Wow, but this is short. :D;; Sorry. It was longer on paper, I swear. And, I dunno, it's really almost the baby of a drabble and a one-shot, as opposed to an actual fic. :-/;; If you don't like it, deal.

I am rather proud of the way it turned out; I found that well-characterized Lukka is impossible to find. And, granted, they are very distinctive characters that are difficult to capture, but come on, people! Lulu is NOT an emo, and Wakka is NOT a hardcore man. He's a dork. And that's why he's so great. He's not a particularly deep guy. (End rant here)

Anyway, standard disclaimer, and enjoy! :)

"No, no, NO!" Lulu growled in exasperation. "I swear to Yevon, if I catch you trying to cast black magic with that stance again, woe to any of your future children."

Wakka winced. "Sorry, Lu. I'll try again-" He waved his hands in an intricate manner, only to be stopped once more.

"Focus! Focus is key." She paced around the blitzball player, calming down somewhat. "If you don't focus exclusively on your spell, you'll never succeed."

"It's hard to think when you're shoutin' at me, ya?" Wakka shot back. He failed to mention that he found the breasts nearly falling out of her dress and the thigh showing through the net of belts over her left leg just as, if not more, distracting.

"Wakka, just close your eyes for a moment." He obliged, though more than a little suspicious. "Take a deep breath." He inhaled grandly. "And simply visualize your spell hitting the target."

Wakka tried. Really. He did. He tried his best. But the sound of the waves on the Besaid beach, her voice crooning to him softly ("think, think..."), the image of her pale face in his mind, their proximity... It was just too much. His eyes flew open and he let out a strangled noise of aggravation. Grabbing her by the shoulders roughly, he planted a firm kiss on her lips.

When he finally pulled back, he was somewhat exasperated to see that she had not batted an eyelid. She continued speaking as if nothing had happened. "Even if you aren't very strong with the theory of black magic, proper concentration, stance, and energy channeling will-"

Wakka gave a shout of irritation. "I'll just stick to blitzball, ya?" he yelled as he stalked off.

Lulu watched his indignant departure, and gave a half smile, wondering how long it would take him to realize that she had kissed back.

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