Summary: Together Forever...that doesn't seem possible now. Not when I'm starting to despise the way you've become Otani... RisaxOtani

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Chapter one: Normal life?

Koizumi Risa sighed, or rather Mrs. Otani Risa sighed. She stared sadly down to the plate of food in front of her. The house was deadly quiet and you could hear the sound of a car passing by. She sluggishly played with her food thinking of how much better it would be if she had some company.

However Otani was out again. He's always out now. Never home. He leaves at the crack of dawn and comes home midnight. He's always tired too. Goes straight to sleep. In fact sometimes he barely notices she's there. She was almost like a shadow to him. He's also always grumpy because of his lack of sleep. Usually if she tries to talk to him he'll snap. So now she just gives him a smile if he notices her.

If he notices her. He use to always notice her. She's easy to notice after all. I mean she was pretty tall. Pushed to five feet and nine inches now. But he doesn't seem to. Just that he's tired. He's just tired. That was always the reason. But it does hurt her. Not to get noticed by him. They were in a relationship right? Hell they were married now. Married for eight years in fact. Wouldn't it make sense to socialize with each other at least just once a day?

But he's tired. So she let's him climb into bed with out a word. He has his own room too. He insisted upon it saying that he needed some relaxation and if they slept together she would definitely wake him up. So they slept in different rooms.

While he slept she went downstairs to make his bento for tomorrow. She felt it was the wife's job to make his lunch. She cooked fairly well and she had plenty of practice with Nobuko and Chiharu. So when he'd wake up to get back to work he'd just grab it and go. But he said he didn't need a bento. Argued that it would be cold by the time he ate it. He'll just order out instead. So the bento making stopped.

Before he came home much earlier. Usually at six or six thirty in the evening. Then she'll be there with a smile and a cup of tea to welcome him home. She had tried to soothe his stress once he came home later with the same routine. A smile, a kiss, a cup of tea, and a cheery, "Welcome home!" He always seemed to enjoy it before. Now he said differently. He said that he didn't need it anymore. He had tea at work. So that stopped.

Before he went to work a little later. Nine in the morning. By the time he would get down she would have his breakfast. They would chat while they eat and she would be there to bid him a good day. That is what a wife would do right? Wish their husbands a good day with a kiss and a beautiful smile. Now that he goes to work at five in the morning it gets harder. She tried once to keep it like that. She felt that it was unhealthy to skip breakfast and go completely to work. But he said that she didn't have to do it. He could just go grab coffee in the store. So she was forced to stop.

Risa sighed. She wasn't even sure what Otani does at work anymore. He actually took a business job. It involved still working with using the English language and all that but more into stressful deals with other companies. He was head of it now and made quite a lot. She glanced around the dining room. It could be three times bigger than her room as a teenager and it was only the dining room. Otani had it made with the best of the best. The best curtains. The best wood for the cabinets. The best bar he could find. The largest table he could get his hands on. Elegant chairs. Family pictures hung on every wall. He had his whole house made with the best materials he could find. He was so proud of it. So proud.

But to her it was like some prison. It was beautiful but she found it dull and unexciting. It wasn't beautiful to her. It's just a dungeon but it was home. It was a silent home. So quiet. She didn't like it. She hated silence but who could she talk to? The maids and butlers just came in their time. To cook, to clean, to take care of the house while she was at work. Her friends had their own jobs and she dared not to bother them. It would be rude.

And her children. Their children were in school. Not now though. They were with Nobu's tonight for a sleepover. Her two boys loved their Auntie and Uncle's house. So much fun. She liked it too. Not like her own house. So she tried to always bring the boys to Nobu's to play with her own children. They were best of friends so of course they end up having fun.

Her oldest, Kazuki, and her youngest, Tenshi, were the pride of her life. They were much like Otani and herself. Determined, courageous, rather klutzy but they were smart. And the had the looks. Luckily they inherited her DNA and were able to be taller than average height for their age. She was sure that they would be an eye catch when they grow up.

She worried though. She worried about the time Otani spends with his own son. They barely know him. It was sad to know little about your own father. He was just a man that they knew to call father. Not dad. Father. They knew that he worked hard for them at least. They also were quick to notice their height differences. She had explained and explained and her two little boys accepted that fact. They were like her in many ways. She was glad that they had inherited the way she thinks. They do what they think is right and accept things for what they are.

She felt that she had taught her children pretty well. However she still needed Otani's help. She couldn't raise her children without his presence. He use to help her before that promotion. That was years ago though. Four years ago. When Kazuki was just four and Tenshi was three.

She sighed and deposited the rest of the food in the garbage. She stopped a moment staring at it. Otani's favorite food. She shook her head. He won't eat it. He should have ate by now anyway. So she threw it out and left the dishes in the dishwasher for the maids to clean tomorrow.

Just as she headed upstairs to get ready for bed the door opened. She made her way to the front where she found her beloved husband hanging up his coat. Isn't he early today? "Otani," she called finally gaining his attention, "aren't you early today?"

Otani kicked off his shoes and answered, "Yeah I am. Where are the kids?" Risa followed him into his study just next to the stairs, "They're at Nobu's tonight."

"Ah," he answered simply taking out his laptop. Risa stared down at the floor. She wasn't exactly sure what to say now. I mean this is their first time talking in about a week, "Got a lot of work to do?" she asked.

"Yeah," he muttered taking dozens upon dozens of papers from his desk drawers. Risa sighed and nodded, "Okay well then I'll go to sleep now." She turned to leave almost hoping he'll say something. Anything. Ask for a cup of tea. Coffee. Anything?

"Okay," he answered as he began to type. She shook her head and left the room. As she began to close the door she remembered about Chiharu and Suzuki's son's birthday party. He was turning five in a week and they were invited of course. She considered whether asking Otani but she was sure he'll reject it.

Well she should try right? So she pushed the door open again and said, "Otani?" Otani looked up briefly before continuing his work, "What?" Risa bit her lip before continuing, "It's Taichi's birthday in a week. Can you come?"

Otani glanced up at her again, "Who?"

Risa forced in a fake smile, "You know. Chiharu and Suzuki's son," she answered. He doesn't even know his own friend's children. Does he know that Nobu's expecting soon? No. He wouldn't.

"I have work," he answered monotonously turning back to his computer. Risa gave another sigh, "Okay. Well next month I was planning a family outing. We should to the beach with the boys. Can you make it?" she asked hopefully.

The clicking of the keyboard was heard for a few moments before Otani answered rather coldly, "No I can't." Risa's view looked to the ground. She knew it. So another family outing with him then. She could feel tears coming but she kept them in, "I see. Well it's okay then. Maybe next time."

"Yeah," Otani answered and Risa closed the door. She stared hopelessly at the ground as she made her way up to her room. Her room was big like every other room here but it felt nothing like a real room. Nothing like a place she had as a teenager. It was just a place to sleep. She snuggled into bed holding back tears.

"Otani," she sniffed out quietly, "when will you ever spend time with your family?" Finally the tears fell and she let out small sobs all night. But this was not odd. She almost always cries at night.


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