Chapter Recap: Our Shocking Discovery

While Robin was overjoyed to see her father again deep within the Floroma Ruins, Sonic wasn't so sure about how everything was. Sonic claimed that her father's words were lies and attacked. While everyone was furious at Sonic, they soon found out the truth. Robin's father was truly Erazor Djinn, the evil genie that tried to destroy the world of the Arabain Nights. He had used his own sheer willpower to reach the ruins and he kept himself alive by feeding off the Solarian Emerald's power and used Robin's father as a vessel. After being called a coward, Erazor used the Solarian Emerald's power to transform into a giant god like monster that threatened to destroy the entire kingdom. But after using the power himself, as well as Robin saying she believed in him, Sonic used the Solarian Emerald and became Solar Sonic. He flew off to face the fake god in a final clash to decide the fate of the Floroma Kingdom.

Chapter 10: Our Futures Intertwined

Sonic flew high in the air and faced Erazor Djinn. The giant monster just laughed when he saw Sonic approach him. Sonic shook his finger at Erazor Djinn saying he was going down. Erazor just laughed again and crossed his arms.

"I am...a GOD! The tales of the Floroma Kingdom end...NOW!" Erazor shouted. All the way from the kingdom, everyone including Robin's family, saw the giant Erazor and Sonic prepare to square off in the sky. Erazor's booming voice was heard across the lands.

"This is Robin's home! And I won't let a monster like you ruin it for her!" Sonic said angrily. Erazor laughed and fired a bolt of lightning towards Sonic. He avoided it and charged for Erazor. Before he could make contact, Erazor moved back and his hands began glowing.

"Taste TRUE power rat!" Erazor said. He fired millions of blasts from his hands and they went all around Sonic. He mostly avoided them and made his way through the storm to reach Erazor.

"Hey faker! Try a taste of THIS!" Sonic said. He launched straight at Erazor and slammed straight into his stomach! The force made Erazor groan in pain and he clutched his stomach. He looked at Sonic angrily.

"You'll pay for that! No one attacks a god and lives!" he shouted. Meanwhile, in the cavern, Tails, Robin and everyone else watched Sonic and Erazor fight.

"Sonic! You...must take this monster out now. Or else, the as good as dead." the king shouted.

"Sonic! I believe in you! You can do it!" Robin shouted. As they watched the fight, they saw Sonic shove Erazor out of sight and soon they couldn't see either of them.

"Hey! Where did they go? I can't see them!" Amy said. Tails said they should evacuate the ruins. If those two had missed and attacked, they could strike the ruins as well as them! Tails and Silver flew out through the hole and they helped the others behind them. When they were outside, they watched Sonic and Erazor fight. But in the ruins, another figure approached the Solarian Emerald.

"He will need all the help he can get..." he said. He raised his arms and wished for power to help Sonic. Meanwhile, the fight between Sonic and Erazor was so fierce that if their two powers clashed, they caused a shockwave!

"Whoa! Sonic has unbelievable power!" Knuckles said. Sonic charged for Erazor and rammed his fist into the monster's face. He groaned and looked at Sonic. He laughed and his hands began glowing.

"You think you're any match for ME?!" Erazor said. He started doing karate chops that sent giant blades of fire towards Sonic. Sonic made his way through them before one hit him!

"Ha! You cannot stop me!" Erazor said. But he stopped laughing when he saw Sonic break through and strike him again with all his might.

"WHAT were you saying about you phony god?!" Sonic said. Erazor groaned and suddenly, some of his arms vanished on his body! When Erazor saw this, he gasped.

"Wait. Father! Look! What happened to Erazor Djinn? Some of his arms just vanished!" Robin said. Robin's father looked at Erazor.

"It means Erazor Djinn is losing power. Those arms are the power that he stole from the god. And when Sonic causes them to vanish, it means Erazor is slowly losing his power." Robin's father said "If he keeps it up, Erazor will surely lose all of the power."

"All right! I knew Sonic could do it! Keep at it!" Tails shouted.

"Go for it Sonic!" Silver and Blaze called. Sonic snickered and headed for Erazor again.

"What's the matter? Is your strength slipping away from you?" Sonic chuckled. Erazor growled and slapped Sonic with his hand. Suddenly, his arms started to orbit him slowly.

"Don't think this will make things any easier for you. I will crush you with this power!" Erazor said "And then, you will die!" His arms suddenly started shooting out rapidly and he headed for Sonic.

"Whoa!" Sonic said. He shielded himself with a gold bubble but Erazor's attack was multiple punches coming at him one after the other. Sonic held the bubble for as long as he could. Erazor laughed when one of his punches popped the bubble and struck Sonic constantly!

"Now you feel what TRUE power is!" Erazor said. He sent one last punch that sent Sonic flying backwards!

"Sonic!" Robin shouted. Erazor laughed as Sonic slowly seemed to be fading from sight! Everyone watched for Sonic with concern on their faces. But when Erazor thought Sonic was finally defeated, he soon realized that Sonic was back and he was heading for Erazor at full speed!

"What the?!" Erazor shouted. Sonic chuckled and he suddenly became a golden version of his spin dash!

"Eat this!" Sonic shouted. With all his might at full speed, he rammed into Erazor Djinn and the giant monster yelled loudly in pain. And just like earlier, Erazor lost more of his arms! This time he was down to half of what he had earlier!

"Gah! What...What is this?! How can you have this much power?! It's not real! I AM the god of this kingdom! You cannot possibly wield the same power as me!" Erazor shouted. But down on the ground, Robin's father called to Sonic and Erazor.

"You are wrong you vile genie! You do not have the true power of our guardian. You merely stole his power to use for your own diabolical plans. The one who holds the true Sonic!" Robin's father shouted. When Erazor heard this, he started growling and he was glowing black instead of gold. His eyes locked onto Sonic with full hatred burning in his eyes.

"Oh boy. This is bad." Sonic said. Erazor growled and his voice seemed to be turning darker.

"You...You...RAT! How dare he say that YOU wield the true power of the gods! My power IS the god's power! And...if I must...I will PROVE IT!!" Erazor shouted. With one giant roar, his entire body morphed again! This time, he appeared more beastly and his hands had became armed with claws.

"What did I tell you? He is not using the power of the gods. He wields the power of the eclipse!" Robin's father said. Erazor growled and sounded like a blood thirsty beast.

"Wait! Father! If Erazor Djinn is wielding the power of the eclipse, then that means he has become stronger than Sonic! His power can literally eclipse our guardian's power!" Robin said. Everyone gasped when they heard this. Erazor laughed and faced Sonic.

"She is right blue rat! Now I can put you out of the picture...for eternity!" Erazor said. He raised his hands in the air and created a giant ball of darkness. Sonic watched as the ball grew in size. When it was big enough, Erazor launched it at him!

"Now DIE!!" Erazor shouted. Sonic charged for the ball at full force and pushed against it. But somehow, Sonic felt as if he couldn't muster enough strength to force the orb back. He used too much fighting Erazor earlier.

"Oh no! Sonic doesn't have enough power to fight back! He's going to die!" Robin shouted. Erazor laughed and watched as Sonic slowly was losing against the orb. But suddenly, a voice broke out.

"That's what YOU think!" someone shouted. Sonic looked back and everyone turned to the voice. Sonic gasped. Suddenly charging towards Sonic was Shadow! And he was glowing the same color as Erazor Djinn! He too was using the power of the eclipse!

"That's...Shadow?!" Tails said. Shadow arrived by Sonic's side and started pushing against Erazor's orb alongside him.

"Shadow! Where did you come from?!" Sonic said. Shadow looked at Sonic.

"What? Aren't you glad I'm here Sonic?" Shadow said. Sonic decided to forget asking and snickered. The two pushed against the dark orb with all their might. And after they both kicked the orb with enough force, the orb was sent flying back at Erazor!

"What? What?! No! No! NO!!" Erazor shouted. The orb struck Erazor and he was knocked out. As his body laid there dazed, Sonic decided now was the time to attack.

"Let's do this Shadow! Let's show him what light and darkness can do together!" Sonic said. Shadow said he couldn't agree more and they both leaped into the air. The dove for Erazor at full speeds with twin punches.

"Hey Erazor! Let's see how this feels!" Sonic said.

"Let the light of our powers show you..." Shadow said.

"The true power of the Solarian Emerald!" they shouted. When their attacked connected, Erazor yelled loudly in pain and his body began to sparkle. He was slowly shrinking and he appeared to be vanishing!

"No! I cannot lose again! Not to TWO filthy rats!" Erazor shouted.

"I told you already. I'm no rat! I'm a HEDGEHOG! And that goes for Shadow." Sonic said. Erazor groaned as half his body vanished.

"But...why? Why can't I beat you? What is your secret hedgehog? WHAT?!" Erazor said. Sonic looked at Erazor with a smile.

"You want to know? Well, I'll tell you. It's the power of friendship. Just like how much I cared for Shahra in the Arabian Nights, my friends in this world matter to me as well. And I won't stand by while you hurt my friends." Sonic said. Erazor gasped and he whispered "Friends..." before completely vanishing. When Erazor fully vanished from sight, everyone in the kingdom cheered loudly for Sonic and the others.

"They did it! They saved the kingdom!" a townsfolk said. Sonic and Shadow could hear the applause of everyone at the kingdom and they looked at each other with a smile. Sonic and Shadow joined everyone down on the ground. While Shadow's power vanished, Sonic was still Solar Sonic.

"You guys did it! And Shadow! I never thought you would be here." Tails said.

"Well, I heard Sonic came here and I saw that monstrosity of a god. So, you can probably guess my reason for helping." Shadow said. Everyone looked at each other and laughed except Shadow.

"Anyway, I'm just so glad you're alive Sonic. You really are a hero." Robin said. Just then, Sonic held Robin's hand and she looked at him. Sonic whispered something to Robin and she blushed with a smile.

"Sure." Robin said. Sonic slowly brought Robin into the air with her while everyone below watched. Sonic and Robin held each other like dance partners and they were dancing through the skies with a trail of glitter behind them. All the while, Robin was smiling so bright that Sonic could tell what her mother meant by a smile that could light up anyone.

"You have a lovely smile Robin. Why didn't you tell me?" Sonic said. Robin chuckled and they kept dancing. Robin's father and mother watched with smiles on their faces.

"Amazing. Look at them." Tails said.

"Yeah. They're actually flying together. It's like magic." Knuckles said. Silver and Blaze thought they looked so beautiful up there together. While Cream loved how their dancing lit up the sky, Amy was boiling over.

"Hey! Hold on a second! I know that look on her face! Sonic is MINE! MINE!" Amy shouted. But up in the sky, Sonic and Robin couldn't hear Amy.

"As long as I'm here with you Sonic, I I can do anything." Robin said. Sonic said he couldn't help but feel the same way. The next day, Sonic had returned to normal and they were leaving the kingdom after attending a special banquet in their honor. Robin's mother and father were together again and they awarded Sonic and friends with medals.

"You will always be welcomed here Sonic. You and your friends." Robin's father said. Sonic thanked them and they left together. Eggman had left earlier but Shadow decided to stick around with Sonic. When they reached the edge of town, Sonic looked at someone in the shadows.

"So, you ready?" Sonic said. The person in the shadows said "Sure am." and joined Sonic by his side. Meanwhile, back at the castle, Mr. Burnson came rushing to the king and queen.

"Your highness! Robin has vanished! I found a girl who looks like her in her bedroom. Where is she? You don't think that she went into town on her own?" Mr. Burnson said. Robin's mother and father looked at each other and smiled.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" Robin's father said.

"I sure am. I know he'll take care of her." Robin's mother said. Mr. Burnson was really confused, but soon he figured out why Robin's parents were so calm. Outside of Floroma, as Sonic and his friends were heading off, Robin was on Sonic's back in her street clothes! She had secretly snuck away from her kingdom to be with Sonic for his future adventures!

"All right! Our next adventure awaits us! Think your ready for it Robin?" Sonic said.

"I sure am!" Robin said with a smile. Sonic chuckled and he started running faster with Robin laughing on his back.