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A soft, clear female voice penetrated the blackness behind her eyes as Gaia fought her way back to consciousness.

"…very tired even now. Look at the circles under her eyes." A deep voice she recognized echoed back from a lifetime away.


Bella? That's not my name. What the heck is going on here? Time lapsed behind her eyes and in a moment, she heard the deep voice again.

"Well, that's all we gathered to explain. Would you like to go home now?" Wait, explain what? I missed something here. What the hell's going on? But my body is taking forever to react. Something's wrong, they never come back at separate times. Shit, shit shit!

"I know nothing is being helped by my being here, but somehow, I prefer it to going home." The soft female voice spoke again.

"All right, let's go in." Gaia found a small indication of her voice and felt a low groan emanate from the pit of her stomach. There was a soft rustle and Gaia had to guess that more people had come in or gone because the soft voice asked

"Should I stay?"

"I think you better. I have a feeling we're all going to be laying our cards on the table soon."

It was at this moment Gaia found that her body was finally responding to her. It's about freaking time. I've been sitting here waiting on it. It can't be responsive to my mind like all the other times, noooo, that'd be too easy. And why do I have to completely collapse after a stupid little fight like that anyway? She opened her eyes quickly, but on finding they hurt, rubbed her eyelids with her palms and sat up muttering to herself.

"Damnit, I'm so sick of this crap…one little surge and wham…" only to find herself being irresistibly pushed back down.

"Careful, you've been out for a while." She tried to focus on the man in front of her, but the light from the house coming from behind him silhouetted his face and made it impossible to see his features. She shook her head.

"It's nothing new." She felt the weight of his hand vanish and sat up again. Thank god for that. Felt like I was being pushed by a gentle elephant. No way would I've managed against that. She looked around her. The seat under was soft, smooth and supple. It was a car-and a luxury one at that. Everyone in front of her was hard to see, but she could vaguely make out their features in the dim light. Every one of them was extremely beautiful. In one corner, she recognized the boy she'd caught in her house just that morning.

"How did I end up here?" It was nice of them to bring me here, but if they're all as strong and dangerous as that guy in the corner, I would've been safer in a ditch. She waited, but instead of hearing about the fight and why they had brought her here, the girl who looked like a pixie and the one who must've been Bella launched into similar stories about dreams they'd both had involving her. At first, she didn't listen too carefully. A couple of whacked out girls having dreams that some other girl is going to come into town and blow their lives out of the water. Uh, yeah. Whatever. As Alice and Bella talked though, she became more and more aware of what they were saying. Edward leaving Bella, an unmarked van with all the family and the werewolves inside…An unmarked van. Just like the crap Oliver used to pull on me, except minus the limo. Games. But with individuals as strong as these vampires, that shouldn't be a problem. Unless…what if Loki does track me? If he has a new weapon, something big, this could pose a serious problem. And these two are so convinced that they're in danger. But by a pair of dreams? Odd coincidence maybe, but deadly warning? There's something more to this. Alice and Bella had finished speaking. Dreams. If they're true then that means everyone in this room thinks I'm a danger to them-what I tried telling so many people for so long, these two knew before they'd even met me. Danger and destruction follows me, so many have died, and some have had their former innocent lives ripped away from them. She immediately thought of Sam and how her influence had meant he'd gone from a promising medical student to a bartender at a restaurant somewhere in Manhattan. All because they didn't know how dangerous it would be to be near me. Emotion choked her throat-not in sorrow for the past, but indescribable fury that she'd been unable to help them, or at least get the hell out of their lives before they were wrecked.

"So…by me coming here…you think you're in danger? And that's why you followed me?"

"That's the basic gist of it." They knew I was dangerous. They tailed me and they watched what happened. GODDAMNIT, WHY COULDN'T THIS HAVE HAPPENED EARLIER TO PEOPLE I CARED SO MUCH ABOUT?! She ranted and raved in her head like a madwoman. Gradually, she felt herself becoming calmer and saner. There's no point in losing my head about this. This is what I was trying to prevent with Dr. Lehman and I know there was nothing I could do at the time. Even as weird as I am, there are still many things an over-muscled, fast, intelligent and fearless teenager still can't do. Like stop her madman of an uncle. But even so, I'm not buying that they were suspicious of me based just on dreams. That's too crazy.

"All right, I can understand that. But why would you do all this based on two dreams?" She watched calmly as Edward spoke up.

"I was going to talk with you in the morning about this, and technically, it is morning-albeit early. But I asked you before-do you know what we are?" She looked at them all, remembering all their strange qualities and her memory flashed back to the old stories of Dracula, Nosferatu and the bizarre tales of human-esque creatures who weren't quite living, but drank the blood of humans. There were too many to be entirely fictional. Though it still sounds completely nuts-even in my own head.

"It'll sound crazy, but if I'm right, it'll still make sense." She paused a moment to solidify her belief that what she was about to say wasn't completely off-the-wall cuckoo.

"You're Vampires."

The silence following her statement was palpable, but after a time, Alice spoke and revealed the truth of what Gaia had guessed. Figures, I escape a madman who thinks I should be his daughter, get kidnapped loads of times, make it through the FBI program, track down killers and what do I find? Vampires. What the hell is the deal with my Life?! She tuned back in to hear Alice explaining about their diets-how they were "vegetarian vampires" When they called the other vampires in, Gaia decided she didn't like Rosalie much-far too full of herself. Being a vampire, I guess she can be. Gaia had guessed Alice's ability, but Edward's took her aback. A mind reader. God, I can't imagine how much Kim would pay to meet this guy. But oh, shit! She moved away from him slightly.

"So you knew what I was thinking this whole time?" Fear didn't work for her, but privacy was something she valued highly. To have it stripped away…

"Only bits and pieces." Edward replied. Gaia was relieved, but still didn't want him knowing those bits and pieces. That was far too much information given away as it was.

"Use your ability on people who don't know about it. It makes me angry." She suddenly felt her anger dissipate. As she felt it go, she focused in on the corner. This wasn't natural. A male voice piped up from the shadowed figure she was looking toward.

"I believe that leads us to my…ah…talent. I sense and to some extent can control emotions." He moved into the light and Gaia could see he was a blonde-shorter than most of his siblings, but with an air of determination and frustration none of the rest had. Oh, shit. He can read WHAT?! She fought against leaning away from him as he bent and whispered in her ear.

"I think we should talk later." Her head bowed. The moment she'd heard what he could do, she knew the gig was up. But the rest of them may not know. So I don't think it's out in the open just yet.

She found that Rosalie-the pretty one-didn't really have any special abilities, but Carlisle was an exceptional doctor. He examined her hand before everyone decided to split. With just a few of them in the garage, Bella started shivering. It is like a fridge in here. But how on earth did a human like Bella end up with this group? I know Edward can't read her mind, but is that enough to merit being part of this group? To be an exception? A freak? Jeez, it sounds exactly like the FBI. Big group of freaks. But whether or not they're good…well, we'll see. Since Bella was cold, they all decided to move into the house.

When they got inside, Gaia was surprised to find the house spacious, well-lit and very comfortable. It made her feel easy enough to relax and joke with Jasper about the decoration. After a little of that, he asked that Edward and Bella leave the room and asked Edward not to read his mind. Thank god there is some level of privacy. Though, he can probably sense my relief right now. Gotta watch that. Jasper turned to her and spoke in a low voice.

"So Gaia, you move fast enough to catch up with werewolves, you have exceptional vision, you caught a vampire in your home, you managed to hurt said vampire, you know field surgery, you can read in at least 3 languages-though I'm betting there's more in your arsenal, you clearly have a past you're not showing, you can fight, and all this is wrapped up in a model's body. I can accept this." She stared back at him, no longer pretending to fight anything he'd said. She knew what was coming, but knew she couldn't prevent him from saying it.

"But explain to me how you never experience fear." Gaia sat still for a long time, trying to puzzle out what to say to him. Finally, she spoke.

"Jasper-isn't it?" He nodded. "All right, you really should know the full truth since you already know part of it. I was born lacking the gene that would cause me to feel fear. I spent a long time trying to figure out how to feel it, but when I got the chance, it made my life worse. Happy now?" Jasper looked at her puzzled.

"You didn't like sharing that with me. It was very hard for you. Why?" Gaia snorted derisively.

"Come on Jasper, use your brain. If everyone had your ability and could see I didn't have fear, think how many insane tests they would run on me, how prized my blood would be, what a wreck my life would become. Cause I gotta tell you, thanks to this freak accident of my genetics, it hasn't exactly been a cakewalk." He nodded.

"I can tell." She furrowed her brows at him.

"How? Reading my emotions won't tell you everything." Jasper took a long breath.

"Look, we didn't tell you everything about last night." Gaia nodded. "You never did explain to me what happened after the fight and how I ended up here." Jasper looked embarrassed as he explained.

"Well, after you met up with Edward, he came back and told us about you. You may have broken your hand on his face, but you shouldn't have been able to hurt him at all. That doesn't happen when a human confronts a vampire. Besides Alice and Bella's dreams, we thought it would be in our best interest to keep an eye on you. So we followed you to Seattle." Gaia watched him quietly, but rage was bubbling up in the pit of her stomach. Jasper could feel it and sent out calm throughout the room, but that still didn't interfere with her thoughts.

Fuck. It's not like they're strong enough, fast enough or good-looking enough. They had to put a tail on me. And shit! I didn't even notice! Jasper continued his narrative.

"We followed you and watched you for the evening. Between me reading your emotions and the snippets that Edward got from your thoughts, we understood your past to be far less than normal. But Gaia…" He struggled as he fought to keep her anger down. "We don't know the story of your past-not what actually happened; we just got the general sense that a lot more than what's normal has happened to you. Ok?" He felt her relax a little and pressed on.

"When you turned that corner, we saw the rapists-they were rapists, make no mistake, but before we could do anything, you attacked them and we saw what you would've done to Edward if he'd been human and in your house. When the last one pointed the gun at you, we were too far away to have done anything, no matter how fast we may be. And when you dropped, you can't even imagine how furious we were to fail at protecting you like that. But we were wrong. Neither I nor Edward could believe it when the bullet missed you and hit the thug behind you instead, or when you took the gun from the guy, or when you pointed it at him and told him to run, or when you emptied the clip into the wall behind him and made only one entrance hole…But when we tailed you to your car, you put your head against the wheel and stopped moving, we didn't know what to think. So, after some deliberation, Edward took you in the car and brought you here." Gaia was silent, letting her thoughts whirl around her head. The first and foremost was; Huh, guess that damn tendency of mine to pass out has some good effects after all. But how dare they interfere like this? It's so wrong; I can take care of myself! Another thought occurred to her and she focused in on him.

"Where's my car now? It's a rental," but Jasper was waving his hands.

"Don't worry; it's back at your place now. Gaia, what do you do for a living?" She fixed him with a steely glare.

"What makes you think that's any of your business?" Jasper tightened his lip.

"Gaia, you do code-breaking, you know field surgery, you speak at least 3 languages and there's something in your recent past about serial killers. If you have anything that will influence the future of this family, we need to know about it." She glared at him a bit longer before speaking.

"Look, I might've had a lot of crap happen in my past, but that doesn't mean it's going to affect you all."

"No, perhaps not, but if someone comes here hunting for you and finds out about us, we might have a problem on our hands, especially if Alice and Bella's dreams are true and it's actually a threat to us here, or to any of the humans in town." All right, concern for your family, I can understand that. And I suppose if I really didn't want them to know anything, I wouldn't have told him why I have no fear. If they turn on me though, I'm going to have to do everything in my power to get out of here. But with my connections, even against vampires, I should be safe. Again, she decided to throw caution to the wind.

"I'm an FBI agent. But I think the real concern for you shouldn't be either this or foreign governments, but my uncle."

"Your uncle?"

"Fucking psycho maniac. He'll stop at nothing to get a hold of me or my blood. If he finds out about you or the werewolves, he'll stop at nothing to possess you either." Jasper smirked a little.

"I think we can handle our own against one human." Gaia shook her head.

"Not one. Legions of well-paid, bloodthirsty sickos." Jasper looked at her oddly.

"You really think he'll be that much of a threat to us? With that, he strode across the room, picked up a china vase and crushed the entire thing to powder.

"Esme didn't like that vase much anyway." He remarked casually. Gaia smiled.

"Maybe not, but you'd be the first he didn't affect." She yawned widely.

"I think I'd best be getting back to my place. Is there anything else you want with me tonight?" Jasper shook his head.

"I'll drive you back." With that, he moved-or was it glided-to the front door and held it open for her. Gaia moved through it and waited for him. He led her to the garage, and told her to wait outside. As he moved the sleek car out, Gaia's eyebrows shot to her hairline again. She'd known she was in a luxury car before. She had no idea that it was such a rare and expensive one though. As the door opened and she slid in, even she couldn't help noting the smooth leather seats, roomy interior or the powerful thrum of the engine. As it sped off, Jasper opened the window, pushed his face out and remarked casually, "Sorry, I forgot about your sleep schedule." Gaia smiled.

"What, don't vampires sleep?" When he turned serious eyes on her, she knew it was true.

"Really? You don't? Weird. I would've killed for that in training." Jasper smiled.

"Would you like to know more about us?" Gaia nodded.

"You guys are really interesting. Besides, for all the snooping you did, you owe me." Jasper inclined his head a little and began talking. He described their sleeping habits, their inability to feel most pain, their speed, strength, family history, diet, abilities…absolutely everything about vampires. When he reached a tale about the Volturi, Gaia stopped him.

"You mean there are more of you?"

"Oh, yes. Not loads anymore, but a good number. The Volturi are our sort of ruling class. They're among the oldest living now and are in Italy." Gaia was quiet. A ruling class of vampire. If that isn't dangerous and potential trouble in a nutshell, I don't know what is. By the time she'd finished musing to herself about the possible implications about this, the car had rolled up to her door. She let herself out and went around to the drivers side.

"Thanks for the ride Jasper. Think you're going to continue tailing me or should I not expect a truthful answer about that?" Jasper gave her a wry smile.

"You know, I don't know right now. We'll be in touch though."

"Ok, good. And tell the next vamp that needs information to ring the doorbell." She smiled, Jasper nodded and Gaia vanished into the dark house. As she brushed her teeth, the days events hit her like a brick. I went to Seattle, nearly got raped, was brought back by a family of vampires in fear for their skin and am now something like friends with them. This is a little too weird right now. She managed to sling off her sweatshirt before flopping on her bed and resigning herself to getting some sleep.

When Jasper got back, the whole family-except Esme-was waiting for him. Slowly, he recounted his interview with Gaia. Though he'd left the room, Edward admitted to having posted Alice at the door to make sure Jasper didn't lose control with Gaia.

"We understand the smell is hard. Gaia doesn't smell terribly unusual, but every human, especially so close, is a test." Edward was just turning to Bella to say he would take her home now since it'd been no longer a night for her than it had been for Gaia when Esme appeared in the room. Her brown hair was a mess and she had a wide-eyed look of fear in her eyes.

"The dream has happened and we've got an enormous problem now."