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Key: 'Vampiric Whisper/Text' 'Thought/Emphisis' "Normal Speech"



The newly changed Pinkette stirred

'Wake up, Sakura'

She slowly opened her eyes, her room was dark, yet she could see as clear as day,

"Wake up, my love." She saw a smiling face beaming down at her, "I-Ino?" she sat up slowly, "Who else?" the blonde replied, "Wh-what time is it?" Sakura looked around,

"Midnight." Ino sat behind her and kissed her neck, "I'll bet you're feeling hungry."

"I am," Sakura leaned into Ino's touch, "but I don't know what I'm hungry for."

"Are you yanking me?" Ino pulled away, "You should know what you are, Sakura, you thirst for blood."

"Now get dressed, we're going clubbing." Ino got off the bed and left the room,



Sakura dressed quickly in a short, tight-fitting black skirt, a pink tank top with spaghetti straps, and a pair of black knee high boots.

She walked out of her room and found Ino in the living room looking through her movie collection, "How do I look?" she asked timidly, Ino just stared at her, "Gorgeous. Now, let's go grab some food." The two left the apartment and made their way to the club.


The music was pumping, people were dancing, men were hitting on everything in a skirt, and several people left repeatedly with partners to 'get acquainted' in the parking lot.

Ino and Sakura were perched on a building overlooking the club, "Why are we all the way up here? Everyone's down there." Sakura asked, "Because you need some instruction before you are ready to kill." Ino stated

"Now pay attention, I'm only going to say this onceā€¦"

Ino instructed for twenty before she and her new sire went to ground level, "Do you want to seduce someone yourself, have me do it, or feast on some of them?" Ino gestured to one of the many shaking cars in the lot, "I want to try one myself." Sakura looked hopeful, "Alright." Ino chuckled and led her into the club.

"Alright, love, there's a perfect candidate," Ino pointed to a dark haired man sitting at the bar who was obviously wasted, "Work your magic."

Sakura went to the bar and sat next to the drunken man, "Well hey there, baby," he slurred once he saw her, "Hey yourself, handsome." She replied with a cute smile, "Why don't you have a seat on daddy's lap."

"Don't mind if I do." She got up and sat on his lap, "Is that a roll of quarters or are you just happy to see me?" she drew small circles with her finger on his chest, "Oh, I'm happy alright. You wanna see my ride?" he slurred, "Only if it's the back seat." She winked,

'She's a natural.' Ino carefully observed from afar as the drunken man picked her Sakura up and ran out of the club. She stood up an casually followed out,

The man quickly opened the door to his back seat and threw the pinkette in, "We're going to have some fun, baby." He unzipped his pants and clambered in after her, he roughly kissed her neck and slipped up her skirt,

'Just think of Ino' Sakura thought as he moved her panties out of the way and jammed himself into her roughly. She let out a cry as he pumped, "You like that?" he came up to her face, "Whoa, what's up with your teeth? I must be trippin'"

Sakura laced her fingers through his hair and jerked his head to the side and bit into his neck and sucked him dry, "Not really," she kicked hi out the still open door, "Bastard."

"Not bad." Ino came strolling up to the car, "But," Sakura looked at her as she snapped the corpse's neck, "most people would've had the sex first. And I'm also surprised you'd kill so easily, even Temari was reluctant her first time."

"I wanted him to stop." She wiped her mouth, "I want you to be the only one to touch me."

"I'm flattered." Ino kissed her chastely, "You want another one, or do you want to go to your new home?"

"'New' home?" Sakura looked at her, "Yes, you're moving in with me." Ino chuckled, "I guess home."

"Great, and we got a new ride now." She lifted the keys out of the corpse's pocket and opened the driver's door, "Hop in."


"Temari! Tenten! Come meet your new sister!" Ino led Sakura into the central chamber of the underground lair, "So, this is the amazing Pinky," Temari spoke as the two came out of their chamber, "She's hotter than I remember," Tenten eyed her hungrily, "when do we get to taste her?"

"Never," Ino spoke defensively, "She is mine and mine alone. Got it?"

The two other women chuckled, "Got it."

"So, Pinky, have you eaten yet?" Temari walked over to the storage fridge, "She had something at the club." Ino said, "You went clubbing without us?!" The other two shouted, "Meh, so I forgot, I'm only human." Ino shrugged.

"But you're not human!" Tenten shouted, "None of us are! Not for awhile at least."

"How long has it been?" Sakura inquired, "Well, I'm the eldest, obviously, and I'm sis hundred," Ino spoke up, "Temari's three hundred, and Tenten's one fifty."

"And you're one day." Tenten popped up behind the newcomer, "So now you're the baby!"

"Tenny always hated being the baby," Temari stated, "for the first twenty five years she was always whining 'I'm hungry, I'm hungry' she was so adorable." Temari kissed the brunette on the cheek, "Can we expect the same from you, Pinky?"

Sakura opened her mouth to speak, "She can take care of herself." Ino interrupted, "Hell, when she picked up some food at the club, she let the guy fuck her first, not long mind you, but it was still pretty hot." She smirked over at the blushing pinkette, "And you could just see she liked it, despite what she said afterwards."

"You don't have to tell them that, Ino." Sakura was still blushing, "Buck up, we don't keep secrets here." Ino said, "Except for those that would separate us." Temari added in,

"Ok." Sakura relaxed a bit.

Ino walked up behind her and wrapped her arms around her, "Welcome to the family, Sakura Haruno."

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