Color Symbols: Purple is for love, romance, and deep friendship.

Blue is happy, content, loyal.

Light green is nervous, worried.

Dark green is envious.

Orange is shock, surprised, amazed, confused.

Yellow is playful, mischievous, sneaky, excited.

Pink is affection, warmth, protection.

Red is anger, frustration, annoyance.

Blood red is hatred, bloodlust, fierce anger.

Black is usually very negative emotions like depression and a very dark kind of anger.

Grey is loneliness, sadness, shame, fear.

White is purity

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Warnings: Yaoi, angst, cursing, somewhat smarter Luffy, maybe some spoilers for episodes or movies.



Luffy's memories

XxXxXxXx = Scene change

XxXxXxXx = Scene Change in memories

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Recap of last Chapter:

Suddenly, a bright light blinded him and when he was able to see again he saw that there was now a door in front of him. Unlike all of the doors that he had gone through before, this one was purely one color.

The door was completely purple.

Zoro felt the door wanted him to go into it, like it was here for him. So Zoro stepped forward and touched the door with a tad bit of hesitation. As soon as he touched it, the door opened and he was surrounded in light and then was gone.

Infractus Mens, Convulsus Monumentum

Chapter 8: Luffy's Wish

Zoro embraced the warm light. It felt as if he was being held in it. He felt safe. He opened his eyes again and found himself in a familiar place. He had been here once, but now it was like watching from another point of view…Luffy's point of view.

There was a cool breeze and the sky was a beautiful blue. A raven haired male sat on the railing of the Merry Go with a fishing pole in his hands. Beneath Luffy sat Zoro with his back against the railing, facing the opposite way that Luffy was.

"Ne Zoro, you asleep?" Luffy asked.

"Yes." Grumbled the swordsman, annoyed only slightly from being interrupted from his nap.

"But you don't sound asleep." The Captain pointed out.

Zoro grunted but opened his eyes and looked up at his captain.

"I'm bored. Let's do something fun." Luffy pouted.

"Go find Usopp and Chopper, I'm sure they'll play with you." The green haired male replied.

"But I wanna play with Zoro." The raven haired male whined.

A sigh escaped Zoro.

"Fine. Let's go."



Luffy had fallen in the water-again.

Sometimes Zoro swore his captain did it on purpose, just to mess with him. Zoro sarcastically told him so.

A somewhat (and fake, but he didn't know that) hurt look came on Luffy's face.

"Why would I do that Zoro?"

The first mate just shrugged and fell asleep, not seeing the smirk on Luffy's face.


Zoro let out a light gasp as he arched forward, pushing himself farther into Luffy's mouth. The swordsman let out a choked gasp as he came into his Captain's mouth, pulling at Luffy's hair. He pulled him up, not caring if the younger one had finished what he had started and smashed their lips together.

He could taste his own salty bitterness on Luffy's lips and it made him hard again in a matter of moments.

"Luffy." He moaned in a low tone which was oozing of lust. The rubber pirate shuttered from the tone of the voice and nearly cummed himself.

The captain leaned forward, with a smile on his face and kissed Zoro on the lips right before he asked for more.


Luffy was sitting on deck, watching all of his Nakama. It had been a couple of months since the Baron incident and it had just made Luffy even more protective of his Nakama. He looked over and saw all of his family relaxing…but there was one he did not see. The raven haired man stiffened slightly as he felt a sudden pressure on his back before forcing his body to relax. Even after months he could still feel the phantom like pain of the arrows in his back, digging deeper and tearing apart his skin.

"Hello Zoro." Luffy said cheerfully.

Zoro merely hummed and fell asleep with his back against his captain's back. Luffy, strangely enough, found his own self beginning to doze off and didn't fight it.

The two fell asleep back to back. First mate to Captain. Best friend to best friend, in the warm summer heat.


Luffy was so close to his first mate. His arms were wrapped around him and they swayed slightly. They were alone. Everyone else was asleep, so they were dancing slowly in the moonlight.

"Hey Zoro." Luffy mumbled lightly, knowing Zoro would hear him.

"What?" Was the green haired man's reply, wishing Luffy wouldn't speak during this special moment of theirs.

"Will you…Will you ever leave me?" Luffy's voice got small, Zoro would almost say fearful but fear just wasn't Luffy. Luffy would rather smile and laugh in it's face or try to befriend it. Zoro stopped their some-what dancing.

"No Captain." Zoro said, his voice was certain.

"Are you sure? I don't want to loose you Zoro. You're my best friend." Luffy had wanted to say more than that. He wanted to tell Zoro that he was so much more then a friend but he didn't want things to get awkward between them.

The swordsman grasped Luffy's chin and made sure that his piercing green eyes made contact with Luffy's emotion filled obsidian eyes.

"I will never willingly leave you Luffy. Never."

Luffy seemed about to ask something but Zoro silenced him with a kiss on the lips. Luffy blushed lightly and the swordsman decided that he liked that look on his captain.

"Shall we continue to dance Luffy?" Zoro asked as he held his hand out. A bug grin broke out on Luffy's face as he grabbed that hand and held it tight.



Luffy had just beaten Crocodile and had just woken up on possibly the softest bed he had ever laid on. The blanket was nice too, it was warm and safe. The hand that was going through his hair was especially nice touch. Wait- hand?

Luffy's eyes fluttered open and looked up to see Zoro running a hand through his hair but not even looking at him. He must be doing it subconsciously. Luffy reached up and took his first mate's hand into his own. Zoro's head whipped around and looked at the other pirate, his eyes filled with concern and worry.

"You're awake." Zoro stated. Before Luffy could even ask where he was, Zoro had him in his arms and hugging him tightly. "I was so scared. When the king brought you back on his back you looked so…For a moment I-" Zoro's throat seemed to closed up on him, so he just held Luffy tighter.

The Straw Hat pirate blinked at Zoro's out of character-ness but a small smile of understanding came onto his face and he hugged him back.

"I'm sorry I worried you Zoro." Luffy said sincerely and Zoro just sighed.

"I'm going to turn gray prematurely because of you." He grumbled good-naturally.

The raven haired male laughed before he held Zoro's face in his hands.

"Maybe, but Zoro will still be handsome." He said. The swordsman's cheeks flushed lightly but he smiled. The two closed the gap between themselves with a kiss. Just as it was getting hotter, the door opened.

"Luffy-kun, I'm so happy you're feeling better-oh!"

The two pirates broke apart and looked at the princess in slight worry. How would she react to them?

Vivi's hands were over mouth and her face was red.

"O-Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you two; I just wanted to see how Luffy-kun was doing." The blue haired princess blushed.

"It's alright Vivi-chan." Luffy said with a smile, waving the whole thing off. "I'm feeling much better now."

"Oh good!" Vivi sighed with relief. "I'm so glad."

There was a moment of awkward silence, with Vivi fidgeting slightly.

"S-so…" The blue haired girl stuttered. "You guys are going out?"

The two men briefly looked at each other before turning to the princess.

"Yes." They said, a little stiffly, a little scared of her reaction would be.

In the next second Vivi squealed threw her arms around Luffy and Zoro and hugged them fiercely.

"Oh my gosh, you guys are so cute together! I'm so happy for you guys." Vivi squealed as she tried to squeeze all the air out of their lungs. When she realized she was choking them she let them go.

"So this," Zoro motioned to him and Luffy. "Doesn't bother you?"

Vivi shook her head furiously. "No way! I think love is love." The girl then sighed dramatically. "I wish I had a camera to take a picture of the two of you."

Zoro snorted. "Yaoi fan girl." Said fan girl winked and smiled.

"And don't you forget it! I can let you borrow some of my yaoi manga for ideas if want to." She teased.

Luffy raised an eyebrow and Vivi latched onto his arm. "Come on, I'll show you my collection" As she dragged him off and left a shocked Zoro behind.


Zoro was tied to a pole and had a shocked and slightly fearful mixed with awe look on his face. Luffy was standing in front of him with his arms out wide and took all the bullets for him when suddenly he bounced all the bullets back. The boy laughed about how bullets didn't hurt him. The tied up swordsman asked just what he was and the boy gave a fierce grin back and replied: "I'm the guy who's going to be kind of the pirates." With so much confidence that you just had to believe him.

After a quick fuss over which sword was Zoro's (Then Luffy found out that they all were his) the green haired man gave him a devil's grin and announced that he had a pirate.

Luffy knew it would take work getting to be King of the Pirates but he knew now, that he was taking a large step into becoming an actual pirate. He has a crew now (dismissing the fact that it was only the two of them) and he was well on his way.

The grin on his face just wasn't enough to show how much Zoro's affirmative meant to him.

Soon, he'll be King of the Pirates.


Everything was like a blur to Zoro. All these memories were going at a rapid pace. As soon as he got used to one, another would start. Soon his head was pounding from all the bright lights and quickly moving surroundings. But suddenly, his headache was gone and when he opened his eyes he was in a small boat. The boat was the same exact one the day the two of them had left to start their new life of piracy together. It was a perpetual sunset and the waves were calm. There was no island in sight.

Zoro's focus cleared and landed on the person if front of him who was currently facing away from him.

Luffy. Zoro felt his heart rise and then fall when he saw him.

'This must be another memory.' Thought Zoro, dejectedly. For a moment he thought it was the real Luffy, his Luffy.

"Zoro." Said swordsman jumped, but then looked around for his memory counterpart, not seeing his lover turn around in the boat and watch him with an amused expression.

"I mean you Zoro." Zoro's head whipped around and he looked at Luffy.

"Luffy? But how-"

"Y'know, when I first woke up I couldn't remember anything but then, after a while, things started to get clearer. I could see my friends, my family, and everything we went through together. Then suddenly I started to forget things. It was like I knew they were supposed to be there but they weren't and it made me so confused and upset.

"But…you were there always Zoro. I never forgot you and that made me fight even harder to try and remember who the other people who were missing were." Luffy stopped and smiled at Zoro and lightly touched the older man's face with his finger tips.

"I love you so much Roronoa Zoro." Luffy confessed. "I don't think I'd be able to get through half the stuff we get through if you weren't there watching my back." With that he leaned down and pressed his lips against his first mate's, with Zoro pressing back passionately.

"I know I don't say it as often as you do Luffy, but, I love you too. Everything I ever said to you about following you and fighting for you is nothing but the truth." Zoro said, his eyes blazing with emotions.

The raven haired boy smiled gently and hugged him. "I know Zoro, I know."

The two sat like that for a little bit before Zoro asked a burning question of his.



"Where are we?" he asked.

"I'm surprised you don't remember. This is the boat we were in when we first set sail after I freed you." Luffy's smile grew as he remembered the special day. "It was the happiest day of my life, well one of them."

"Why?" Zoro asked, a little confused. Luffy just smiled at him with his eyes twinkling, saying as if he was supposed to know.

"Well, my dream was coming true. I had a Nakama, no matter how small at the time. We had a boat, and my dream was beginning to become real. I was just so happy and excited and slightly nervous at the same time. It was so overwhelming."

Zoro smiled at his best friend, no wonder it was so special to him. He took Luffy's hand and smiled his special just-for-Luffy-smile.

"I think we should head back now Luffy. Everyone is worried over you enough; I think they want you to come home."

"Yeah…" Luffy said, smiling his unique Luffy smile. "Let's go home."

In a sudden bright light, they were gone from Luffy's mind.


Sanji stared nervously down at his Captain and the first mate. After everything that had happened in Luffy's mind he had every right to be worried. After the immense pain then the weird sensation of disappearing then reappearing then waking up in his body had been enough to make even the calmest man freak. The only two who hadn't woken up had been Luffy and Zoro.

Yoniko had been the most recent to wake up. The moment she did she tried to run…only to be pinned to the wall by ace and have both of her arms covered with third degree burns. Her screams of pain and burning flesh had been ignored, though it affected Chopper the most because of his super sensitive nose.

They waited what seemed like four hour which really was only thirty minutes. Zoro seemed to move for a second before being still again, making Sanji believe his eyes were playing tricks on him. Sanji sighed and was about to let Usopp take over when Zoro moved again. There was a slight groan from him as he sat up rubbed his head. He let out a big yawn before he looked around.

"Oi, Pin brow, where's everybody else?" Zoro asked, yawning again.

Sanji grinned at the swordsman, not able to hide his relief and answered.

"They are probably watching Shanks and Ace…um…playing with that girl." He said, his eyes flashing a dark satisfaction. Zoro nodded back and then looked down. He saw Luffy lying next to him and he was still holding his hand.

"Luffy?" He shook his captain lightly and the raven haired male didn't move. Zoro shook him harder and again, no movement or sound.

Sanji could hear his heart pounding in his ears, he was so worried. What if everything they went through in Luffy's mind was worthless? What if he never woke up? But those thoughts were broken suddenly when Luffy mumbled.

"Lemme sleep for a few more minutes." He mumbled.

Both Sanji and Zoro stopped and looked at their captain before they looked at each other. Sanji bent down close to his captain.

"Luffy…If you don't wake up now, I'll never cook you meat again." He threatened.

Luffy's eyes snapped opened and he pouted at Sanji.

"But why?!? Sanji is being mean." He pouted to Zoro.

The swordsman chuckled. "That he is Captain."

The cook, for once, didn't even snap back at the swordsman. All he did was pull Luffy into a hug. He soon let go with a small blush. He wasn't one to show much affection to guys. "I'm glad you are alright Luffy." He said, scratching a cheek. The blond haired man couldn't keep the large smile off his face even if he tried. He suddenly realized something and ran off, leaving Luffy and Zoro wondering what he was doing.

They didn't have to wait long as soon Luffy found himself on the ground again just this time with several people holding him.

Nami was crying, laughing, and yelling at him for worrying him. Chopper was trying not to cry but failing immensely and nuzzling his face against Luffy's chest. Usopp was grinning madly and clasped Luffy's left hand with both of his. He was near tears, if his shiny eyes were anything to go by.

Luffy looked up when he felt someone pat his head and saw Robin looking down at him with a smile, relief evident in her eyes. He smiled at all of his Nakama and when he looked around some more his eyes widened.

"Shanks! Ace! What are you guys doing here?!?" Luffy asked, happiness clear in his voice. Luffy's friends helped him up so he could go see them.

"Anchor!" Shanks got to Luffy first and then used his one arm to pick Luffy up. The younger male squeaked quite unmanly when he was suddenly picked up and twirled around. Ace smacked Shanks.

"Put him down, I want to hug him too." Said Ace. Shanks replied by sticking his tongue out at Ace.

"Nope. I don't feel like it." This, of course, led to Ace glaring at Shanks. The problem was solved when Luffy wiggled out of Shanks' grasp and glomped Ace.

"So what are you guys doing here?" Luffy asked again as he looked up at Ace and then at Shanks. Ace held Luffy with his back against Ace's chest. The fire user's arms were protectively around Luffy's waist.

"Well, we happened to be around and we saw your Nakama ready to fry that chit that did that to you and we decided to come along for the ride." Shanks explained.

Luffy blinked. "Where is she anyway?"

There was silence and Ace's grip tightened and a grin of dark satisfaction slowly crept onto his face.

"I burned her arms and then threw her overboard." He said. Luffy, in turn, said nothing but just nodded his head.

There was a sudden growl and everyone jumped.

"Oh." Luffy said as he put a hand over his stomach. "I'm hungry. Sanji, how about cookin' up some food?" He asked with a large grin, with was infectious. Soon everyone was grinning.

"Sure. I'll get right to it." Sanji said, moving towards the kitchen.

Yes, everything was getting back to what they were used to.


Several things happened in the last couple of hours. Luffy and his Nakama had sat down and talked about what they had seen. They had cried, they laughed, and they had gotten angry. They appreciated their Captain even more now. They didn't know they could love someone as much as they loved Luffy.

Another thing that had happened was that Luffy and Zoro's relationship came out into the open. They hadn't meant to let it out but it was an accident. Zoro had been (forcibly) taken by Ace and Shanks to a vacant area where they had threatened him if he ever hurt Luffy. Zoro came back grumbling about over protective family and briefly kissed Luffy on the cheek. Sanji happened to walk in and see and then began to tease them and told Nami, who in turn wanted to know why they weren't told earlier. They all, of course, accepted them and wondered why they didn't see it earlier since it was so obvious.

Now it was night and it was the meteor festival. They had all run to the town when they realized that the festival was tonight and got summer yukatas. It had taken a while and some money but everyone was happy and when they left the shop it was already night and the festival was just beginning.

The group of pirates spent the night having fun to their heart's content but soon it was time for the main event. The meteor shower. The group of them was lying on a grassy field and watched the sky. Luffy's grin of anticipation was mirrored by the others. Soon the meteor shower began and sounds of amazement came from everyone. Luffy suddenly remembered what Nami said about making wishes. He closed his eyes and focused on his wish. When he finished he felt someone take his hand. He opened his eyes and saw Zoro holding his hand and smiling at him.

"What did you wish for?" He asked. Luffy's grin widened and he shook his head.

"I can't tell you. If I did it wouldn't come true."

Zoro just shook his head fondly and squeezed Luffy's hand.

The raven haired captain looked up at the night sky again and went over his wish again.

'I wish that no matter what happens, my Nakama and I will always be together.'


In a lone hospital room a figure was lying in bed and swearing vengeance. The person had bandages all over their arms, covering the burns that made their arms nearly useless. The person had been accidentally found by fishermen and was then taken to the hospital.

Yoniko was pissed. No, more then pissed. She was furious. The doctors had told her that her arms would most likely never work again and that she would be in pain forever unless she got them amputated. That was not an option for her. She needed her arms so she could use her power. She needed to get revenge on those damned pirates. She yelled for a nurse and one came rushing in

"Where is my lunch? I'm starving! Do you starve your patients?" The girl asked nastily.

The pretty nurse scowled. She was a nurse, not a maid!

"I'm sorry miss. But you'll have to wait-" Suddenly she stopped. It was like she was frozen. Not just her, but everything else was frozen.

"Amazing, isn't it?"

Yoniko whipped around and hissed in pain as the sudden motion agitated her arms.

"Hurst doesn't it? And it's all because of those pirates."

A man stood next to Yoniko's bed. He had shoulder length dark green hair, pale skin, ice blue eyes and a small smirk on his face. Next to him was a small boy with carrot colored spiky hair. The boy had blank brown eyes and slightly tanned skin. He wore a plain blue shirt and cargo pants.

"W-who are you? And what have you done?" Yoniko asked. Something inside her told her that this guy was bad news and for once she listened to it and stayed on edge.

"My name is Nox. I want to know…would you like to get revenge on those pirates?" Nox asked.

Yoniko suddenly felt so much rage. It was like her anger had more then tripled when he said that.

"Yes!" She shouted in a desperate tone. She wanted this, no, she needed this. She was so preoccupied with her thoughts of revenge she didn't notice the young boy's intense look at her or Nox's growing smirk.

"Then come with us. We'll help you." He said, smiling falsely. The injured girl nodded energetically and the man helped her out of the bed.

"Let's go Yoniko, onto your new life." Nox said dramatically as he went out the door with Yoniko and the small boy following him. Soon after they were out, time returned to normal and left the nurse gapping and wondering where the girl went.

The End

Inumaru: I can honestly say I have no idea where that ending came from. I just kind of pulled it out of my ass but it works well I think. It leaves room for a sequel of sorts. If you couldn't tell, Nox and the little boy are both "Specials". They've eaten the strange devil fruits and have different powers. Nox can stop or slow down time for a short amount of time. (lol) and the boy can control people's feelings. That's why Yoniko suddenly felt her anger rise so much, so that she'd be more willing to join him and do whatever he says.

Yes I know that many wanted her to die but she'll be needed (somewhat) in the possible sequel. Sorry if your mad at me but just deal. I don't know when the sequel will be out but I'll try to think up plans for it. Just don't expect it anytime soon.

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