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by: ohwhatsherface

He probably had a thing for the redheads.

That had to be it.

If girls were prone to like men who were similar to their fathers, then the philosophy that boys liking women similar to their mothers wasn't too far off, right?


Naruto shook his head, confused.

He was thinking too hard.

It didn't matter anyways.

What mattered was that somewhere amongst the yelling and fighting and chasing he fell for her.

Well, he wasn't chasing her, necessarily, although in all technicalities, since she was traveling with his good-for-nothing-stupid-stupid-stupid-best-friend, he really was—



Her—the redheaded, four-eyed, Sasuke fangirl who could probably kick his ass in a let's-see-who's-the-loudest contest any day of the week.


It made no sense.

She was the enemy.


Not necessarily. She was just in the way of him getting his best friend back. Kind of. Not really…


He was not supposed to like her. Not her, of all people!

Naruto huffed and crossed his arms over his chest.



For starters, she was from Sound and therefore worked for Orochimaru. Simply on principle, he shouldn't have liked her. Ugh, she was one of them.

And every single god damned time they got their chance of taking back Sasuke to the place he truly belonged to be with his makeshift family once again, she always got in the way with her oh-Sasu-chan-I-think-I-sense-Itachi-crap! She was full of it—he knew it! He was sure of it!

Every time they came across each other and he was close to getting his brother back, she always messed things up.

Her and her voice!

Her loud, loud, loud voice that rang in his ears and ran through his head and haunted his dreams where he most certainly did not want them!


And then she was just so bloody annoying.

He didn't mean it in that whole stupid-socially-and-romantically-retarded-Sasuke-who-loves-Sakura sort of way—not that kind of annoying. Hells no! He meant in the whole oh-my-god-will-you-just-shut-the-hell-up-now-before-I-slit-my-own-throat sort of annoying.

Because she was annoying.

Very annoying.

…But she was still pretty.


Pretty annoying!

But still…

She was pretty.

Really pretty.

Really, really, really pretty.

And she was even prettier when she was yelling…

So Naruto decided to himself that boys liking women who were similar to their mothers was a sensible philosophy.

And yes.

He probably did have a thing for redheads.