Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to Ryuusei no Rockman. This is fic based of the amine, using Japanese names. For those of you who argue 'Burai' was the English name, when you take into consideration the phonetics of Japanese, the name can be translated 'Burai' or 'Bly'. So just choose the one you like best.

The nights are long when you are your only companion. Morning is always far in coming, not that a new day will matter. I do not know exactly how many years have elapsed since the sealing of Ra Mu. When I first awakened, I could not remember much, but as the days pass, it slowly returns. I remember a peaceful Mu civilization, once a flourishing utopia where humans and Denpa life forms lived among each other. I once had companions I could call friends. Their faces have yet to fade from my mind's eye… as have many things.

However, ambition is too powerful among creatures that peace should be eternal. That sorrowful day in the history of Mu brought the destruction of all I ever considered dear to me. Ra Mu became too tyrannical to be tolerated, and, in order to protect Earth and its inhabitants, the council decided he was to be sealed. This product came at a great cost, though; our continent would be separated from Earth, effecting the obliteration of Mu's inhabitants. It was determined I would be confined with Ra Mu as a guardian of the seal.

As my friends expended all their power to imprison the beast, Mu crumbled. All I could do was destroy the viruses that attempted to stem my friend's efforts until the fateful moment arrived. My home fell before my eyes, everything I knew. Was it really worth it? I would not allow my doubts to cloud my resolve and I rushed to the inner chamber. To insure Ra Mu could not escape, I fell into a coma as the portal shut; as my companions vanished; as my future was sealed with that monster.

I never expected to awaken. In fact, I wished not to, as I knew what it would mean. But now, several thousand years later, one of the great OOPARTS, three vessels of Ra Mu's power used in binding him, had been activated. It was my duty to assure Ra Mu was never revived; it was what my friends had died to confirm. The Earthlings were ignorant of what the chaos their curiosity and selfishness could unleash. Thus far, they are innocent, but I must retrieve the OOPART… at whatever cost.

Life as it was can never return, but I will see to it that Earth never endures the torture I have survived. For that is who I am, the guardian of the ancient seal. I am the sole survivor of Mu. I am the lone soldier, Burai. I am Solo!