Casualties Optional

Kagura was taking Sadaharu on a nice, peaceful walk--

(casualties were surprisingly low)

when HE appeared.

She dropped the leash. "Yosh! Attack, Sadaharu!"

Sadaharu looked at Okita and thought he'd make a nice appetizer, if it weren't for all the hair. Still, food was food.

He attacked, Okita side-stepped, and Hijikata found himself trapped in the mouth of a dog.

"GET IT OFF ME!" he screamed, but Okita was too busy glaring at Kagura, (and she him) to cheer Sadaharu on.

"Demon girl, what're you playing at?" Okita grumbled. Kagura pouted and crossed her arms.

"Curses. Foiled again. BWAHAHAHAHAHA." She laughed dementedly, and rather robotically, blue eyes scrunched up.

"Oi," Okita deadpanned, "Have you been watching too much T.V.? That's it, huh--"

"SOUGO, YOU BASTARD--" Hijikata was trying to pry Sadaharu's jaws apart--with no avail. Okita 'tch'ed.

"Your damn dog's useless," he grumbled in disappointment. Hijikata was still alive.

Kagura punched him in the jaw, "SHUT UP! HE'S A SENSETIVE SOUL!"

Sadaharu drooled. Hijikata screeched in horror, and clamped onto Okita's hair, "HELP ME, DAMMIT, OR I'LL MARRY YOUR SISTER."

"Moving right along, vice captain," Okita sped to the older man's side, and began petting Sadaharu, "Go right ahead. If he's dead, he can't do anything."

"Sadaharu!" Kagura called, "Drop it! You don't know where it's been!"

"SEVERAL BROTHELS," Okita yelled, loud enough for the whole street to hear. Hijikata looked livid, even as he tumbled to the ground.

"I--you--kill--" he sputtered. Okita grabbed him by the back of his coat and began dragging.

"Our date's over. Thank you for supervising."

He waved at Kagura, "I'll see you later, demon-girl. Try not to get too fat until then."

"GO FUCK A CACTUS," Kagura roared, and stomped away. Several pedestrians stared at the cute young girl with an apparently filthy mouth.