Prologue: A Young Princess' Diary Entry

In a kingdom far away, a young girl is destined to become the next heir to the throne. But she is in a state of deep depression. Eight years ago, while she was still a child, her father went off to explore some ancient ruins. While she begged her father not to go, she couldn't stop him. And after a week, her father still did not return. To this day, she continues to be in doubt because she believed it was her fault for not stopping her father. Her mother, the queen of the kingdom, as well as the castle staff try their best to cheer her up. But nothing does the trick. So, young Princess Robin keeps herself secluded in her bedroom and tries not to make friends, fearing she will lose them like she did her father. But one person might have the skills necessary to make this princess smile again. And his name is Sonic the Hedgehog...

Chapter 1: Our First Meeting

One day, out in the bright sunlight, Sonic is running at high speeds through an open field of grass. As he runs, he stretches his arms out and cheers loudly.

"Man! Do I love the feel of a good run!" Sonic said "And out here, I can get in all the run I want!" He soon starts running faster. While he's running, he soon sees a cliff. Deciding to enjoy the thrill, he finds a piece of dead tree bark and jumps over the cliff.

"Here we go!" Sonic said. He quickly gets on the tree bark and starts riding down the side of the cliff like a snowboarder. When he neared the bottom, Sonic jumped off and landed on the ground. He soon started off again. Soon, Sonic decides to take a short breath beneath a tree.

"Wow. This place is THE ideal place for a run. How come I haven't found this place until now?" Sonic thought. He put his hands behind his head and yawns. And no faster than him taking a break, Sonic closes his eyes for a short nap. Meanwhile, in the kingdom of Floroma, Robin is staring out at the town surrounding her family's castle high from a balcony in her room. A knock came at her door.

"Excuse me princess. But it is lunch time." a voice said. Robin turned to the door and sighed.

"You may enter." Robin said. The man was Robin's teacher and guardian, Mr. Burnson.

"Do excuse my disturbance Robin dear. But I brought you your favorite." Mr. Burnson said. Robin told him he could set it on the table by her bed.

"As you wish my lady." Mr. Burnson said. After he left Robin her lunch and left, Robin sat on the edge of her bed and looked at her lunch. It was a simple grilled cheese sandwich with the crust cut off with a blueberry muffin. She had a glass of orange juice as well. Robin was wearing a blue sparkling dress with light blue shoes. Her light brown hair was cut short with a light blue headband in her hair and she wore a charm around her right hand that her father gave her. When she looked at it, she sighed.

"Father. Where are you?" Robin thought. Meanwhile, in town, the townsfolk were gossiping about Robin's never ending state of depression.

"It has been eight years since any of us have seen our princess smile." one of them said.

"Poor princess. She must be so hard on herself since her father was last seen." another said. In a bar, a man in a cloak heard everything. He kept his face well hidden beneath his hood but his large orange mustache stuck out. This was very well Dr. Eggman in a cloak. In fact, when he went to the back of the bar after finishing his drink, he removed his cloak and it WAS Dr. Eggman.

"Hmm. From what I've heard, that fool of a king vanished eight years ago. And no one has heard of him since. I smell something fishy." Eggman said "Even though this probably would be the ideal location for my Eggman Empire, I think I'll take a inside look at the tale of the missing king." Eggman then put his cloak back on and made his way out of town. Meanwhile, Sonic still slept beneath the tree. But a lone butterfly landing on his nose woke him.

"Hmm? What the?" Sonic said sleepy. He saw the butterfly on his nose and stared at it. As he slowly put his finger towards his nose, the butterfly crawled onto his finger.

"Hey. That's pretty neat." Sonic said. He slowly sat up and the butterfly remained on his finger. It's wings were light teal and it looked beautiful.

"For a butterfly, you're pretty cool." Sonic said. Soon, the butterfly flew away. Sonic chuckled as he saw it flying away. Sonic got back on his feet and took a look around. When he looked to the south, he could see Floroma Kingdom.

"Hey. What's that place?" Sonic said. He started off towards the town. Meanwhile, Robin had secretly snuck out of the castle and was in town in an entirely different attire. She now had a short sleeved green shirt with a yellow star on it. She had baggy red pants with white sneakers. She called this her street attire when trying to hide herself. As she walked through town, she passed by Eggman still in his cloak.

"Ah. So THIS is Princess Robin that I've heard about." Eggman said. Robin froze in place and looked back at Eggman.

" do you recognize me? I...I don't even know you." Robin said sounding spooked. Eggman smiled and pulled his hood back to show his face.

"It's a pleasure. My name is Doctor Eggman. I'm known world wide as one of the greatest scientific minds ever." Eggman said. Eggman shook Robin's hand yet Robin felt uncomfortable talking with Eggman.

"I'm...I'm sorry. But I have to be going." Robin said. As she slowly backed away from Eggman and turned around, she heard Eggman say "Hold on a minute dear princess." She looked back at Eggman and he threw her a smaller cloak that was similar to his.

"If you want to hide, use this. I guarantee it will work." Eggman said. He pulled his hood back up, waved once more to Robin and went off. Robin decided Eggman wasn't such a bad person and slipped the cloak over herself. Meanwhile, Sonic had just arrived at the edge of town and took a good look around.

"Heh. Never been here before. Maybe I ought to take a tour of this place." Sonic said. He entered the town and started exploring everywhere. Some of the townsfolk recognized him as soon as they saw him.

"Hey. It's him. That's the world famous Sonic the Hedgehog." someone said "Wonder why he's here." Sonic looked at everyone and waved with a smile. Just then, Mr. Burnson came rushing by Sonic. When he saw Sonic however, he stopped dead in his tracks.

"Oh! You must be Sonic the Hedgehog." he said. Sonic nodded saying he was the one and only.

"You must help me. It seems I've lost sight of our Princess Robin. She doesn't like being cooped up in the castle and she usually sneaks out into the town to get away from her princess life. But I worry about her so. Can you help me find her?" Mr. Burnson said. Sonic thought for a second and looked back at him.

"I guess I could." Sonic said with a wink. Mr. Burnson thanked him for his help and gave Sonic a picture of Robin. The two of them started off again in different directions. Sonic looked at the picture and then out at the other townsfolk. Meanwhile, Robin was looking down from a bridge at the river beneath it. She saw her reflection in the water and she thought she could see her father's reflection.

"Father?" Robin thought. In the reflection, her father put his hand on her shoulder and smiled.

"Robin. You've grown so much. I'm so proud of my little princess." he said. Robin started to leak tears out of her eyes and she rubbed her eyes. Her father looked at her.

"What is wrong? Why are you crying?" he said.

"Father. Father! Where are you?!" Robin said out loud. Just then, Sonic thought he heard Robin's voice.

"Hmm? What was that?" Sonic said. He started off towards the sound of Robin's voice. At the bridge, Robin's tears dripped off her face and into the river. The ripples in the water soon caused her father's reflection to vanish.

"No! Father! Wait! Come back!" Robin said reaching out towards the water. But she reached too far and she was going to fall over! Mr. Burnson was on one side of the river when he saw Robin trying to keep her balance. The hood of her cloak fell back and her face was revealed.

"Ack! Princess Robin! Hold on! I'm coming!" he shouted. But by the time he got there, Robin had fallen over the railing on the bridge and into the river. Soon enough, she was being whisked away by the river's current.

"Oh no! She hasn't finished her swimming lessons yet! She can't swim!" Mr. Burnson said. Just then, Sonic came zooming up to Mr. Burnson.

"Ah! Sonic! It's you! Hurry! Robin is in danger! She's fallen into the river!" Mr. Burnson said. Sonic saw Robin splashing in the water and shouted "Help! Help!" as loud as she could. Without a moment to lose, Sonic soon darted down the river side after Robin.

"Hey! Princess! Hold on! I'll save you!" Sonic shouted. From the water, Robin looked towards the voice and saw Sonic. Sonic looked up ahead and saw a tree branch hanging out over the water. He dashed out towards the tree and leaped up onto the branch. He hung from the branch upside down with his arms hanging down.

"Grab my hands!" Sonic shouted. Robin saw Sonic calling from the branch and she reached for Sonic's hands. Luckily, she managed to catch Sonic's hands and he held onto her tight.

"Now just hold on. I'll get you out." Sonic said. He pulled Robin out of the water and Sonic got her onto the branch. After getting himself on the branch, it soon started cracking. Sonic picked up Robin in his arms and made a leap for the opposite shore. The two landed safely and Mr. Burnson sighed with relief. On the other side, Robin started spitting out the water she had in her mouth.

"Hey. You OK?" Sonic said. Robin caught her breath and looked at Sonic.

"Yeah. I am...fine. Who are you?" Robin said. Sonic smiled and introduced himself.

"Mr. Sonic Hedgehog. Thank you so much." Robin said. Sonic chuckled and put his hand on her shoulder.

"Hey. Just call me Sonic. All right?" Sonic said. Robin said she was just addressing him by his proper title.

"Well, let's say I'm not like those other people. You can just call me Sonic for short. How about that?" Sonic said. When Robin heard Sonic say that, she thought back to her father. He used to say the same thing to her when she was learning proper manners. She blushed and smiled.

"All right. I will...Sonic." Robin said. Sonic smiled saying that was more like it. Just then, Mr. Burnson came up to Sonic and Robin's side.

"Oh. Dear princess. You're all right. Please. You must come back to the castle. We have to make sure you aren't sick." he said. Robin sighed and stood up.

"Very well. If I don't agree, you'd probably chase me all over town." Robin said. Sonic looked at Robin's face and saw she had little emotion in her face. Sonic stood up by Robin's side.

"Hey. Is it OK if I come to see this castle of yours Robin?" Sonic said. Mr. Burnson said it would be a fine idea. Sonic should be well rewarded for rescuing Robin from the river.

"Well, I normally don't accept much of rewards. But...I see that I need to do a little work. And that's turning this princess' smile around." Sonic said. Robin gasped and looked at Sonic. He chuckled and winked with a thumbs up. Robin didn't know what Sonic had planned but she felt safe next to him. As they went back, Eggman watched from an alleyway under his cloak.

"Good work always." Eggman said as he vanished into the dark alleyway.