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It was sixth period English, and Arnold had had about enough.

He grumbled to himself as he watched Phoebe and Gerald, making 'googoo-eyes' (although to him, they looked more like they had just been possessed, but who was he to judge?) from across the room. He sighed heavily, just loud enough for the two to hear. Oddly enough, there was a similar sigh just a few feet behind him. He turned around to see Helga G. Patacki, blonde hair with black undertones mussed up into a messy bun, crossing her arms with pure irritation. It might be the one time Arnold could ever empathize with Helga.

From the looks of it, Helga's 'screw the world' attitude had not subsided over the past eight years. She wore a blatant scowl on her face almost constantly, and she still used that tone of voice that scared everyone within a ten-foot radius. However, at least the pink stage was over.

Helga wore a simple white wife beater, dark blue jeans, and low top Converse shoes. She chewed a big, pink piece of gum as she twirled one half-black, half-blonde strand of hair around her finger. Some boys in her grade would say she was a 'looker', however most of those boys were too afraid to go near her. Sure, she plucked the unibrow and grew a few inches (not just in height), but she was still Helga.

Phoebe also seemed to sprout change once the P.S. 118 entered high school. Her former jet-black, short bob grew out to about her rib cage. It was straight as a pin, and shiny as a whistle. Excuse the cheesy similes.

At the start of middle school, she had ditched the glasses for a pair of light turquoise contacts that were absolutely mesmerizing. She was wearing a dark blue tank top with knee length shorts and a pair of black sandals to match. Along with Helga, Phoebe was not one to dress over-the-top. In fact, Helga and Phoebe often shared each other's clothes, seeing as they had grown to be about the same size (although Phoebe was somewhat shorter).

Phoebe and Helga were not the only ones to stay true to each other. Arnold and Gerald were still best friends as well, going on a solid thirteen-year friendship. Gerald cut the high top to a low top, just a few inches above his head. He was captain of Hilwood High's Thundercats' basketball team, while Arnold just played for the team (along with Sid, while Stinky and Harold joined football instead).

Arnold eventually ditched the kilt halfway through the seventh grade, and began wearing simple clothing items like blue jeans and a black T-shirt, or white, or whatever color. Arnold was not the stylish one of the group he belonged to, but his look just… suit him. It was purely Arnold.

As for Arnold's living situation, his parents still hadn't come home. He hadn't lost hope, but it was slowly waning. Miraculously, his grandpa and grandma were still alive, and there were still some boarders left from elementary school, such as Oskar, Suzie, and Ernie. Mr. Hyunh unfortunately moved into his own apartment once he got a job for the local newspaper. He visited often, though. They also had one new boarder, Forrest Townsend, a businessman from Phoenix, Arizona. He was a personable man in his twenties, who just couldn't seem to hold a girlfriend. Most of the time, he was going out on dates, and the rest of the time he was working. Although Arnold didn't see so much of him, he seemed like an older brother to Arnold. He was a good addition to the boarding house family.

The rest of the P.S. 118 gang had not changed drastically. Sid still rested a backwards cap over his stringy hair, and he still was the 'rebel' out of the group. Rhonda was still filthy rich, but they all put up with her anyway. Although, she had caught on to a new color: royal blue ("Red is so last season." She explained). As explained before, Stinky and Harold were both on the Thundercats' football team. Meaning, Harold was still large and Stinky was still taller than most average people. They made a good team. Eugene still had mushy red hair, the classic sandals and sock combination, and with no surprise, was the head of the Theater Company.

One drastic change did appear in one strange individual: Thaddeus Gamelthorpe, or as he was more commonly known, Curly. Picture this: 4th grade Curly, minus the glasses and the odd haircut, plus about two feet and four octaves lower voice-wise. This is what Thaddeus "Curly" Gamelthorpe looked like now. He had grown out of his awkward stage and into a tall, average built high school junior with scruffy jet-black hair and holes in his jeans. There was just one setback to this glorious miracle. He was still just as crazy as he was in elementary school, if not crazier. And yes, he still had a crush on Rhonda.

And so, Helga sat in English class along with Arnold, staring at Phoebe and Gerald pass notes frivolously back and forth, giggling every few moments. The two blondes were utterly unamused.

"Helga?" Mr. Simmons asked (yes, he transferred to Hilwood High just one year before the P.S. 118 gang arrived). Helga snapped her head towards Simmons and sneered.


"I think you should be paying attention, because this information will be on the test," He replied timidly to Helga's snap. She rolled her eyes, popped her gum and picked away at one bright pink nail. If she had to look at Phoebe bite her bottom lip one more time, she would bite it off for her. The girl was a loony when she had a crush.

Luckily, the bells were in Arnold and Helga's favor. The monotonous ringing prompted a few utter sighs of happiness. It was lunchtime.

After getting out of the lunch line, the gang headed to their daily table. Helga sat down next to Phoebe, who was across from Gerald, who sat next to Arnold. The four of them were oddly quiet, while the rest of the table filled with idle chatter. Helga impatiently took a bite of her sub sandwich, as did Arnold. Their two friends were still making eyes at each other.

"Okay, we all know you two have something going on, you might as well just get on with it," Helga snapped. Phoebe turned a shade of red that matched the tomatoes in her sandwich. Gerald simply dropped his jaw; all while a glob of food was still inside of it.

"Helga! No one was supposed to know that!" Phoebe sharply whispered. By now, the rest of the table had become interested.

"Please, Phoebe. They all knew, right guys?"

"Psh, I knew before they did!" Rhonda snorted, taking a sip of her mineral water with a smidgen of mint flavoring added.

"You mean it was supposed to be a secret?" Chimed in Sid. If possible, Phoebe's face grew even redder. All Helga could do was giggle. She loved being the bearer of bad news.

"Helga, don't you think you could have said that a little quieter?" Arnold asked. Helga blew a blonde strand of hair away from her face.

"Shove it, football head. If I didn't say something soon, I might've gouged my own eyes out with a spoon. Their sick, nerdy flirting was getting to the best of me, and I know I wasn't the only one, Arnoldo,"

Arnold sighed. Eight years, and those silly nicknames hadn't worn off yet. But she was right; he was beginning to feel his breakfast in his throat every time he watched their gooey love fests.

All the while, Phoebe had successfully broken the world record for reddest face, and Gerald had just began eating again, trying to block out all other conversations. Once in a while, they caught each others eye for a split second, but they always reverted back to what they were doing.

Finally, lunch ended. Both Arnold and Helga thanked the stars they had separate classes, away from each other and away from the lovebirds. And that was how the rest of the day went by.

As soon as school let out, the juniors rushed to their lockers. As if there wasn't enough drama in their lives, the gang wanted to see Phoebe and Gerald's dilemma play out as if it was a soap opera. And they were in luck.

"Phoebe, you know what they said at lunch was right," Gerald said timidly. Phoebe nodded, her hands glued behind her back and her eyes set on a spot on Gerald's t-shirt. Little did they know, the rest of their friends were just around the corner, hearing every word they were saying.

"So I was just wondering… Would you be my girlfriend?"

Phoebe's breath caught in her throat like a fly in a spider's web. She knew her answer was a definite "Yes! Yes! Oh God, yes!" but she couldn't bring herself to answer with such enthusiasm.

"Um, sure," She smiled weakly, but it quickly faded when she heard commotion and cheering behind her back.

"It took you two long enough! We've been waiting since the fourth grade for you guys," Curly cheered, "Now it's just a matter of time before my sweet Rhonda realizes I'm the one for her," He swooned hopefully. Rhonda, standing right next to him, rolled her eyes. She was used to this sort of thing from Curly.

Arnold came up behind Rhonda and patted Gerald on the back, although he wasn't completely sure about him and Phoebe dating. However, he shoved that thought deep into the depths of his mind, hoping to forget it for now.

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