A/N: My views of the Twilight Saga, put into a short poem. Tell me what you think.

Fate brought him to me, destiny sealed our meeting.

He filled my life, my heart, he completed me.

He washed away the pain, the sorrow, the agony.

He fixed the problems I never knew existed.

He was what my heart had been searching for.

I always knew he was there, never knowing where.

I never knew I cared.

He filled the hole within me.

Filled the space I no one else ever could.

He was the missing puzzle piece.

Who knew fate was cruel.

Who knew destiny liked to see me suffer.

They sent him away, stealing my heart.

He left, leaving nothing behind, but me.

I was left with my memories.

Memories, the only thing I had left.

They weren't enough, they soon diminished.

Leaving me empty, hollow.

My soul, my heart, gone missing.

I was alone, truly alone.

That's when he was sent my way.

My sun, warming my cold soul.

My sun, replacing my eclipse.

Filling some of the space left behind.

He did his best, but it just wasn't the same.

But it was the best I had, the closest I could get.

The pain grew too great.

My sun couldn't even help.

I heard his voice, my eclipse.

He wasn't there, but I heard him.

I knew he didn't care.

I knew he didn't love me.

But my heart would always belong to him.

He would always own it, I was always his.

He returned, promising me his love.

Explaining all, telling me everything.

He showed me he had always loved me.

Leaving me, for me.

We shared the pain of separation.

Rejoicing in the reunion.

The sun was overpowered.

My eclipse won out.

The battles fought, the war won.

My heart given up fully.

The sun never stood a chance.

I will always care for him.

Just not enough, it will never be enough.