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"Miguel?" Kai asked quietly.

"Mmm?" Miguel said.

"What're you thinking about?" Miguel sighed.

"She called me papa," he said. "How am I supposed to feel about that? Are you sure she's not an experiment from-"

"I am an experiment from the future," Ren said quietly, coming into the kitchen. "You humans accidentally documented us as the past. Our civilization died because of a time warp that brought us back about two hundred and fifty years into your past."

"So you actually know us?" Kai asked. "From the future?" Ren nodded.

"This changed everything," Ren sighed. "And I'm glad." Without waiting to give the men time to question what she said, she went upstairs looking for King and Tala.

"Uncle Tala? Uncle King?" she asked knocking on the door. King opened the door for her.

"Hi Ren," he smiled. "Tala went out, did you need something?"

"No… I was just seeing if you were still here," she smiled softly. "Thanks." King nodded and watched as she went into her room. 'Is there something bothering her?' he thought with a frown. He hadn't gotten to talk much with Ren but he still felt obligated to protect her for some reason… it was like he knew her.

Ren stared in the mirror at her eyes. She was so close to having been the one to destroy Kai and Miguel... Shi-Hime had done it the first time. Then she proceded to live on with her life and being the killing machine that she was, there was no guilt.

But for Ren, it was piling up high.

"He doesn't know that I've killed him once... and that I could do it again," Ren whispered, leaning on the counter and placing her face in her hands. "How could I have killed him?"

"What do you mean, 'how'?" Shi-Hime asked, unamused. "You know exactly how we-"

"Shut up!" Ren hissed. "I am nothing like you!"

"Really?" Shi-Hime asked. "Because the way I see it, you're exactly like me."

"Don't flatter yourself," Ren said, turning around to face the proud women. "The only way that could happen would be if-"

"You took Flute's life?" Shi-Hime asked. Ren flinched.

"I was going to say if I got the allele for blue eyed blood in my blood system," Ren said. "I'm not ending Flute's life. I don't care what sort of relationship that you had with Owl. He isn't yours."

"So then he is yours?" Shi-Hime scoffed. "I don't think so."

"The only reason you got him was because you killed Flute," Ren snapped. "I do not want Owl. Owl may be mine but he is not my lover."

"He was mine!" Shi-Hime hissed, taking a threatening step closer to Ren.

"You never gave him the chance to talk to Flute," Ren said dissmissively. "And don't act like you can hurt me. We both know that this is my body."

"Miguel!" Kai's shout brought them out of their trance and so did the loud gun shots that filled the room. Ren through the door open.

"Daddy! Papa!" Ren cried, running down the stairs.

"Stay there, Ren!" Kai said, shielding Miguel with his body behind the couch. "Don't move!" Ren skidded to a halt, grabbing onto the banister so she wouldn't fall down the stairs and into the line of fire.

"I need Miguel's blood," Ren thought wildly. "I can't help anyone like this!"

"Oh my, you are pathetic," Shi-Hime said. Ren turned to glare at her.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I understand now. You haven't fully tapped into my memory, EX#012014. I'm EX#013015. I can't believe they didn't get the documents right and give your right number,"

"What's your point?" Ren asked.

"My point is that you don't need Miguel or Tala's blood to become a killer Ren. We already are killers,"

"Speak for yourself!" Ren snapped. She rushed down the stairs when the bullets ceased and ducked behind the couch with Kai and Miguel.

"Ren, what are you doing here?" Kai hissed. "Go back!"

"A little to late for that, daddy," Ren said. She saw that Miguel was bleeding on his left side. "Did it hit his heart?"

"Shoulder," Miguel winced.

"Papa..." Ren whispered. She ducked down again as another round of bullets came flying at them, some piercing through the couch. She glanced through one of the holes and her mind was made up. Hesitantly, she dabbed her fingers with Miguel's blood. Kai didn't notice her actions until her fingers were already near her lips.

"Ren, what are you doing?!" Kai asked.

"Saving you," she whispered, licking the blood off her fingers.

And then all of hell broke loose.

"Did you know she could do that?" Miguel asked, staring at Ren's unconcious body.

"No, I didn't," Kai whispered, "We need to get you two to the hospital... can you walk? Where's King and Rei?"

"Kai!" Rei shouted, running into the house with King.

"You guys got out alright?" Kai breathed in relief.

"I went with Tala and King met up with us... before this happened," Rei said.

"I'm so sorry, Kai! If I'd known-" King said.

"No, its better if you'd left," Kai said. "We need to get these two to the hospital."

"What're you thinking?" Kai asked Miguel.

"She's dangerous," Miguel said.

"She did it to save us,"

"She could have just as easily killed us,"

"But she didn't," Kai reminded him. "I'm not letting her go... I don't want to let you go but that child was in my life first-"

"I'm not going anywhere, Kai. I just think that maybe... its to hectic around here," Miguel sighed.

"What do you mean?" Kai asked.

"I've got enough to move outside of here for awhile- a few years actually... would you want to live somewhere else?" Miguel asked.

"But Ren has school and her friends-"

"She needs stability... and someone's looking for her, trying to get you and her off the map," Miguel said. Kai sighed.


"What about Russia?" Miguel asked.

"Russia is the last place he would expect me to return to," Kai said. "I'll talk about it with Ren... and in a couple of years, maybe we'll move back."

"Okay," Miguel said.

"Excuse me, Mr. Hiwatari?" a nurse asked.

"Yes?" Kai asked.

"Your daughter is awake," Kai nodded and was about to get up when Miguel got hold of his arm. Kai looked confused and then Miguel pulled him down for a kiss.

"I'm for whatever you want to do," Miguel told Kai. Kai nodded and walked across the hall into Ren's room.

"Ren?" Kai asked.

"Hi daddy," she smiled weakly.

"Hi sweetheart," Kai said, giving her a weak smile in return. "How are you feeling?"

"Terrible," Ren said. "Miguel and I don't have the same blood type so its messing with my system more then I thought it would."

"You knew that you and Miguel didn't have the same blood type?" Kai asked.

"It's why EX# 000013 failed. Miguel didn't have the right blood type," Ren yawned. "Am I going back into the ground?"

"What?" Kai frowned. "No, of course not. I was actually coming in here to talk to you about moving to Russia."

"Russia?" Ren frowned. "But Great Grandfather-"

"Call him Voltaire," Kai said. "And when he is arrested, we will come back here."



"Owl?" Ren said. The window blew open and the Celestine creature came in.

"Who's this?" Kai asked.

"My Owl," Ren said. "Where's Flute?"

"He is fine... thanks to you, my little Ren," Owl smiled. "You brought peace to this time."

"All I did was take Miguel's blood," Ren said.

"And you didn't kill Miguel and Kai this time. Last time, Shi-Hime killed them but a time warp saved them and brought us back again. Now they're safe and so are you, to do as you please," Owl said. "There is no more danger of you reverting to a killer with someone else's blood."

"Is that why it's messing with her system?" Kai asked.

"Yes it is," Owl nodded. "Hold out your arm. I'll suck out the blood for you."

"But won't it affect you too?" Kai asked.

"There is no threat for me reverting to a killer but the Celestine were never a peaceful race. We are your 'vampires' so to speak," Owl said. "Mind you, we don't do that anymore." Ren offered him her arm and he bit into it, sucking out the blood. The heart moniter began to resond and Kai could tell that her heart was back on track when Owl pulled away.

"Flute and I will be checking on you periodically, Ren," Owl said. "So we'll see you again before you take off to Russia."

At the airport-

"So you're leaving?" Kennosuke asked.

"I'll be back... in a few years," Ren said. "When they catch Voltaire."

"Who's Voltaire?" Daichi asked.

"Haven't you been listening to a word she's been saying?" Hikaru asked.

"No," Daichi said and they stared at the boy.

"Is Zeo coming?" she asked, looking around.

"Not sure," Hikaru said. "He said he'd try..." Ren nodded sadly. She understood.

"Come here," she told Kennosuke, pulling him closer to her.

"What are you-"

"Hikaru likes you too," she whispered. "Okay?" Kennosuke turned bright red.

"Why's he all red?" Daichi asked.

"No reason," Ren said.

"Ren, we're need to go soon," Kai said.

"Thanks for seeing me off guys," she said.

"Group hug!" Hikaru declared, pulling them into a hug.

"Hikaru!" Kennosuke protested.

"I can't feel my ribs..." Ren said.

"I have to go to the bathroom!" Daichi said and Hikaru and everyone else instantly let go. "Just kidding."

"Guess this is goodbye," Ren said.

"Ren, wait!"

"Zeo?!" Ren said. "How did you-?" He cut her off, pulling her into a hug, kissing her in the process.

"I'll... I'll be waiting," he panted. "Take care of yourself." Ren nodded mutely and let Kai take her hand and walk her over to Miguel, Rei, King, and the other Russians.

"Bye..." she whispered.

"You'll see them again," King coaxed.

"Whatever happened with Claude and Tyson- and his brother?" Kai asked Tala and Miguel.

"Claude said they'd probably have a job for me if they didn't shut the bookstore down," Miguel said. "And he made me promise to call him every other week or something like that..."

"Tyson and Hiro have had a very long chat and they're moving in with their grandpa," Tala said. "The kendo dude."

"And I'm leaving the task force!" Ian yawned. "I think I'll go work in a mine or something."

"They don't have any more mines to work in," Spencer said.

"Just be a CEO or something and hack everybody," Bryan sneered.

"Don't give him ideas," Rei hissed.

"Papa?" Ren asked Miguel.

"Yes, pumpkin?" he asked.

"We're coming back right?"

"Of course we are," Miguel said.

And so they moved to Russia until Ren was seventeen.

"Do you think that sometimes it was all a dream?" Kennosuke asked, his hand around Hikaru's waist.

"Couldn't be a dream!" Daichi said. "Then we'd all have had the same dream!"

"And we still contact her reguarly," Zeo reminded them.

"Yeah..." Hikaru said. "It's been what... seven, six years?"

"What's been seven or six years?" They turned around and they were greeted with familiar orange eyes.


So a little aftermath to fill you in on the six years that were missed.

Kai and Miguel got married a little after one year of moving to Russia. They both kept their last name until last year which was when Kai had full access to his accounts. Kai changed his last name to Miguel's last name. Ren kept the last name 'Hiwatari' because Kai and Miguel were unable to have children of their own and Ren would legally be able to say that she was the Hiwatari heir. This was to keep Voltaire from gaining access to Kai's inheritance again.

King and Tala also got married. King changed his last name to Ivanov. They have no children but see Rei as their child and yes, Tala still tries to give Rei the sex talk every other day. He does it to see Rei squirm.

Rei and Bryan started dating when Rei turned twenty-one. They are still going strong.

Spencer and Ian... there's not really much to say about them. They saw different people but no one ever took. Eventually, Spencer met someone on his trip to Germany, three years after moving to Russia, a certain purple haired noble if you know who I mean. Ian, true to his word, quit the task force and went to China. He became fast friends and maybe something something more with someone his age and height- Kevin.

Ren never had to worry about blue eyed people's blood turning her into a killer. Since that was safe, she decided to become a nurse later on in life. She never attempted to date anyone. Any offers she got, were turned down. She stayed in close contact with her friends from her old home. Owl and Flute checked on her reguarly. Owl and Flute had rekindled their relationship and Shi-Hime was finally able to rest. She had made sure that Owl was happy before she allowed Ren to remove her from her mind.

Voltaire was caught six years after they moved to Russia, which is why they moved back. He was found in a ditch, he had gone insane. He was given the death sentence for his crime. Boris had been shot two years before by people who had opposed Boris's work.

Kennosuke got his act together and asked Hikaru out in the ninth grade. As seen earlier, they're still together.

Daichi... well, he stayed friends with everyone and eventually joined the dojo where Tyson's grandpa trained at as an apprentice. He and Tyson fight every day but they're got along better then when they first met each other.

After Ren returned...

True to his word, Zeo had waited for her. Yes, he had had a few casual dates but they quickly lost his interest so he was never with anyone after a first or second date. Being in high school, he couldn't ask her to marry him. After graduation, he proposed.

Kennosuke and Hikaru were an on and off couple all thoughout high school. They're together now. So don't worry about that. They wouldn't get married until Ren was four months pregnant with her first child, three years into Ren and Zeo's marriage (and they're expecting just several weeks before Kevin and Ian). Zeo, was a happy, yet slightly freaked out at the thought of being a father, father.

Daichi is currently seeing someone and surprisingly, refuses to tell us.

Kai and Miguel are still going strong. They have decided to adopt a child and give Ren a sibling. Kai decided to quit the task force and work in a restaurant with Rei. He had a hidden talent for cooking and Rei was more then willing to teach him what he didn't know. Miguel became a successful author and picked his advice columnist up again. Only several of his book would hit the best sellers list but his books still sold very successfully.

Tala and King... well, Tala finally stopped giving Rei the sex talk and he is still a detective. He will retire as a detective in the fall to help out with the new arrivals. He will join King as a waiter at Kai and Rei's restaurant. They were considering adoption and it was finalized when Tala saw a little girl. They are now that child's parents and Rei has a sister, so to speak.

Rei... well, Rei was somehow able to have children and had Bryan's child- a girl- and he actually gave birth the day of Ren's graduation. Ren had recieved the text message from Kai. Luckily, she hadn't changed her name because her name was called thirty seconds before she got the text message, "Rei is in labor!" She ran off the stage the second she got her diploma shouting, "I'm an auntie!" Of course, Zeo proposed that night, several hours after the baby girl was born.

Ian's Kevin was from the same village as Rei and he was also able to have children. Ian and Kevin are expecting two boys (twins) come this fall. They were planning to get married and then they found out Kevin was pregnant. They decided to wait until their children were born but they are engaged.

Spencer and Robert hit it off really well. They are not married yet but they are engaged. They are waiting until Ren and Zeo's boy and Ian and Kevin's twins are born so they can have everybody there.

The End

"And they lived happily ever after," Miguel declared quietly, staring at his and Kai's son with a fond expression on his face.

The baby squealed in delight.

"Miguel, you're supposed to be putting the baby to sleep," Kai said, standing in the door way. Miguel smiled at him.

"Who am I to deny him a wonderfully written story based on out lives with a happy ending?" Miguel asked.

"His Papa?" Kai suggested with a smile. Miguel smiled and pulled Kai into his chest.

"I love you," Miguel said softly.

"I love you too," Kai whispered. His lips met Miguel's in a passionate kiss, which whose passion and devotion has never wavered once over the years.