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Pairings: InoSaku, SakuSasu, InoTem, InoTen, TemTen, SasuNaru (implied), InoHina, NaruHina, TemHina, TenHina.

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I couldn't help but be enchanted as I watched her move her hips to the beat of the music

I couldn't help but be enchanted as I watched her move her hips to the beat of the music. Her natural pink hair was plastered to her sweating face, and her chest was heaving, I had never seen anything more enchanting in my five hundred years of existence. I had to have her.

Once she left the dance floor I would make my move. I watched her walk off and over to the bar, I made my way toward where she was sitting until I saw some guy come up and kiss her, and not a 'we're friends' kiss too. I veered off and slunk back into the crowd and watched them, my eyes never leaving her.


Ino Yamanaka had once been the daughter of a wealthy Japanese lord, but one day she was wandering outside the castle grounds, against her father's wishes, and she came upon a stranger. "Hello, I'm Ino." She had said, the stranger had replied,

"I know, I've been watching you, Lady Ino." He smiled, and Ino had noticed that the man had very pointed teeth, "It's your eighteenth birthday, is it not?"

"Yes, it is, today is the day that I become a woman, and a husband is chosen for me." She replied, the man smiled even wider, "Well," he said, "here is my gift to you." Before Ino knew what had happened, then man had lunged and bit her.

The girl screamed out in pain, then everything went black. "Royalty, so tasty." The man said before he disappeared in a blinding light.


Ino watched the two the entire time they were there. They talked, laughed, and the guy had punched out another asshole that made a pass at the pinkette.

"I will, no, I must have her." She said under her breath. She watched as the two left the club, she followed close behind, but fled to the rooftops to stay discreet.

"Sasuke, do you ever get the feeling you're being watched?" Sakura Haruno asked her two year long lover, "Nope," the Uchiha heir said dismissively, "but don't worry, babe, anyone even thinks about jumping us, and they'll regret ever being born."

"I love you, Sasuke." Sakura said dreamily as she nuzzled into his embrace, "I know you do." He kissed her head,

"Don't you love me too?" she looked up at him, "Huh? Oh yeah, you bet I do."

Sakura couldn't help but look behind them every few minutes, a chill ran up her spine, she could feel the eyes watching her, but Sasuke assured her that she was just paranoid.


Ino followed them to their apartment complex, but was interrupted when she was about to follow,

"Mistress, there you are." A tall dark figure approached the vampiress, Ino turned her head and scowled, "Temari, what are you doing here?" she asked heatedly, Temari was fixing her hair into her pom poms and wiping the blood off of her mouth.

"I didn't see you at the club, so after I fed again I figured I'd come and find you." She said nonchalantly, "Is this a bad time?"

"Yes, leave me, I've found a new sire." Ino said, watching for the apartment that her pink haired beauty was in, "Another one? Aren't Tenten and I enough?" Temari wrapped her arms around Ino's neck.

Ino pushed her off and moved around the building until she found the window she was looking for. "Oh, she's cute, I can see why you want her." Temari sat down next to her host, "Pretty hair."

Ino just stared into the window, she saw the man she was with watching T.V. and guzzling a beer.

"You know, Ino, I saw a Goth store on my way here, we could get you a new outfit, one that she is sure to fall for. Just look at me," Temari gestured to her tight fitting leather top and pants (1), "I've got guys and girls drooling over me wherever I go."

"If I'm going to claim her, I'm not going to do it by being a slut, Temari. If only I knew something about her."

"You know," Temari started, "that Hyuuga girl we met the other day who was begging to join us goes to school with her. Saw a picture of them last time I was at her place."

"The Hyuuga?" Ino looked at her sire, "What Hyuuga?"

"Oh, that's right, you weren't with us that night. Well, me and Tenny were out looking for food one night when we found this girl crying in an alley, cute thing too, had a rack as big as I've ever seen. Anyway, we figured that we could feed on her, so we went up and asked what was wrong."

"She was so adorable, her voice was like that of a dove," Temari sighed, "You sound as if you're in love with her." Ino smirked, "Nah, you're the only woman for me." Temari winked, "Anyway, she was having the normal teen problems,"

Temari went into a dramatic act, waving her arms around as she spoke, "'My daddy doesn't appreciate me, my boyfriend cheated on me with another guy, I wish I were dead, oh woe is me!' So naturally we offered to relieve her pain, and well, she was obviously a smart girl, because right away she knew what we were, and instead of begging for her life, she begged to join us."

Ino chuckled at this, "What would make her think we would want some little pissant in our troupe?"

"Hey, now, I've looked into her, in case you might consider her, she's pretty advanced in some kind of martial arts. Here's her address if you want it." Temari pulled a piece of paper out of her top and handed it to her host.

"So what did you say to her when she asked?" Ino said, "Oh, well we told her we'd talk to our mistress to see if she'd want her. So we let her go on her way, then we found a couple of guys in a bar and showed them a good time. Well, good for us at least." Temari grinned evilly.

"You said that you saw a picture of Pinky last time you were at her place, what were you doing there?" Ino glanced back at the dark apartment, "Research." The leather clad woman replied.

"Fine, I'll check this Hyuuga out, she may be of service to me. Where's Tenten?"

"I left her at the club, she seemed to have found some food. Speaking of which, have you eaten yet?"

"No, I'll pick something up on my way to the Hyuuga's. I'll see you two back home."

(1) think like what Jennifer Garner wore in Daredevil, only a little smaller.

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