, "Bear thy claws slightly upon the wall of sinless dreams!"

I saw my hand jut out once more; a pale, blue energy wrapped around it. My mouth opened once again, exposing a piecing shout. "Destructive Art 33: Sôkatsui!" It felt like a cannon shell left my hand as a blue flame shot out in a fireball, striking the creature's back. My vision began to white out once more as the ball exploded; smoke billowing out of the hollow's back.

"Binding Art 9: Geki!" I heard suddenly; the voice once again belonging to Kuchiki-san, but not coming out of my mouth.

My sight returned instantly, as did my ability to move. I turned toward the hollow in time to see it engulfed in a red light; roaring in frustration as it struggled to move. I turned back around as I heard Kuchiki-san's voice again, accompanied by rushed footsteps. "Mask of blood and flesh; all creation; flutter of wings," she muttered as she ran past me; eyes shut in concentration.

As if possessed, I turned a third time, lifted my hand, and began to chant something fairly similar. "Ye Lord; Mask of blood and flesh; all creation; flutter of wings," I said in a quickened whisper.

Kuchiki-san and I raised our voices in unison, saying the next line of the incantation.

"Ye who bears the name of Man!" my voice rang out as I felt a rush of energy flow through me. I stared down the face of the hollow as Kuchiki-san's widened eyes darted in my direction; her body grinding to a halt. My possessed mind seemed to ignore her as I continued without pause.

"Truth and Temperance; bear thy claws slightly upon the wall of sinless dreams!"

I noticed Kuchiki-san's widening eyes as I prepared to release the spell in the way that I just saw. She darted her eyes back towards the hollow; her mouth moving slightly—doubtless the finishing part of her incantation. We shouted our spells out in unison once more; the shouts fighting each other's presence instead of melding together like the last time.

"Destructive Art 33: Sôkatsui!" I yelled.

"Destructive Art 63: Soren Sôkatsui!" she yelled.

Two blue fireballs shot out of Kuchiki-san's hand and flew toward the hollow's mask, exploding on contact. I felt a recoil shock comparable to a shotgun blast as a blue fireball left mine; hurtling towards the hollow's mask; the combined might of the three fireballs blasting through the creature's head.

I remember chuckling softly at the display; watching the creature before me disintegrate into dust in the wind; holding my arm's raised position dumbly as I tried to take in the fact that I actually was able to help in the battle instead of running and hiding.

Suddenly exhausted, I fell back toward the ground below, smiling a small smile as I dropped down towards the ground.

I blacked out then. I have no idea what happened afterward, but I remember thinking about how it felt to finally act on my desire to help. It's one of my best memories of the war, and it still stays with me to this day.


And so, the saga begins. Memories can only take an event in time so far, so blanks are undoubtedly left behind; fragments of events that lay scattered in the grand flow of time. But, the events still exist, not as a memory, but as a previous reality; nothing more.

Yuzu fell towards the ground with a thump as she lost consciousness; her previously outstretched arm limply falling to her side. Her exhausted, yet almost giddy expression was a great contrast to the expression that Rukia was currently carrying—an expression of worry and fear. She ran over to Yuzu's falling body and managed to reach it with a mere fraction of a second to spare before she hit the ground. She gave her body an once-over as her face relaxed into an expression that could only be described as a mixture of confusion and relief.

"She only has signs of spiritual energy exhaustion, but I still don't get what just happened…," Rukia thought as she checked Yuzu's vital signs. As she propped Yuzu onto her back and started to walk toward the Kurosaki residence, she pondered in silence as to the source of Yuzu's knowledge of the demonic arts.


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