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Infractus Mens, Convulsus Monumentum

(Title means, Broken Mind, Shattered Memories)

Chapter 1: Star Wish Island and Yoniko

It was a beautiful day on the ocean as the Merry Go sailed with its occupants happily. Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper were playing a game and running around the ship, Zoro was currently sleeping with his back to the mast, Robin and Nami were on beach chairs, Nami was tanning and Robin was reading a book. Sanji tending to the women's every whim.

Everything was normal and happy as could be. It was rare when they got such laid back times, usually they would be on some weird adventure. What they didn't know is that their weirdest adventure had yet to come.


A girl around age fifteen with a long brown braid and fierce green eyes was squatting in a boat with a telescope. She was watching her newest prey. She watched the straw hats play and muttered about how stupid they were. It was a ritual she did. She would watch a pirate ship for a while and talk about how stupid they are and then go steal from them. It was just the way she did things.

Her name is Yoniko. She came from a rich family and was the only child. Being such an only rich child she was pampered and no one disagreed with her. She had to constantly win and be right, and when she didn't she would blow her top and blame someone which would cause them to be fired and never find work again.

Yoniko grew overconfident and smug as she grew, thinking the world revolved around her. She grew bored as she reached the age fourteen and decided to leave home and become a bounty hunter-Slash-treasure stealer, whichever was the most convenient. She left with most of her parent's servants but they were stupid enough to go through a vicious storm and get themselves killed or lost at sea. (Because it definitely wasn't her fault.)

Most of the time she caught small fries or got extremely lucky with someone with lots of treasure, which she took as he own. Getting bored with such small fries, as she called them, she decided to work on bigger gigs.

Yoniko grinned. This was going to be easy. Get in and out, maybe snag a pirate's head, and get out of there a butt load richer. Besides, if for some reason anything went wrong she could always use her secret moves and wipe the floor clean with them.

She smirked. Time to go to work.


"Oi Nami, look! There is an island in the horizon!" Luffy pointed out from his usual spot on the ram's head that he took as he finished playing with Usopp and Chopper.

Nami looked up from tanning and smiled lightly.

"That's Star Wish Island. That's the next Island we need to go to." Nami said.

"Why is it called Star Wish Island Nami?" Asked Chopper as he looked up at her.

"Well, it's called Star Wish Island because every 100 years a meteor shower is visible from only this Island and it is said that if you make a wish that it will come true. And this week is the 100 year mark of the meteor shower, so how about we stay here to see it? How about that Captain?" Nami asked, looking at Luffy.

Luffy turned to her and gave her his infamous one hundred watt grin.

"Yeah! Let's do it!" Luffy said. Nami then smiled and nodded.

"This once reminds me of when I had to fight this bad villain who tried to steal all the stars in the sky so little children couldn't make any more wishes." Usopp said, with distant look of false remembrance on his face. But that was enough to catch Chopper's attention.

"What!? What happened, did you win?" Chopper asked, his eyes shining in eagerness of hearing of what Usopp did.

"Of course I won! I am the great Captain Usopp-Sama after all." Usopp said, sticking his chest out in pride.

"Sugoi! Sugoi Usopp!" Chopper squealed as he danced around Usopp merrily and as the other crewmates watched with smiles.

"Well," Sanji said as he finished taking a drag of his cigarette. "I'm going to go get started with lunch. Any orders?"

"Meat!" Yelled Luffy, throwing his arms up with glee.

"A salad for me Sanji-kun." Nami said.

Immediately hearts entered Sanji's eyes.

"Anything for you Nami-San. What can I get you Robin-Chan?" Sanji asked, smiling at the older women.

"A salad is also good with me Cook-san." Robin said, smiling at the blonde cook.

Sanji looked at the rest of them. "The rest of you shit heads will eat whatever I make." He said as he walked towards the kitchen.

"Hey, that's not fair!" Usopp cried, but Sanji just shrugged.

After all, fair was not a pirate's game.

As they neared the island Nami went down to the women quarters to change into some good clothes. Not more then a minute later the crew heard a scream cut through the once peaceful air.

Everyone jumped into action. Luffy jumped off the ram's head. Zoro awoke from his nap and started to pull his sword from its sheath. Usopp shakily lifted his slingshot. Chopper got one of his rumble balls out but didn't swallow it yet. Sanji came out of the kitchen, still wearing his apron. Robin had stood up and crossed her arms so she was ready to use her devil fruit powers when it is needed.

Everyone was ready to rumble when Nami came up from below the deck with a scary face that made everyone take a step back.

"IT'S GONE!" She shouted, obviously pissed off.

Everyone seemed to relax for a moment, seeing that it wasn't an enemy attacking but just something missing.

"What is missing Nami-san?" Sanji asked, taking her hand and kissing it gently. "Tell me and I'll find it for you my sweet."

Nami took her hand away and swatted him away slightly.

"My money! It's all gone!" She said.

Everyone froze. They all knew how Nami was about her money and they definitely did not want to get mixed in that.

"S-surely you missed placed it." Usopp said, but immediately hid behind Zoro as she turned her demon gaze onto him.

"No, I didn't! I always put it in a safe spot." Nami said.

"Maybe you lost it before we left the last island we were at." Zoro said, with a bored look on his face.

"I did not lose it! I counted it before we set sail and after we set sail, so it was exactly the same and it was there!" Nami hissed at Zoro.

Sanji looked darkly at the rest of the crew. "Okay, which of you shit heads took Nami-san's money?" Sanji asked, raising his leg threatening pain to the culprit.

"I didn't take it Sanji." Luffy said his arms crossed.

"Neither did I." Said Chopper, looking amazed at the fact that money just randomly disappears.

"I didn't take it either Cook-san." Robin said. Hearts were in Sanji's eyes.

"Ah, of course no one suggested that you would've taken it Robin-Chan!" Sanji said, the smoke from his cigarettes turning into hearts.

"Tch. I didn't take it either, Ero-Cook." Said Zoro.

A vein pulsed on Sanji's head. "What did you say seaweed head?" Sanji growled as he kicked at Zoro, who was ready for it. Zoro held Sanji's foot away with his sword and smirked at the blonde, which of course, made him even madder.

As the two went at it, Nami looked at Usopp.

"What about you? Did you take it?" Nami asked; her eyes hard.

Usopp's eyes widen. "What? No I would never take your money Nami. You know that." Usopp said putting his hands up in defense.

"I also know you're a liar." Nami muttered under her breath.

Usopp got a hurt looked on his face. Sure, he knew he was a compulsive liar but having one of his friends and crewmates calling him one stung hard.

"I may be a liar but I would never lie about taking your money Nami!" He shouted, trying to get her to see he was telling the truth.

Usopp and Nami glared at each other for a while until Luffy spoke.

"Enough. Usopp-kun said he didn't take it Nami, so he didn't take it. Besides Nakama don't steal from their own Nakama." Luffy said with a firm nod.

Everyone looked at their Captain and nodded. Nami looked at Usopp guiltily. "I'm sorry Usopp. I shouldn't have accused you. Please forgive me." Nami said with a short bow.

Usopp waved it off. "It's alright Nami. Really." He said.

Nami smiled at him and looked at the rest of her Nakama.

"Well, maybe it did get missed placed. I mean, we did get hit around a lot. I mean, from waves and Sea monsters and other things attacking us, it's possible it got thrown around." Nami said, her hope renewed.

"And good news is, you guys get to help me!" She said, grinning at her Captain and crew mates.

"Oro? How is that good news?" Luffy asked, confused.

"Well, good news for me, not for you." Nami said, with the same grin on her face.

Zoro started arguing with Nami about how she should just do it and Nami was telling Zoro in very graphic details (So graphic that Robin used her power to cover Chopper's ears) and tell him what she would do with his swords if he didn't help her. After that Zoro grudgingly decided to help her.

Sanji took off his apron and threw it to Usopp.

"Usopp, go put this back in the Kitchen and then turn the power on the stove to low and put the top on kettle. I'll finish lunch after we find Nami-san's money." Sanji said, as he saw that protecting Nami-san's money was more important then making lunch for these shit heads who might have taken it.

Usopp made a face at Sanji but turned and walked towards the kitchen door without complaints. He disappeared into the kitchen. There was suddenly Usopp's voice from the kitchen.

"Hey, who are you?!"

A few seconds after that there was a explosion from one of Usopp's exploding stars and then the door busted open and Usopp was pushed onto the ground on his back. A girl jumped over him and ran onto the deck, wide eyed as she stared at them then frantically searching for a way out.

"Stop her!" Shouted Usopp as he rolled onto his stomach. "She has Nami's money!"

Everything seemed to freeze as he said that. Nami was the first to react.

"Get her!" Nami screamed, furious that someone had the gull to steal money from her.

Luffy, Zoro, and Chopper immediately lunged forward and tried to catch her, while Sanji still couldn't fight a women and Robin and Nami figure it would be enough for them.

Zoro tried to slash her with sword but she quickly jumped out of the way. Chopper ate a rumble ball and grew huge and grabbed her around the waist holding her up.

Zoro sheathed his sword, figuring the fight was over. Luffy started to walk forward to confront her when the girl made a swift kick, hitting Chopper directly in the sensitive spot, making him go weak and letting the girl go.

The girl, in a last ditch effort put the palm of her hand on Luffy's forehead.

"Mens Rumpo!" The girl shouted, as light erupting from her head, and blinding the rest of the Straw hats.

The light finally dimmed away and Luffy stood stiff as a board. Suddenly, Luffy fell backwards onto the ground. He lay there, motionless. Everyone of the crew sat there in shock, as the girl took this to her liking. She ran to the side of the ship and jumped overboard, to where her little boat was and jumped into it.

The Straw Hats finally seemed to snap out of their shock as the girl began to furiously paddle towards Star Wish Island.

Zoro was the first to reach Luffy. The green haired bushido grabbed Luffy by the shoulders and shook him gently.

"Luffy, Luffy! Wake up! C'mon Luffy wake up!" He urged, trying to get the raven haired boy to wake.

Luffy's eyes were open but glazed over with a far away look.

"Let me see him!" Chopper said, pushing past the rest of the crew who had huddled around Luffy and were all concerned and nervous.

Chopper immediately check for a pulse and found it.

"I found Luffy's pulse but it's weak." Chopper said as he took out a flash light and flashed it in Luffy's eyes.

"Hmm…I'm getting to response. I don't know what she did to him but I don't know if I can cure it." Chopper whispered the last part, tears starting to form in his eyes.

"Wait, where is she?" Usopp asked, looking around for her.

Everyone immediately looked up and around for her. Sanji went to the side of the ship and cursed.

"Shit, she's almost to the island already!" Sanji said.

"C'mon, can we make this thing go any faster?" Zoro shouted. Usopp went and grabbed the wheel of the ship and steered it towards the docks while the Sanji and Zoro handled the sails.

As they reached the docks it was obvious that the girl had already made it there. Her small boat was left by the dock and the rope that was tied to the boat was hurriedly tied to the dock.

The straw Hats dropped anchor, not even worrying about the fact that marines could see their ship.

"Chopper, you stay here with Luffy. The rest of us will go after her. She couldn't have gone far." Zoro said.

Chopper nodded and the rest of them got off the ship and ran towards the town. All of them with fierce determination on their faces.

'Don't worry Luffy. We'll get her, and then we'll figure out how to fix whatever happened to you.' Thought the Straw Hats as they ran into the town.


Yoniko cursed her foolishness. She had been so easily caught by the wonderful aroma of the food that was on the stove in the Straw Hats Pirates' kitchen.

After she had stolen the money she was trying to find a way out without getting caught and happen to walk through the kitchen. Once in there the smell of the food cooking smelled like heaven. Yoniko couldn't help but try a little bit of it.

But as she tried it, it made her fall into bliss. She had never had food that tasted like this before! It was so vibrant and tasty…It made her wonder if her parents really did hire a world renowned chef.

Yoniko was quickly pulled out of her bliss as the door opened and the long nose, tanned pirate walked through the door. There was a moment of silence when the man blinked and then asked:

"Hey, who are you?"

The pirate's eyes traveled downward to the pouch of money she had stolen, which was attached to her hip, and his eyes widen. Usopp hurriedly pulled out his slingshot from his back pocket and shot off an exploding star at her.

Yoniko threw herself out of the way and put her arms up to push off the wall and ran towards the long nose pirate. She pushed him and he fell backwards out of the kitchen onto his back.

Yoniko jumped over him and ran onto the deck, desperately looking for a way out.

"Stop her! She has Nami's money!" Shouted the tanned pirate from behind her. Yoniko mentally cursed, she should have shut him up.

"Get her!" Screamed a pissed off looking red head.

Suddenly a seaweed haired Bushido, a lanky guy with a straw hat, and a raccoon with a pink hat came at her. The seaweed head slashed at her but she dodged when suddenly the raccoon thing became huge! It picked her up around the waist and held her up captive.

The spoiled girl struggled as much as she possible could; kicking her legs wildly since those were the only things she could move. The lanky boy with the straw hat started to move up towards her. She kicked her feet at a more furious pace and finally seemed to hit the target, as the raccoon fell to his knees and its hold on her weakened by a huge difference.

Yoniko was panicking. So she did the only thing that seemed like it would be right in her mind. She used her powers.

She quickly placed her right hand palm onto the raven haired boy's forehead and focused her all her energy into her palm and then realeased it.

"Mens Rumpo!" The brunette shouted.

There was a bright light that blinded everyone. Then when the light finally dimmed the Straw Hat boy fell backwards onto the ground and his crew was in shock. Yoniko saw this as a advantage and made a run for it.

She jumped over the side of the ship, into the small boat she has and began to paddle furiously towards the Island. As she got to the dock she clumsily tied the road to the dock and ran off towards town, noticing that the Pirate ship wasn't far behind her.

She ran into town and pushed through the crowds of people. After running for a while she came to a big clear area with barely anyone in there. She put her hands on her knees, trying to catch her breath.

Suddenly there was a loud explosion from above. Yoniko looked up and saw a huge cloud of red.


Yoniko whipped around and saw the tanned long nose pirate from before, but this time with a slingshot held high in his hand and a look and fury and determination on his face.

Yoniko turned to run but saw the blonde haired pirate standing there. She turned to run to run to the right but saw the green haired swordsman there. Frantically, Yoniko turned to the left but saw the orange haired women and the dark haired women pirates standing there.

She was surrounded.

The pirates stepped forward, the bloodlust in their eyes was clearer then day. They were about to go in for the kill when suddenly a voice just cut through the tension.

"Hey guys!" A voice called out, seemingly happy.

All of them stopped and looked at the voice in question.

"Ace?!" The pirates called out.

Yoniko felt her blood go cold.

'Fire Fist Ace! What is he doing here?' Yoniko thought, knowing she wouldn't be able to last long if she didn't get out of there. Before she could even attempt to move another voice came from behind Fire Fist Ace.

"Oi! So you're anchor's Nakama huh? You all sound like a good group from what Ace has said." The voice said, obviously with a smile in his voice.

Yoniko felt as if she just been dropped in a artic ocean in January.

'Red Haired Shanks…and Fire Fist Ace. Wait a moment…Straw Hat…Isn't that Monkey D. Luffy?' Yoniko realized as the cold truth started to engulf her and choke her.

Shanks looked at them with a friendly yet curious smile at all of them.

"Speaking of Luffy, where is he? I want to see how he is doing." Shanks said.

Suddenly the Straw Hat crew all looked at Yoniko and glared causing the area to decrease several notches.

"She," Said Zoro, pointing his sword at her, "Did something to Luffy and now he's back at the ship unresponsive and we don't even know what's wrong with him."

The brunette girl shuttered when she saw both cold pairs of eyes on her.

"What did you do to Luffy?" They both asked at the same time, their voice colder then a winter night.

'Oh Kami-Sama, What have I done?' Was all Yoniko asked her self as they all closed in on her.


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Infractus Mens , Convulsus Monumentum: Broken Mind, Shattered Memories

Mens Rumpo: a raw version meaning Mind Shatter.

Sugoi: Amazing!

Ero: Meaning pervert. Like how Naruto calls Jiraiya Ero-Sannin.

Nakama: A special friend/ a very close friend that you consider family

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