A/N: It's my first fanfic in a long time, and I'm very excited about it. The idea is that it will be a story told/read by Haruhi to her daughters starting directly after the end of the anime. I based it on the idea that Kyouya and Tamaki would have a problem if their fathers began fighting over whom Haruhi would wed. It's probably been done before, but I'd like to put my spin on it. Hope you enjoy!

Or So They Say

By: Rae

-An "Ouran High School Host Club" Fanfiction-

Haruhi Fujioka wandered slowly into the rather cheery bedroom carrying a worn-out book. Stepping gingerly through the toys and books flung helter-skelter throughout the room, she made a mental note to have Asai clean her bedroom more frequently. Thinking nothing of the rather garish collection of dolls and other toys, Haruhi looked towards the bed where two pairs of bright eyes watched her progress.

Sighing softly, she sat carefully on the double bed, scooting backwards until her back reached the wall. Seated thus, she opened her arms, and the two launched themselves at her, one on either side.

"Are you going to read the story, Mommy?" Asai asked with a grin on her face.

"Don't leave anything out," Kabuki said. Her large eyes seemed to accentuate the adorable pout on her lips even as her mother marveled over the keen resemblance to herself.

Sitting between the two girls, Haruhi closed her eyes as they continued their normal routine of requests and admonishments. She began, as usual, to think about the past, wondering how she had come to this point.

When the room grew silent, Haruhi opened her eyes, smiling down into the two expectant faces. Reaching forward for the book she'd sat in front of her, she pulled it onto her lap, extending her feet out in front of her. The book, a rather nondescript, brown journal, really, was worn from fingers smoothing over it's leather surface time and time again.

Opening to the first page, Haruhi glanced at the loving writing that seemed to caress each page. Feeling a bit more nostalgic, she held the book up to her nose, indulging in the scents it contained. Then, shaking her head slightly, she looked down to her daughters, waiting quietly at her side.

"All right," she began, "we'll read the first chapter tonight, but then you have to go to sleep. You don't want your father to get angry at you for waking up grumpy, do you?"

"No, Mama," the girls chorused, in perfect harmony with one another.

Smiling, Haruhi turned another page and began to read:

"After the dance, the two lived happily ever after, or so they say. It wasn't a typical fairy tale ending, though, not for these two. They could never do anything normally."

A grin on Asai's face and matching giggle from Kabuki reminded Haruhi of a certain pair of friends she had once known. Smiling herself, she continued to read.

"As the poor commoner danced with the fairy prince," Here she grimaced slightly before continuing, "she wondered what would happen after the dance. However, as commoners are wont to do, she pushed it to the back of her mind and decided to simply enjoy the dance.

"The prince, however, was already considering his options, and the commoner in his arms was making it painfully difficult to focus on what was going to happen now. Feeling rather annoyed but still happy with the heroic commoner, the prince decided it was time for her to move to another. Twirling her away from him, the prince bowed respectfully even as the next prince moved in to claim the commoner.

"The commoner, now quite dizzy from all the twists and turns she had made, looked up dazed into the eyes of her new prince. His violet eyes sparked with excitement as he took hold of her delicate hand. Wrapping his arm around her, he carefully placed his hand just below her shoulder blades as he led her into the waltz. Finally getting the hang of this dancing thing, the commoner, now a commoner princess, allowed the prince to lead her around the romantically lit dance floor, smiling happily as they moved.

"At the same time, two kings sat high in a tower watching the proceedings. Grinning at the children below, they watched the two princes dancing with the commoner princess, and they talked about life in the kingdoms they owned.

"Surprisingly, one of the kings mentioned that he had recently lost his throne when a mysterious man managed to take over, but even more surprisingly, he said, was the fact the man asked him to continue his reign. When he realized who the man was, the king said, he was shocked with how easily the man had gained power, and, he added, how it felt to have your kingdom stolen by your own son.

"The second king, in awe of the first's princely son, took a moment before launching into his own tale. This, a rather romantic one, was naturally about his own son, the prince now dancing with the commoner. His son, he told the other king, had the greatest chance in his life: to go back and visit the mother he'd been forced to abandon. However, it was a chance that would cost him his freedom; this chance would make him join in marriage with a woman he did not love.

"The son, not knowing he would see his mother, accepted the proposal simply because his grandmother--a woman the second king said hated her grandson--told him to do it. The son was a rather dull sort, really, his father said, and did not realize his grandmother simply refused to accept him. So, wanting to please his grandmother, he accepted her terms, tried to abandon his friends, and walked to the waiting carriage where his fiance awaited him.

"'But you said he tried to abandon his friends,' the first king said.

"'He tried,' the second replied, 'and utterly failed. The commoner followed him out, racing quickly to catch him. And when she finally did, she made a mistake and fell off the bridge the two carriages were on.'

"The commoner hurtled down to the depths of the river, but before she could land, the prince's arms curled round her small frame, shielding her from the brunt of the fall. The two survived the fall, sinking into the depths of the water before the prince pulled the commoner out of the water and onto dry ground again. The fiance, watching the touching scene, finally realized she had lost the game, and turning her carriage towards home, she mused on the prince's loss.

"'Even so,' the first king said, 'this commoner truly is a refreshing girl. She so easily rescued your son, and even my own has changed lately.'

"'How right you are,' the second agreed. 'I am amazed at her ability to win the hearts of those around her, and I cannot wait to introduce her to the rest of the family.'

"'Whatever do you mean,' the first politely asked. 'She will certainly be meeting the rest of my family, as the future fiance of my son.'

"'No, no, dear friend,' the second king interjected. 'I simply cannot allow this commoner to wed anyone but my own son. And if you insist, I will say that our friendship can no longer last, for I will fight to claim this commoner for my son.'

"The two bickered in a way only two old kings could do, and thus, the competition began. It was truly a tragic sight, the two kings holed up in their tower, hovering over the commoner princess who sat between her two princes, smiling happily now that the worst was over.

"As the kings went their separate ways to plot how they would convince the young princess to join their families, the commoner princess finally made her way back to her home with her father. Stumbling into bed at such a late hour was unusual for her, but she was pleased nonetheless. Her eyes drifted shut wearily but not before a thought crossed her mind, 'I'm so glad that's over. Now what can I make for dinner tomorrow?'"

Haruhi quietly closed the book even as her brow knit in consternation. What kind of person had written such a beginning to their story? One word escaped her mouth: "Tamaki."

Glancing down, she smiled softly at the two girls sleeping soundly at her side. Knowing they slept heavily, she began to make her way off the bed, book in hand. Setting it aside once she stood, she turned to move the girls under the covers. Pulling down the lacy coverlet on the bed, she tucked her arms under Asai, picked her up, and gently laid her onto the bed. After doing the same with Kabuki, she pulled the covers over the sleeping girls, a soft smile on her face as Kabuki and Asai turned toward one another in their sleep.

Picking her way out of the room, Haruhi turned off the light before closing the door behind her, book in hand once again. She sighed and turned to walk down the hall, moving toward the one door with light shining out from the cracks.

Knowing what would happen even before it did, she chuckled as she reached to take hold of the doorknob. Her heart beating slightly erratically, she turned the knob and slowly, ever so slowly, pulled the door open.

"Welcome," a delightful voice called out to her. Haruhi walked in, carefully closing the door behind her. Her eyes took in the scene before her, a carefully replicated miniature of the infamous music room. She smiled fondly at the old grand piano and moved toward the figure waiting within.

Arms reached out to circle her waist once she was close enough. Haruhi closed the distance and leaned in for a kiss, grinning up into the eyes she loved so much.

"I still love it when you do that," she said wistfully, one hand on a strong chest. "You still take my breath away."

"Did they like the story?"

Haruhi glared playfully up at him before saying, "They fell asleep. Some story! Making our daughters fall asleep like that." She took a step back, fingering the book. "Although I didn't really like the beginning, it's the ending that's the best, isn't it?"

She moved to put the book back on the bookshelves. Before she'd taken two steps, strong arms grabbed her once again, turning her deftly into his embrace. A slight gasp emitted from her lips was all the sound she made before her head spun in another of his breathtaking kisses.

Stepping back but still holding her arms to steady his dazed wife, he smirked slightly and said, "Yes, the ending is the best."

A/N: And there it is...my first chapter. I'm so proud. Haha. Anyway, if you hadn't already noticed, I'm trying to keep Haruhi's husband a surprise. That's hopefully going to be revealed in time, but, for now, I'd rather keep it my little secret. So, I'd really appreciate it if you would let me know what you liked and disliked about it. I worked pretty hard on it, but if there are mistakes or problems, please don't hesitate to let me know! Thanks for reading! I appreciate it!