Author's Note: I don't anything related to Blood Ties and sincerely hope no one tries to sue me at a later date. :) This is my second story and I appreciate all the reviews from my first attempt. This time the entire story is already written and I will try to post a chapter of it every couple days. I hope you enjoy it.

Vicki's Point of View:

"I can't believe this is happening. This just can't be happening!"

That was the only coherent thought running through my mind and it had been running through it for a while. The day had started out so normally but what had happened later was anything but. If only I hadn't run out to pick up that Chinese food. If only I had just paid for it to be delivered. If only. . . . well, if only I hadn't let my life get so screwed up.

It was an important day. Today marked the twelve week anniversary since the day Coreen's heart was removed and then replaced. I had been very lucky that day and I had been able to cheat death of it's prize. The downside was that, according to Henry, I had given an IOU to the same demon that had caused the problem in the first place.

That day had been an emotionally traumatic one for both Coreen and I. For her it was because she had been possessed. Just a passenger in her own body. For me, it was being forced to try and choose between the two men in my life. Something I still hadn't been able to do.

Even with these issues, both of us had managed to move forward. We spent each day enjoying the routine we had established prior to "the incident", which was how we referred to it. Well, I guess the routine had changed a little bit. We hadn't seen either Mike or Henry since that night. Initially, I had been pretty angry with them both for not even checking in with Coreen afterwards. But in the end, that was okay, we were both doing fine on our own.

"Well, we had been doing fine on our own," I said softly to the room around me.

I had been staring straight ahead for a long time now, while these thoughts swirled in my mind. I was pointedly ignoring the noise that was going on around me. As if it wasn't there at all. If there's one thing I'm really good at, it's denial. Yet all the denial in the world wasn't going to be able to erase this day.

Dropping my gaze down into my lap, I looked at where Coreen's head rested. Her eyes were open but the spark that was her had been extinguished. Every time I looked at her I felt a pain in my chest at the reality of this loss. She was gone and I wasn't going to be able to cheat death this time.

My jeans were soaked through with her cold, congealing blood. When I had first touched her, it had been warm. I guess that was a weird thing to focus on, but it was further proof that time was passing around me. I just couldn't bring myself to care. I felt like I had been abandoned by the last person who truly knew me. Let's face it, I realize that I'm not all that easy to get to know. The very same characteristics that had once made me a fine homicide detective, were the same ones that created a barrier between me and the people around me. Besides Coreen, my mother, Mike, and Henry were the only people to whom I felt connected. Everyone else was just an acquaintance.

I was vaguely aware of people lightly touching me on my shoulder and speaking to me gently. Their words meant nothing to me. I was quickly discovering that it was a lot harder to be on this side of a murder than I had ever imagined. Everyone in the room wanted me to do the one thing that I wasn't willing to do. . . let her go. I knew intellectually that eventually I would need to let them take her away, but I wasn't ready yet. I heard the sound of a safety being released from a handgun before I even realized that the gun was in my own hand. The voices around me quieted and no one else dared touch me. Once the perceived threat was gone, numbness settled back over me and I curled down farther to rest my check on Coreen's forehead. I would protect her body from the procedures that everyone would want to perform. I only wish I had been able to protect her life as well.